Scentbird Card Declined: What to Do When Your Payment Fails

If your Scentbird card was declined, it’s likely due to issues with the payment method you have on file such as insufficient funds, expired card, or incorrect card details. To solve this problem, first, verify the card’s information and ensure that there are sufficient funds. Then, update the card details on your Scentbird account under the billing section. However, if the problem persists, you may need to contact both Scentbird’s customer service and your bank. Remember, it’s important to rectify the issue as soon as possible to avoid subscription service interruption.

Can I Get a Refund on Scentbird?

Scentbird is a popular subscription-based company that offers fragrance products. The company aims to provide a unique and personalized fragrance experience to it’s customers. However, like any other product or subscription-based service, Scentbirds subscription items may not always meet customer expectations. This may lead to the question, can you get a refund on Scentbird?

In these instances, you can contact Scentbirds customer service team and let them know that you received a damaged or defective product. They’ll then guide you through the process of exchanging the product for a replacement. Therefore, if your product is damaged or defective, you can get a replacement, but not a refund or return.

It’s essential to understand Scentbirds return policy before subscribing to their services. The company clearly states it’s return policy on it’s website. This means that customers must read and understand the return policy before subscribing to their services. By understanding the policy, customers can avoid any frustration or dissatisfaction that may arise in scenarios where they can’t return or get a refund on their products.

In cases where a product is damaged or defective, Scentbird offers an exchange option for a replacement.

What Are the Steps to Returning a Damaged or Defective Product to Scentbird?

  • 1. Contact Scentbird’s customer service team within 14 days of receiving the damaged or defective product.
  • 2. Provide a photo of the damaged or defective item as well as your order number to the customer service representative.
  • 3. The customer service team will provide a return label for you to print and attach to the package.
  • 4. Pack the item securely in it’s original packaging, if possible, and include any accessories or paperwork that came with the product.
  • 5. Ship the package using the provided return label and wait for confirmation of receipt and refund.
  • 6. If you’ve any further questions or concerns, contact Scentbird’s customer service team for assistance.

Where Does Scentbird Ship From?

Scentbird is a leading subscription-based company that specializes in designer fragrances. The company has established a strong presence in the perfume industry, offering personalized perfume selections to it’s customers. The companys state-of-the-art fulfillment center is located in the United States, specifically in New Jersey.

The fulfillment center is equipped with modern technological systems that ensure that all orders are processed efficiently and accurately. Scentbird ships it’s products from this center to customers all over the world, providing timely and reliable delivery services. The companys shipping process is designed to ensure that all orders reach their destinations in perfect condition, ensuring that customers have a good experience with the brand.

The companys experts have carefully curated a selection of fragrances that cater to different tastes and preferences, ensuring that customers always have access to their favorite scents. Customers can browse through the companys website to find their preferred fragrance and create a personalized subscription plan that suits their needs.

Scentbirds shipping process is designed to be hassle-free, with customers receiving their orders within the specified timeframe. The company also provides tracking information for all orders, giving customers visibility into the status of their shipments. Scentbirds shipping rates are competitive, making it an affordable option for customers looking for quality perfume products.

How Long Does It Take for Scentbird to Ship Products to Different Parts of the World?

Scentbird’s shipping times vary depending on the location and shipping method chosen. It’s best to check the estimated delivery window during the checkout process or contact customer service for specific details.

Source: Terms & Conditions – Scentbird

Now that we’ve established that Scentbird is a valuable fragrance discovery option, let’s dive into how exactly it works.

Is Scentbird Cost Effective?

Scentbird operates on a subscription model where customers choose from a selection of over 500 designer and niche perfumes each month to receive a 30-day supply of their chosen fragrance. The subscription service costs $14.95 per month, which includes free shipping. Customers also have the option to purchase additional fragrances or upgrade to a larger supply for an additional fee.

But cost isnt the only consideration when it comes to perfume discovery. Scentbird also offers a convenient and personalized experience. The platforms algorithm recommends scents based on previous selections and customer feedback, providing a tailored experience that leads to more successful fragrance discoveries.

Scentbird offers a unique way for fragrance lovers to try out different scents without having to commit to a full-size bottle. But just how many perfumes do you get a month with this subscription service? Well, the answer is simple: one. However, there’s more to the story than just the number of bottles you receive. Let’s dig deeper into what Scentbird has to offer.

How Many Perfumes Do You Get a Month With Scentbird?

Scentbird is a fragrance subscription service that provides it’s customers with a unique opportunity to discover new scents every month. As a Scentbird customer, you can look forward to receiving one eight-milliliter bottle of perfume or cologne every month which is roughly around 120 sprays. This is perfect for anyone who loves trying out new fragrances but doesn’t want to commit to purchasing a full-sized bottle.

Each month, you’ve the option of selecting from over 500 designer fragrances, niche scents, and exclusive offerings that you won’t find anywhere else. This means you can try out fragrances from top brands like Versace, Burberry, and Tom Ford, as well as lesser-known, up-and-coming perfumers.

Another great perk of the service is that Scentbirds fragrances are 100% authentic and come directly from the manufacturers themselves. So, you can trust that youre getting the real deal and not some cheap knockoff. Whats more, Scentbird offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love the scent you receive, you can exchange it for a different fragrance, no questions asked.

In addition to the monthly fragrance subscription, Scentbird also offers skincare and wellness products. You can choose to add on these products to your monthly shipments, or purchase separately in the Scentbird shop section. These products range from face masks and serums to vitamins and probiotics.

Finally, Scentbird values sustainability, so with your first months shipment, youll receive a reusable atomizer case to hold your perfume vial. This not only helps reduce waste but also ensures that your perfume stays fresh and protected.


In summary, the issue of a Scentbird card being declined can be frustrating and discouraging for customers. It’s important for customers to understand that there may be various reasons for this issue, ranging from simple errors to more complex technical problems. In any case, it’s always advisable for customers to contact customer support for assistance and clarification. As a business, Scentbird should strive to improve communication with customers and implement effective solutions to minimize such issues. Ultimately, it’s crucial for both customers and businesses to work together towards a positive and satisfactory experience.

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