Why Is Byredo So Expensive? | Exploring the Luxury Fragrance Brand’s Pricing Strategy

Byredo is so expensive primarily because it is a luxury brand that specializes in high-end fragrances. The high cost is associated with their use of premium, rare ingredients sourced from around the world. Craftsmanship is another factor contributing to the cost; every Byredo fragrance is carefully formulated by expert perfumers. The brand’s reputation for uniqueness and exclusivity also influences the price. Additionally, cosmetic products like perfumes usually have high markups due to packaging, marketing expenses, branding, and a good return policy.

What Is the Alternative to Byredo?

When it comes to fragrances, Byredo has long been a beloved brand thats become synonymous with luxury and sophistication. However, for those looking for an alternative to the high-end brand, there are a few options worth considering. One such alternative is Diptyque Paris, which is currently the top competitor of Byredo according to Similarwebs data. With over 733,000 visits to it’s site in May 2023, Diptyque Paris offers an extensive range of fragrances, home scents, and body care products that are perfect for those looking for something different.

Another alternative to Byredo is Fragrantica.com, which has over 24.9 million visits in May 202This site offers an impressive database of fragrances, with thousands of reviews and descriptions to help you find the perfect scent. Whether youre looking for something bold and spicy or soft and floral, Fragrantica.com has something for everyone.

For those who appreciate simple luxury, Jo Malone is another great alternative to Byredo. With over 337,000 visits to it’s site in May 2023, Jo Malones fragrances are known for their simplicity and elegance. From signature scents like Lime Basil & Mandarin to limited edition collections, Jo Malone offers a range of fragrances that are timeless and classic.

If youre looking for a more natural alternative to Byredo, Aesop is worth checking out. With over 1.7 million visits to it’s site in May 2023, Aesop offers a range of fragrances and body care products that are made with natural ingredients and essential oils.

For those who want to support independent brands, Le Labo is a great alternative to Byredo. While it might not have as many visits as some of the larger brands, Le Labos fragrances are highly sought after by those in the know. With handcrafted scents and personalized service, Le Labo offers a unique fragrance experience thats hard to beat.

Whether youre looking for something more natural, more luxurious, or simply something different, theres a fragrance brand out there thats perfect for you.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that there’s been some confusion in the past about the ownership of Byredo and how it relates to other luxury fragrance brands. However, as of now, it’s confirmed that Byredo is owned by Manzanita Capital, the same company that owns Diptyque and other high-end fashion and beauty brands. This recent appointment of Julien Gommichon as president of both Diptyque and Byredo further solidifies their shared ownership under Manzanita Capital.

Is Byredo Owned by Diptyque?

Byredo, the Swedish luxury brand known for it’s unique fragrances and accessories, has been making waves in the fashion industry for over a decade. Founded in Stockholm in 2006 by Ben Gorham, Byredo quickly became a favorite among fashion insiders and discerning consumers both in Europe and around the world. Their elegant and sophisticated products are renowned for their use of natural, high-quality ingredients and for their unique and memorable scents.

In recent years, there’s been some speculation among industry insiders about the relationship between Byredo and Diptyque, the renowned French perfume house. However, despite some rumors to the contrary, there’s no direct ownership connection between the two brands. While both companies are known for their high-end fragrances and luxury products, they’re ultimately entirely separate entities with different ownership structures and management teams.

That being said, there are some connections between Byredo and Diptyque that extend beyond their similar product lines. For example, Julien Gommichon, a seasoned executive in the luxury goods industry, was recently named president of both Diptyque and Byredo. This move represents a unique opportunity for Gommichon to help both companies grow and expand their reach in the competitive world of luxury goods.

Additionally, both Diptyque and Byredo are owned by Manzanita Capital, a private equity firm that specializes in the luxury goods sector. Manzanita has a portfolio of high-end brands that includes everything from luxury fashion houses to high-end skincare companies, making it a major player in the world of luxury goods and fashion.

A Brief History of Byredo and Diptyque, Including Their Founding Stories, Key Products, and Notable Collaborations

  • Byredo was founded in Stockholm in 2006 by Ben Gorham.
  • Diptyque was founded in Paris in 1961 by three artists: Desmond Knox-Leet, Christiane Gautrot, and Yves Coueslant.
  • Byredo’s key products include fragrances such as Gypsy Water and Bibliothèque, as well as body care and hair care.
  • Diptyque’s key products include fragrances such as Baies and Philosykos, as well as candles, body care, and home fragrances.
  • Byredo has collaborated with fashion brands such as Acne Studios and Off-White, as well as with artists such as Carsten Höller and Virgil Abloh.
  • Diptyque has collaborated with fashion brands such as Pierre Hardy and Olympia Le-Tan, as well as with artists such as Pierre Marie and Johanna Senyk.

Since it’s inception in 2006, Byredo has been a unique player in the fragrance industry with it’s unconventional approach to scent creation and branding. Founder Ben Gorham has positioned the brand as a niche fragrance house, offering genderless scents with minimalist packaging. But does this mean that Byredo can be classified strictly as a niche brand, or does it have elements of designer fragrances as well? Let’s take a closer look.

Is Byredo a Niche or Designer?

Persona. Gorham’s vision was to create fragrances that were versatile, unisex and could be appreciated by anyone regardless of gender, age or cultural background. Byredo’s aesthetic is minimalistic, sophisticated and highly unique, and it’s products are often sought after by discerning fragrance enthusiasts who appreciate the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation.

However, some industry insiders have argued that although Byredo began as a niche brand, it’s now evolved into a designer brand in it’s own right. The brand has expanded it’s product range beyond fragrances to include skincare, candles, handbags and even eyewear. It’s also collaborated with high-profile designers and artists, such as Oliver Peoples and Virgil Abloh, which has helped to further elevate it’s status within the fashion and beauty world.

To some, it may still be seen as a niche fragrance house that offers unique and unconventional scents that stand out from the crowd. To others, it may be viewed as a designer brand that’s successfully carved out it’s own distinctive aesthetic and ethos within the industry.


In conclusion, the high prices associated with Byredo products reflect a combination of factors. These include the company's commitment to using high-quality natural ingredients, their small-scale production methods, the luxurious packaging and branding, and the perception of exclusivity that comes with owning a Byredo product. Furthermore, the brand's founder, Ben Gorham, is renowned for his artistic vision and innovative approach to fragrance, which has helped elevate Byredo to the status of a cult brand. While the price tag may be prohibitive for some, the allure of owning a coveted Byredo scent or accessory is undeniable for those seeking a unique and high-quality luxury product.

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