Who Bought Santa Maria Novella: A Fascinating Look Into the History of a Beloved Italian Perfume Brand

Santa Maria Novella, a historic Italian pharmacy and perfume house, was bought by the global investment company, Peninsula Capital, in 2019. The purchase marked a significant chapter in Santa Maria Novella’s history as its ownership changed from the family who had been running the business over the centuries. Although the company’s ownership has changed, Peninsula Capital ensures to continue the great tradition of the brand while looking forward to expansions and modernization plans under the new management.

Where Are Santa Maria Novella Products Made?

Santa Maria Novella products are known for their high quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship. The brands history can be traced back to the 13th century when Dominican friars began cultivating medicinal herbs in the gardens surrounding the basilica. Over the centuries, the friars refined their techniques and developed a range of fragrances, skincare products, and other remedies that earned them international acclaim.

Each product is made in small batches, allowing the artisans to carefully monitor every step of the production process.

Despite it’s modern facilities, the factory in Florence remains deeply connected to the basilica that gave the brand it’s name. In fact, many of the ingredients used in Santa Maria Novella products are still grown in the gardens of the basilica, just as they’ve been for centuries. This connection to the past gives the products a sense of history and tradition that’s difficult to find in other brands.

Whether you’re in search of a signature fragrance, a luxurious skincare routine, or a unique gift for someone special, the products from this iconic brand are sure to impress. With their roots firmly planted in the rich history of Florence, Santa Maria Novella products are truly a work of art.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Santa Maria Novella Products and Why?

Santa Maria Novella offers a variety of products considered popular with consumers worldwide due to natural ingredients and unique fragrances. Some of these products include fragrances, toiletries, and skincare products among others. These products stand out for their quality, elegant packaging, and the traditional methods used in their production. Additionally, Santa Maria Novella products are meant for both men and women and are suitable for all skin types.

Santa Maria Novella has a rich history dating back 800 years. One of it’s most famous establishments is the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, which isn’t only a perfumery and herbalist shop but also referred to as “the oldest pharmacy in the world”. The origins of this establishment can be traced back to the Dominican friars of the convent of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, who began cultivating a garden in 1221.

What Is the History of Santa Maria Novella?

Over the centuries, the convent thrived and the garden grew, eventually becoming a source for countless botanical ingredients that would form the basis of many of the recipes used by alchemists, herbalists and perfumers of the time. The friars became known for their medical expertise and it wasnt long before they began to use their knowledge to create medicinal tinctures, creams, balms and perfumes for the public.

Between the 13th and 16th centuries, the Dominican community of Santa Maria Novella thrived and became a leading centre for the production of fine arts, literature, music and medicinal remedies. During this time, the monks continued to refine their techniques and produce new medicinal remedies and perfumes for people of all walks of life. Even today, the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella continues to produce high-quality tinctures, creams and perfumes for it’s many customers.

The Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is still in operation today, and it’s headquarters are located in a historic building that dates back to the early 12th century. From the outside, the storefront still looks much as it did centuries ago, with intricate, Renaissance-style frescoes and mosaics adorning the walls. But inside, there’s a modern and fully equipped perfume workshop where skilled artisans continue to create some of the most sought-after fragrances in the world.

The shop is known for it’s luxurious fragrances, which are crafted using only the finest ingredients from around the world. The shops signature scent is the eau de cologne created by the monks in the 16th century, which continues to be one of the shops most popular fragrances today. In addition to perfumes, the shop also sells a wide variety of bath and body products, as well as soaps, candles, and other luxury items.

The Impact of Santa Maria Novella’s Medicinal Remedies and Perfumes on Renaissance-Era Medicine and Beauty Practices.

This topic discusses the impact of Santa Maria Novella’s medicinal remedies and perfumes on Renaissance-era medicine and beauty practices. It explores how these products influenced the period’s approaches to healthcare and personal grooming, highlighting their importance in shaping cultural ideals and practices.

Source: Santa Maria Novella

Now that we’ve established the history behind Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, let’s dive into some of the most notable fragrances that the brand has to offer. Amongst all the fragrances, one particular scent stands out as the oldest, known as Acqua della Regina or Acqua di S.M. Novella. It’s unique blend of fresh and citrusy notes has made it a timeless classic for perfume lovers worldwide.

What Is the Oldest Fragrance of Santa Maria Novella?

Founded in Florence in 1221 by Dominican friars, the Santa Maria Novella pharmacy has been around for centuries, earning a reputation as one of the worlds oldest and most renowned perfumeries. With a rich history tracing back over 800 years, it isn’t surprising that the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella has created some of the most captivating fragrances over the years, including the oldest fragrance, Acqua della Regina.

Acqua della Regina was created in the 16th century and is still a favorite among both men and women today. As it’s name suggests, the fragrance was dedicated to Queen Margherita of Austria, who visited Florence in 157Originally, it was only available to the royal family and it’s closest entourage, but over the years, it’s become one of Santa Maria Novellas signature fragrances, cherished for it’s delicate and refreshing scent.

Made from a unique blend of bergamot, lemon, bitter orange, lavender, and rosemary, Acqua della Regina has a fresh and citrusy bouquet that’s perfect for those who love a light, refreshing scent. With the addition of a subtle spiciness from the rosemary, the fragrance is perfect for both daytime and nighttime wear, making it a versatile fragrance that can be worn at any time.

One of the remarkable things about Acqua della Regina is the fragrances longevity. Unlike other fragrances that may dissipate quickly, Acqua della Regina lasts for hours on the skin, even without reapplication. The scent is subtle yet noticeable, evoking a sense of timeless elegance that’s unmatched by any other fragrance.

It’s blend of citrus, lavender, and rosemary creates a unique and refreshing fragrance that lasts for hours on the skin.


In conclusion, the acquisition of Santa Maria Novella in Sydney's Paddington has further solidified the brand's global presence and highlights it’s enduring legacy that’s lasted for 800 years. The opening of it’s first Australian flagship store attests to the brand's commitment to entering new and exciting markets while remaining true to it’s heritage of cultivating exquisite fragrances and other products. Santa Maria Novella continues to captivate consumers worldwide, and their expansion into Australia will undoubtedly bring new fans into the fold while preserving the brand's legacy for future generations to come.

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