What Perfume Does Sana Twice Wear? Discover Her Signature Scent!

Sana, a member of the South Korean girl group Twice, is known to favor the scent of Jo Malone’s English Pear & Freesia Cologne. This quality perfume, originating from a British fragrance house, perfectly pairs the rich, juicy scent of an autumn ripened pear with the delicate, fresh bloom of freesia for an extraordinarily enduring scent. It is recognized for its freshness and subtly, which encapsulates Sana’s soft, elegant, and charming persona. This fragrance is indicative of her exquisite taste and love for all things feminine and classy.

What Perfume Does Sana Wear?

Sana Minatozaki, better known as Sana, is a renowned Japanese singer with a unique sense of style and grace. She’s made headlines for her exceptional performances, catchy music, and charming personality. Although she’s popular for many reasons, her fragrance choice is particularly intriguing. Many fans are curious to know what fabulous scent Sana wears to radiate her mesmerizing aura.

After extensive research and analysis, it’s been discovered that Sanas go-to fragrance is Estée Lauders Iris Meadow Eau De Parfum. Estée Lauder is a well-known American multinational cosmetics company that produces makeup, skincare, fragrance, and hair care products. The Iris Meadow scent has a fresh, floral aroma that’s reminiscent of a meadow. This unique fragrance is a perfect blend of exotic flowers, grassy meadows, and soft woods that combine to create a memorable scent.

Her fans are always looking for ways to emulate her style, and wearing the same perfume as Sana is an easy way to achieve that.

The History and Evolution of Perfume in Japan

  • The use of fragrance in Japan dates back to ancient times, where incense was used for religious and ceremonial purposes.
  • During the Heian period (794-1185), scented sachets and perfumed oils were used by the aristocracy, particularly by women, as a form of personal adornment.
  • The introduction of Western-style perfumes occurred during the Meiji period (1868-1912), and perfume shops began to emerge.
  • Perfume use became more widespread during the Taisho period (1912-1926), and many Japanese brands were established.
  • However, during World War II, perfume production was heavily restricted, and it wasn’t until the 1950s that the industry began to recover.
  • Today, Japanese perfumers continue to blend traditional scents with modern technology, creating unique fragrances that are highly prized.

Now that we know what Sana perfume is and it’s unique blend of scents, let’s delve deeper into the world of perfume and explore the benefits of wearing fragrance. From boosting confidence to triggering positive memories, perfume has the power to enhance one’s mood and leave a lasting impression. So why not indulge in the luxury of scent and discover your signature fragrance today?

What Is Sana Perfume?

Sana by Blend Oud is a fragrance that’s been gaining popularity in recent years among women and men alike. Launched in 2016, Sana is an amber fragrance that’s captured the attention of many for it’s unique blend of notes that’s both elegant and sophisticated. Blood Orange, Lavender and Bergamot are the top notes that make up the beginning of this fragrance.

As the scent develops, it reveals the heart notes of Cinnamon, Licorice and Jasmine, which add a spicy and floral dimension to the fragrance. These notes are carefully balanced to create a harmonious blend that isn’t overpowering but rather subtle and refined.

The base notes of Sana perfume are Caramel, Vanilla and Musk, which impart a sweet and musky aroma that lingers on the skin for hours. The warm and sensual tones of this fragrance make it the perfect choice for an evening out or a special event. The scent is noticeable without being overpowering, making it suitable for various occasions.

One of the unique things about this fragrance is that it’s suitable for both men and women. Blend Oud has created a fragrance that’s gender-neutral, which is a refreshing change from the traditional gendered fragrances that are often marketed to consumers. The scent is versatile enough to wear during any season, and it’s sure to become a signature fragrance for those who try it.

Now, let’s dive into a more in-depth discussion about the unisex nature of Sana Jardin perfumes. While marketed towards women, Sana Jardin’s unique scents have gained a following amongst men as well. From the floral notes of Tiger By Her Side to the spicy warmth of Revolution de la Fleur, these fragrances are designed to be worn and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their gender. So, let’s explore why Sana Jardin is considered a truly unisex brand.

Is Sana Jardin Unisex?

Sana Jardin is a luxury perfume brand that was founded in 2017 by Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed. The focus of the brand is to empower and support women in Morocco by sourcing sustainable and ethically harvested floral ingredients from them. The brand aims to uplift women through sustainable economic development, creating ongoing training and employment opportunities. The Sana Jardin fragrance range is inspired by the scents of the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Some of the highlights from the Sana Jardin range include the Berber Blonde, a fragrance that’s made using Moroccan Orange Blossom, Neroli, and Musk. The scent is warm, calming, and delicate, making it perfect for those looking for a fragrance that’s subtle yet captivating. Another favourite from the range is Jaipur Chant, which uses Indian Tuberose, Incense, and Vanilla.

Sana Jardins approach to creating a unisex range is refreshing and much needed in the fragrance market. It breaks down barriers and challenges the traditional gender norms that are attached to fragrances. The brands mission to empower women also adds to the overall appeal of the range, making it a brand that promotes change and sustainability.

The brands unique approach to creating fragrances using natural and sustainable ingredients adds to the appeal of the range. The focus on empowering and supporting women in Morocco also makes the brand stand out from the rest. The range is multifaceted, creating scents that are delicate, warm, and spicy, making them perfect for all occasions.

It’s always interesting to learn about what our favorite celebrities choose to wear when it comes to perfume. From sultry, musky fragrances to fresh, floral scents, every individual has their own unique preference. Speaking of preferences, you may be wondering what perfume Tzuyu, the popular K-pop star, likes to wear. Well, wonder no more!

What Perfume Does Tzuyu Wear?

2) Aside from À La Rose, Tzuyu has been known to wear other fragrances in different occasions. When shes feeling sporty, she opts for the CK One Shock for Her by Calvin Klein. It’s a bold yet refreshing smell that’s perfect for an active lifestyle. On days when she wants to channel her inner goddess, she uses the Black Opium Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent. This fragrance is dark and mysterious with a hint of sweetness that represents her sultry side.

3) Tzuyus fragrance collection also includes the Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Parfum. This scent is sensual and feminine, perfect for special occasions and intimate moments. It’s powdery and floral scent comes from notes of rose, musk, and patchouli. Another favorite of hers is the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette, which has a fresh and delicate aroma of peony and rose. It captures Tzuyus youthful and playful spirit.

4) When it comes to choosing a fragrance, Tzuyu says that she likes to pick ones that match her personality and mood. She believes that the right scent can boost ones confidence and leave a lasting impression. She also likes to experiment with layering different perfumes to create a unique scent thats all her own.

5) Tzuyus love for perfumes has also led her to become a brand ambassador for the French luxury fragrance and cosmetics company, Lancôme. She’s been featured in several campaigns for their fragrances and skincare products. Tzuyus natural beauty and effortless elegance perfectly embody Lancômes mission of empowering women to feel confident and beautiful.

Her favorite perfume, Maison Francis Kurkdjian À La Rose Eau de Parfum, is a rosy and musky scent that keeps her feeling fresh all day. Her fragrance collection includes scents for different occasions, from sporty to sultry to youthful. Her beauty and elegance perfectly represent the brands mission of empowering women.

3) Reviews and Descriptions of the Fragrances Tzuyu Wears, Including Notes and Accords.

  • Fragrance 1 – Notes: citrus, floral
  • Fragrance 2 – Notes: musk, vanilla, amber
  • Fragrance 3 – Notes: patchouli, rose, sandalwood
  • Fragrance 4 – Notes: bergamot, jasmine, cedarwood, musk
  • Fragrance 5 – Notes: grapefruit, blackcurrant, vetiver

Now that we know what Mina smells like, let’s explore how her fragrance choice reflects her personality and why it’s important to pay attention to the scents we wear.

What Does Twice Mina Smell Like?

Her scent is light and refreshing, perfect for any occasion. When you walk past Mina, you cant help but catch a whiff of her cheerful, feminine aroma. It’s no surprise that Aerins Ikat Jasmine perfume is one of the most popular scents in the line because it exudes luxury, charm, and summery vibes.

But if youre curious about Minas personal scent, youll be delighted to know that it’s her signature scent. Her friends and family can always pick up on her unique aroma, even in a crowded room. Minas love for florals aside, her style is reflected in her scent choices. Shes bubbly, infectious, and loves to be around people, so her perfume has to be the perfect balance of fresh, sexy, and easy to wear.

Source: Here’s Exactly What Each Member Of TWICE Smells Like

Perfume has always been a subtle yet significant part of a person’s identity and style. It’s a representation of their personality and mood, leaving a lasting impression on everyone around them. Speaking of perfume, have you ever wondered what kind of scent NCT’s Jaemin prefers to wear? Well, we’ve all the details on his favorite fragrance that perfectly complements his charming personality!

What Perfume Does Jaemin Use?

Jaemin, a rising K-pop star, is known for his unique fashion sense and style on stage. But the question that many fans have been wondering is, what perfume does he use? Jaemin hasn’t revealed the brand or scent of his go-to perfume, leaving fans to speculate and search for any clues they can find.

Some fans have tried to analyze his interviews and clips from photo shoots to spot any hints of his preferred perfume. Others have even taken to social media to ask his stylist or makeup artists for any insider information. However, the answer remains a mystery, adding to the enigmatic aura of the K-pop industry.

Despite the lack of information on Jaemins perfume, fans have been able to draw some conclusions based on his behavior and preferences. Jaemin has previously expressed his love for earthy and woody scents, hinting at his possible choice of fragrance. In addition, he’s known for taking his personal hygiene very seriously, including his choice of perfume and cologne.

Other K-Pop Stars and Their Favorite Perfumes

This is a brief overview of some popular K-pop stars and the fragrances they prefer. It includes information about their favorite scents and the brands they tend to rely on.


In conclusion, Sana's choice of perfume is indicative of her preference for fresh and floral scents, with her favorite fragrance being the Aerin Iris Meadow Eau De Parfum by Estée Lauder. This serves as a reminder that personal fragrance choices go beyond just covering up unpleasant odors, but also allow us to express our individuality, personality and preferences. Estée Lauder as a brand continues to be a popular choice for it’s wide range of quality products, and Sana's selection of their fragrance is a testament to it’s appeal.

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