Who Made Promise Perfume: Discover the Brand Behind the Fragrance

In the enchanting world of perfumery, there are certain fragrances that transcend time and captivate the senses with their unique blend of scents. One such fragrance is Promise, a mesmerizing amber perfume that exudes elegance and allure. Behind the creation of this exquisite fragrance lies Frédéric Malle, the visionary founder of Frédéric Malle Editions de Parfums. Known for his dedication to pushing the boundaries of perfume creation, Malle has established himself as a pioneer in the industry, elevating perfumery to a whole new artistic level. With Promise, Malle pays homage to the sacred bond represented by a promise between two people, drawing inspiration from the rich culture of the Middle East. To bring this olfactory masterpiece to life, Malle handpicked two precious varieties of rose: Bulgarian rose essence and Turkish rose absolute. These velvety petals intertwine with the warm and sensual notes of amber, creating a fragrance that’s both timeless and enchanting. With it’s delicate balance of floral and oriental elements, Promise embodies the promise of an everlasting connection, capturing the essence of love and devotion in every spritz. Thus, behind the emblematic fragrance of Promise lies the artistry and creativity of Frédéric Malle, a true authority on perfume making who continues to redefine the world of perfumery with his extraordinary creations.

What Does Promise Perfume Smell Like?

With a rich and intoxicating base, Promise perfume leaves a lingering scent of addictive vanilla, warm cedarwood and sensual benzoin. The overall aroma is feminine, sophisticated and alluring, making it the perfect fragrance for any occasion. It’s blend of fruity and floral notes creates a harmonious symphony that’s both inviting and intriguing.

Promise perfume is designed to evoke feelings of confidence, elegance and empowerment. It’s vibrant top notes of Italian tangerine and pink berries instantly uplift the senses, creating a fresh and youthful vibe. The addition of Nashi pear adds a touch of sweetness and juiciness, enhancing the overall fruity accord.

As the heart notes develop, the fragrance takes on a more floral character. The subtle yet captivating orris provides a powdery and velvety undertone, while the jasmine sambac brings a sensual and exotic aroma. Dewy honeysuckle adds a touch of freshness and delicacy, evoking a sense of romance and femininity.

It’s unique blend of fruity, floral, and warm base notes creates a captivating and irresistible scent that lingers on the skin.

The History and Inspiration Behind the Creation of Promise Perfume

Promise perfume was created by the luxury brand, Versace. Versace is an Italian fashion house founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. The brand is known for it’s glamorous and opulent designs, and it’s perfumes are no exception.

The inspiration behind the creation of Promise perfume comes from Versace’s desire to capture the essence of femininity and empowerment. The fragrance is designed for the modern woman who’s confident, independent, and lives life on her own terms.

Promise perfume is a floral oriental fragrance, blending notes of blackcurrant, pink pepper, and freesia for a vibrant and fresh opening. The heart notes consist of heliotrope, jasmine, and forget-me-not, adding a touch of elegance and femininity. The base notes of vanilla, patchouli, and musk provide a warm and sensual finish.

Versace’s Promise perfume is a celebration of the brand’s rich history and commitment to creating luxurious products that make women feel empowered and confident. It’s a fragrance that embodies strength, beauty, and the promise of a bright future.

Jennifer Lopez has always been known for her iconic style and captivating presence. Now, she’s ventured into the world of fragrances with her latest creation – Promise perfume. This floral woody eau de parfum comes in a 50 ml bottle, exuding an alluring scent that’s sure to turn heads. Available on Amazon.com, this beauty and personal care product is a must-have for those who want to embrace the promise of a new fragrance experience.

Is There a Perfume Called Promise?

When it comes to luxury perfumes, one fragrance that stands out is Promise. This exquisite perfume, available on Amazon.com, offers a captivating blend of floral and woody notes that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. But who’s behind this enchanting fragrance? Lets discover the brand and the story behind Promise.

Created by Jennifer Lopez, Promise is a testament to her passion for beauty and elegance. Known for her multifaceted talents as an actress, singer, and businesswoman, Jennifer Lopez brings her expertise and creativity to the world of perfumery. With Promise, she aimed to capture the essence of confidence and empowerment, delivering a scent that embodies the strength and grace of modern women.

It’s meticulously composed using the finest ingredients, ensuring a luxurious and long-lasting scent. The floral and woody notes harmoniously blend together to create a fragrance that’s both feminine and sophisticated. It’s the perfect choice for those who seek a signature scent that leaves a lasting impression wherever they go.

The Specific Floral and Woody Notes That Make Up the Promise Perfume.

The Promise perfume is made up of a captivating blend of specific floral and woody notes. It contains top notes of blackcurrant buds and pear for a fresh and fruity opening. The heart of the fragrance consists of iris, jasmine, and orange blossom, which create a delicate and elegant floral bouquet. Finally, the base notes of patchouli, vanilla, and tonka bean bring warmth and depth to the fragrance, adding a touch of sensuality. Together, these carefully chosen ingredients form a unique and enchanting scent that embodies the essence of the Promise brand.


In the world of perfumery, where artistry and creativity intertwine, one brand stands out for it’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of scent creation – Frédéric Malle. It’s within this prestigious brand that the Promise perfume was brought to life. With a deep reverence for the Middle East and the profound meaning behind a promise, Frédéric Malle chose to craft this fragrance as a tribute to the sacred bond between two individuals. The essence of Promise lies in the harmonious dance of two roses – the sensual Bulgarian rose essence and the rich Turkish rose absolute. Through this exquisite combination, Frédéric Malle weaves a fragrant tapestry that encapsulates the unbreakable connection symbolized by a promise.

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