What Celebrity Is in Mon Guerlain? Find Out Now!

The celebrity featured in Mon Guerlain’s advertising campaigns is Angelina Jolie. As a famous American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian, Jolie’s elegance and versatile character represent the fragrance’s essence. The association between Mon Guerlain and Jolie started in 2017 and she was chosen as the face of the brand due to her strong, free spirit, symbolizing the modern femininity that Mon Guerlain intends to portray.

Who Is Mon Guerlain By?

Mon Guerlain is a luxurious fragrance that’s captured the hearts of women all over the world. Created by Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk, it’s a stunning blend of sophistication, elegance, and femininity.

Mon Guerlain features a tantalizing mix of jasmine, lavender, vanilla, and sandalwood. The fragrance begins with a beautiful opening of lavender, which provides a calming effect that’s perfect for a lazy afternoon. The heart is dominated by the enchanting aroma of jasmine, which lends the fragrance it’s feminine charm. Meanwhile, the base is a combination of vanilla and sandalwood that’s both sensual and inviting.

With it’s sweet and woody notes, it’s a versatile scent that can be worn for any occasion. And it’s sure to make you feel like a true goddess every time you wear it. It’s a fragrance that youll fall in love with, and youll want to wear it every day.

The History and Legacy of the Guerlain Perfume House

  • Guerlain is a legendary French perfume house that was founded in 1828 by Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain.
  • The brand has been involved in the fragrance industry for over 190 years and has created some of the most iconic perfumes in history.
  • Guerlain has a rich legacy and has been the preferred perfume of royalty and high society for generations.
  • The brand is known for it’s luxurious formulations and innovative use of natural ingredients.
  • Guerlain’s most famous fragrances include Shalimar, Mitsouko, and Jicky.
  • The company has also expanded into skincare and makeup, but fragrance remains at the heart of the brand.
  • Guerlain’s legacy continues to live on through it’s innovative new fragrances and it’s commitment to quality and luxury.

Moving on to the face of Mon Guerlain, it’s impossible not to mention the association of Angelina Jolie with this iconic fragrance. Since 2017, Jolie has been the face of Mon Guerlain, and her connection with the brand goes way back to her childhood memories of her mother’s Guerlain powder. However, her involvement with this classic perfume goes far beyond mere nostalgia. Let’s explore further.

Who Is the Face of Mon Guerlain?

Angelina Jolie is the face of the luxurious fragrance, Mon Guerlain. Guerlain, a French perfume house, chose Jolie as their brand ambassador for the fragrance in 2017, and it’s since become one of their most popular products. Jolie’s connection with Guerlain dates back to her childhood memories of her mother frequently using Guerlain powder. This emotional association with the brand has made the partnership between Guerlain and Jolie both natural and organic.

It’s a balanced perfume that’s both sensual and personalized, characterized by notes of vanilla, lavender, and sandalwood. The fragrance’s soft and floral scent represents the feminine strength and elegance that Jolie embodies. Jolie’s ethereal beauty, coupled with her magnetic presence, makes her the perfect personification of the romantic spirit that Mon Guerlain exudes.

Jolie’s role as the face of the Mon Guerlain campaign isn’t only about promoting the product but also about communicating the brands values. Jolie is a philanthropist and a keen advocate for humanitarian causes, the perfect role model for Guerlains commitment to helping women in need. The brand has a long history of supporting women, and their partnership with Jolie is a testament to their shared values and commitment to social justice.

The fragrance is a celebration of femininity and the shared values of the Guerlain brand and Jolies philanthropic activities. Through this collaboration, the Guerlain brand has further elevated itself as a symbol of classic and timeless beauty that inspires and encourages women around the world.

A History of Guerlain as a Perfume House and Their Notable Fragrances Throughout the Years.

  • Jicky (1889)
  • Shalimar (1925)
  • Mitsouko (1919)
  • Vetiver (1959)
  • Habit Rouge (1965)
  • Samsara (1989)
  • L’Instant de Guerlain (2003)
  • La Petite Robe Noire (2012)
  • Mon Guerlain (2017)

Guerlain, an enduring French perfume, cosmetics, and skincare house, has been building a legacy for over a century. The brand is famous for it’s unique “Guerlinade” scent and has been a favorite among fragrance enthusiasts. Today, Guerlain is led by CEO Véronique Courtois, who’s taking the brand to new heights while keeping her eyes on the future.

Who Is the CEO of Guerlain Perfume?

She joined Guerlain in 2017 after holding various strategic positions in the luxury industry, including at Louis Vuitton. Véronique Courtois isn’t only the first woman to hold the CEO position at Guerlain but also the first woman executive in the LVMH group, Guerlains parent company.

Under Courtois leadership, Guerlain has continued to innovate and expand it’s offerings while remaining true to it’s rich history. The brand has launched unique fragrances and skincare products, all of which have been well-received by beauty enthusiasts around the world.

One of Guerlains most remarkable accomplishments under Courtois tenure is the brands commitment to reduce it’s environmental impact by 60% by 2030. This forward-thinking approach to sustainability is in line with the growing demand for eco-friendly practices in the beauty industry.

Courtois is passionate about her role in building a legacy for future generations of women leaders. She believes in empowering women to achieve their full potential, and in this spirit, Guerlain has established a foundation that supports young women in developing leadership skills.

Guerlains heritage dates back to 1828 when Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain opened his first perfume shop in Paris. The brand has since flourished, becoming synonymous with luxury and timeless elegance. Today, Guerlains products are available in over 135 countries and continue to be a staple in the beauty industry.

Véronique Courtois is an exemplary leader who’s making a significant impact on the beauty industry and women in leadership roles. Under her guidance, Guerlain remains at the forefront of innovation while also prioritizing sustainability and social responsibility.


In conclusion, the Mon Guerlain Intense video campaign is a standout marketing effort that showcases the brand's unwavering commitment to quality, elegance, and prestige. With Angelina Jolie as it’s celebrity endorser, the campaign highlights the essence of femininity, sophistication, and confidence that Mon Guerlain's fragrances represent. As a result, the brand's image is solidified as a leading purveyor of luxury fragrances, and Angelina Jolie's iconic status only adds to it’s appeal.

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