What Are the Ingredients in Initio?

Initio Parfums Privés is a fragrance house that’s made a name for itself by producing luxurious and exquisite fragrances that are inspired by human desires and emotions. While the brand has an extensive collection of perfumes, three of their most popular scents include Blessed Baraka, Oud for Greatness, and Absolute Aphrodisiac. So, what’re the ingredients in Initio fragrances? Well, depending on the scent, they can contain a variety of natural ingredients such as white flowers, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, oud wood, agar wood oil, lavender, saffron, patchouli, amber, and castoreum, among others. Each scent is masterfully blended to create an alluring and long-lasting aroma that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who catches a whiff of it.

When Was Initio Founded?

Initio Parfums Privés was founded in 2015 by Johan Bergelin, a Swedish entrepreneur who spent years studying the psychology of fragrance. The brand is based in Paris and is known for it’s unique approach to perfume making. Each fragrance in the collection is designed to trigger a specific reaction in the wearer, whether it be to boost confidence, enhance attractiveness or simply provoke a sense of intrigue.

The brands name, Initio, means “the beginning” in Latin, which reflects the idea that perfume is a starting point for personal exploration and transformation. The fragrances are all crafted using high-quality raw materials, many of which are rare and difficult to find. The result is a range of perfumes that are both unique and powerful, with complex layering and long-lasting sillage.

Initios fragrances are divided into four collections: Magnetic Blend, Carnal Blend, Absolutes, and Hedonist. Each range explores a different facet of the human psyche, with scents that range from seductive and sensual to invigorating and uplifting. The brand has become one of the most talked-about in the perfume world, with fans praising it’s innovative approach to scent.

What Are the Key Ingredients Used in Initio’s Fragrances?

  • Bergamot
  • Citrus
  • Vetiver
  • Ambergris
  • Oud
  • Tonka bean
  • Musk
  • Sandalwood
  • Jasmine
  • Vanilla

As we dive deeper into the world of fragrances, we come across Initio Side Effect, a perfume that combines sensual and indulgent notes. With it’s boozy and gourmand qualities, it can be quite tempting to dive right in and indulge in it’s richness. But before we do that, let’s take a moment to understand how this perfume smells and why it’s causing quite the buzz in the fragrance community.

Is Initio Side Effect a Gourmand?

Initio Side Effect is a fragrance that’s highly coveted for it’s unique blend of scents. It’s known for it’s gourmand qualities, which are largely derived from it’s boozy notes. This rich and intoxicating scent is a true statement fragrance that leaves a lasting impression on those who encounter it. It’s a scent that’s perfect for those who’re looking for a fragrance that’s both playful and sensual.

It’s a scent that’s designed to be noticed, and it doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Those who wear this fragrance will find themselves drawn to it’s heady scent, and will find it hard to resist it’s allure.

The fragrance opens with a burst of deliciously sweet notes, including caramel and vanilla. These notes give the fragrance a comforting and familiar quality, making it instantly appealing to those who encounter it.

As the fragrance develops, however, it becomes more complex and multi-layered. These notes are boozy and rich, with just a hint of spiciness that makes them all the more intriguing. The overall effect is a fragrance that’s both playful and sophisticated, with a sultry quality that’s impossible to ignore.

It’s a fragrance that’s designed to be noticed, with a seductive quality that’s impossible to ignore. With it’s gourmand and boozy notes, this fragrance is a true statement scent that’s sure to make a lasting impression.

What Occasions or Situations Is Initio Side Effect Most Suitable For?

  • Corporate events and gatherings
  • Formal dinners and banquets
  • Weddings and other special occasions
  • Nightclub parties and social events
  • Casual outings and get-togethers
  • Birthday celebrations and anniversaries
  • Holiday parties and seasonal festivities


The fragrances also include rare ingredients like agar wood oil, amber, vanilla, and castoreum, creating a truly exceptional olfactory experience.

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