Why Does Parfums De Marly Say 1743?

Parfums De Marly, a highly esteemed fragrance house, uses the date “1743” as a symbolic nod to a significant period in French history when horse breeding was at its pinnacle and highly esteemed by nobility. It’s intended to capture and pay homage to this great era of French perfume making. The fragrances are presented in elegant bottles that mirror the ones used during this era, hence creating the sense of reliving history with each spray. This date reference to 1743 pays tribute to the refinement and lavishness of the parties and festivities King Louis XV would hold, famous for exhibiting the most beautiful horses in Europe.

Where Does Parfums De Marly Come From?

The story of Parfums de Marly began in the 18th Century, during the reign of King Louis XV of France. At the time, he’d a keen interest in the breeding of thoroughbred horses, and created a royal stud farm in the town of Marly. The horses were trained and cared for with the utmost quality, and their physical beauty was a sight to behold. It was this concept of elegance and sophistication that Parfums de Marly aimed to encapsulate in their fragrances.

The brand was officially founded in 2009, with the vision of reimagining the grandeur and opulence of the era into high-end fragrances for modern-day connoisseurs. The founder, Julien Sprecher, was particularly drawn to the rich history and cultural heritage of France, and sought to pay homage to it with every fragrance the Maison produced. The name Parfums de Marly was thus a nod to the location and legacy of the royal stud farm.

The perfumes are composed of carefully selected and blended ingredients sourced from all around the world. Many of the fragrances also contain rare and precious raw materials, such as oud, amber, and iris, which lend them a distinctive character.

The bottles, designed to resemble antique apothecary flasks, are made of high-quality glass and feature intricate gold detailing. The outer boxes are similarly ornate, with embossed designs and rich colors.

The Maison has garnered a loyal following of collectors, enthusiasts, and celebrities alike, and has expanded their offerings to include scented candles, bath and body products, and room sprays. Despite it’s widespread success, the brand remains committed to it’s original mission of evoking the sophistication and grandeur of the 18th Century through the art of perfumery.

What Are the Key Signature Scents of Parfums De Marly and How Are They Created?

  • Parfums de Marly has signature scents that are rich, luxurious, and long-lasting.
  • Their scents are created using high-quality ingredients, including top-quality natural materials and premium synthetics.
  • The brand’s fragrances feature a range of notes from floral to woody and spicy to sweet, providing a diverse range of options for different tastes and preferences.
  • Some of their most popular scents include Herod, Pegasus, Layton, Galloway, and Oajan.
  • The key to creating their signature scents is to strike a perfect balance between the different notes, ensuring that each scent is unique and memorable.
  • Overall, Parfums de Marly’s fragrances are known for their sophistication, elegance, and timeless appeal, making them a preferred choice for many fragrance enthusiasts and collectors.


In conclusion, the history of Parfums de Marly and it’s reference to the year 1743 goes beyond a mere marketing tactic. It pays homage to the opulent and extravagant "perfumed court" of the French monarchy that valued and celebrated the art of fragrance. The Chevaux de Marly statues commissioned by the King himself in that same year serve as a reminder of this grandiose era. It’s signature blend of tradition and modernity has garnered a loyal following that continues to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind each scent. Overall, the brand's association with 1743 reflects it’s dedication to upholding the legacy of French perfumery and the cultural significance of fragrance.

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