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FM Fragrances is owned by Artur Trawiński. Artur founded FM World, the parent company of FM Fragrances, in Wrocław, Poland, in 2004. Today, the company is international and renowned for producing perfume compositions and distributing them to various countries. The company is family-owned, with the founder’s son, Artur Trawiński Jr., playing a significant role in the business. Therefore, it’s accurate to say that the ownership of FM Fragrances primarily rests with the Trawiński family.

Where Do FM Products Come From?

FM products come from experienced perfumers who’ve spent years honing their craft. They’re sourced from some of the worlds finest fragrance houses, and the team at FM Fragrances carefully curates each and every scent to ensure that it meets their high standards. Whether it’s a classic scent like Chanel No. 5 or a modern fragrance like Flowerbomb, every FM fragrance is made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The FM Fragrances team is passionate about providing customers with the best possible experience. They believe that everyone should have access to high-quality fragrances, regardless of their budget. Thats why they offer their products at affordable prices, without sacrificing quality. They also pride themselves on exceptional customer service, making sure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase.

They source their products from the worlds finest fragrance houses and offer them at affordable prices, with a focus on sustainability and ethical practices.

FM FM Federico Mahora is one of FM World’s most popular designer brands, offering a range of fragrances and makeup products. To create a balanced scent, FM Fragrances has incorporated base notes of white musk, cedarwood, benzoin resin, vetiver, sandalwood, cashmeran, patchouli, cypriol, and a touch of gourmand notes. The Federico Mahora brand has three variations: Federico Mahora, Federico Mahora Parfum, and FM Fragrances.

What Are the Ingredients in FM Fragrance?

FM Federico Mahora fragrances have been formulated with the finest quality of natural and synthetic ingredients sourced from around the world. The expert blend of these ingredients is what makes FM Worlds fragrance line unique and luxurious. From the sweet and fruity scents to the floral and musky ones, FM fragrances cater to everyones specific preferences and needs. The brand has been committed to the art of perfumery for over 15 years and continues to innovate with their scent combinations.

One of the key ingredients in FM fragrances is white musk. This sensual and warm note adds depth to the overall aroma and gives the fragrance a lasting effect. Cedarwood and sandalwood also play a vital role in creating the woody and earthy base that’s essential in FM fragrances. These natural ingredients complement the other synthetic ones to give an outstanding olfactory experience.

Another ingredient commonly found in FM fragrances is benzoin resin. This sweet and warm component adds a vanilla-like aroma that enhances the gourmand notes. FM World has masterfully balanced this ingredient with the other base notes to ensure a well-rounded and complex scent profile. Moreover, patchouli, cypriol, and vetiver contribute to the fresh and earthy notes that are crucial to FM fragrances.

FM Federico Mahora also adds a touch of gourmand to some of their fragrances. Gourmand is a synthetic ingredient that mimics edible notes like candy, honey, and chocolate. This ingredient is widely used in the perfume industry to create sweet and indulgent fragrances. FM World has expertly blended gourmand with other high-quality ingredients to create unique and memorable scents.

The brands commitment to quality and innovation has resulted in a product line that caters to all preferences.

As a global network of Business Partners, FM WORLD Club offers an independent and entrepreneurial opportunity to sell a wide range of high quality products. While it operates through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), it doesn’t fit the negative stereotypes commonly associated with such business models. Instead, it offers individuals the chance to make their own business decisions and achieve financial success through hard work and dedication.

Is FM Fragrances an MLM?

Instead, it relies on a network of distributors who sell products directly to consumers. In an MLM system, each distributor earns a commission not only from their own sales, but also from the sales made by people they’ve recruited into the system. This often creates a pyramid-like structure where those at the top make the most money, while those at the bottom struggle to make a profit.

So, is FM Fragrances an MLM? The answer is yes. Business Partners who sign up with FM WORLD Club can earn commissions not only from their own sales, but also from the sales made by their downline, i.e. the people they’ve recruited. This means that building a team of distributors is a key part of the business model.

Despite it’s association with pyramid schemes in the past, MLM is a legitimate business model that many companies use successfully. However, it’s important to note that not all MLM companies are created equal. Some have come under fire for promoting unrealistic earnings claims or for requiring large upfront investments from distributors. It’s always a good idea to do your own research before joining an MLM company.

With it’s headquarters in Poland, FM World has come a long way since it’s inception in 200The founder, Mr Artur Trawiński, had a vision to create high-quality products that would be popular worldwide. As the company expanded, a new brand was created in 2007 to cater to the global market- FM World. Today, FM World is a well-known brand with a presence on six continents, offering a range of products that are highly appreciated by customers.

Who Is the Owner of FM World?

Mr Artur Trawiński is the founder and owner of FM World, a global brand that offers an extensive range of high-quality products. With a focus on creating unique and innovative solutions, FM World has become a well-known and respected brand throughout the world.

As an entrepreneur and businessman, Mr Trawiński has played a pivotal role in FM Worlds success. With over 25 years of experience in the network marketing industry, he’s the skills and expertise needed to lead a successful business. And his commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned him a loyal following of customers and representatives around the world.

He’s also a respected leader in the industry, serving as President of the Polish Direct Selling Association and a member of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations. In these roles, he’s been instrumental in promoting fair and ethical business practices, and advocating for the rights of customers and representatives alike.

His vision, dedication, and commitment to quality have helped the brand grow and expand over the years, making it a well-known and respected name in the fragrance, cosmetics, and household products industries.

FM World’s Philanthropic Efforts or Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

  • Donation of laptops to underprivileged children for online learning
  • Sponsorship of local community events and charities
  • Partnership with environmental organizations to reduce carbon footprint
  • Volunteer programs for employees to give back to the community
  • Support for healthcare initiatives and medical research
  • Implementation of sustainable practices in operations and supply chain
  • Collaboration with education institutions to promote STEM education
  • Investment in renewable energy sources and green technologies


In conclusion, FM World has become a leading player in the fragrance industry since it’s establishment in 2004 by Artur Trawinski in Poland. It’s global reach now extends to every major international market, with over two million Business Partners working within it’s network. At the same time, it’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and empowering individuals to build their own businesses has made it a unique player in the industry. Ultimately, the success of FM World is a testament to it’s innovation, resilience, and dedication to excellence, and it’s future looks incredibly bright.

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