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As of now, there’s no official statement from Lancome that Tresor, one of their iconic fragrances, is being discontinued. Many customers still find this product available in stores and online on Lancome’s official website and other retail platforms. However, for any specific product variations or particular sizes, availability may fluctuate depending on the retailer or region. It’s recommended to check with the official Lancome website or authorized retailers for the most accurate and updated information.

What Is the History of Lancôme Fragrance?

Lancômes first fragrance was introduced in 1935 with the launch of Conquête, which was followed by a series of other fragrances such as Tendre Nuit and Magie. These early fragrances were characterised by their floral and woody notes, which helped to establish Lancôme as a leading luxury brand in the perfume industry.

In the 1980s, Lancôme entered the mens fragrance market with the launch of Ô de Lancôme pour Homme. This was followed by other successful mens fragrances such as Hypnôse Homme and Miracle Homme. The company also continued to release new fragrances for women, such as Trésor and Poême, which became instant classics.

In the 2000s, Lancôme partnered with several high-profile celebrities to create new fragrance lines. These included fragrances by Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, and Penélope Cruz. Lancôme also continued to innovate with new fragrance technologies, such as the use of micro-encapsulation to create longer-lasting scents.

The company continues to innovate with new fragrances and skincare products, and is committed to providing the highest quality products to it’s customers. With such a rich history of innovation and success, it’s no wonder that Lancôme continues to be one of the most popular luxury brands in the world.

Lancôme’s Iconic Fragrance Notes and How They Came to Define the Brand’s Signature Scent.

This article discusses the history of Lancôme’s signature fragrance and how it’s distinct notes have come to define the brand’s scent.

The history of Lancôme Trésor dates back to 1952 when it was first launched. However, it was not until 1990 that the perfume was truly transformed by legendary perfumer Sophia Grosjman. Interestingly, Lancôme’s decision to involve their fragrance spokesperson in the creation process was quite rare for the time.

What Is the History of Lancôme Tresor?

They chose actress and model Isabella Rossellini to be the ambassador of Trésor, a role she held for over a decade. Her natural beauty and elegance perfectly captured the essence of the fragrance, which was marketed as a symbol of love and romanticism. The perfume quickly became a bestseller, and it’s popularity continued to escalate throughout the 1990s.

Trésor was relaunched in 2010 with a new bottle design and slight modifications to the fragrance. This edition was created by perfumer Dominique Ropion, who worked with the original formula and ingredients to create a fresher version while preserving the iconic scent. Despite the changes, the perfume remains true to it’s roots of being a timeless and classic fragrance.

Over the years, Lancômes Trésor has been recognized with numerous awards for it’s exceptional quality. It’s been a winner of the prestigious FiFi Award for Best International Womens Fragrance, and has been named one of the top-selling fragrances in the world. The perfume has also been featured in countless editorials and advertisements, with prominent women in the fashion and entertainment industries endorsing the scent.

In addition to it’s success as a fragrance, Trésor has inspired the creation of several other body care and makeup products. These include body lotions, shower gels, and even a Trésor lipstick line. The recognition of the Trésor name as a high-end beauty brand has extended far beyond just the perfume industry.

In recent years, Lancôme has continued to evolve Trésor with new additions to the fragrance line. These include Trésor Eau de Toilette, Trésor In Love, and Trésor La Nuit, each with their own unique twist on the original scent. These new versions of the fragrance continue to honor the legacy of Trésor as a timeless and beloved perfume.

The Process of Creating a Fragrance and Developing It’s Marketing Strategy

  • Gathering inspiration for the fragrance
  • Developing a fragrance brief
  • Creating scent compositions and testing
  • Fine-tuning the fragrance
  • Designing packaging and branding
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Identifying target consumers and understanding their preferences
  • Identifying the most effective distribution channels
  • Pricing the fragrance
  • Creating promotional materials and campaigns

Source: Lancôme Trésor: Isabella Rossellini reveals the iconic scent’s …

Lancôme has captured the essence of love and elegance with their iconic fragrance, TRÉSOR. The meaning behind this luxurious scent goes beyond just a pleasant aroma, as it represents the value and importance of cherishing the moments we’ve with the ones we love. As we delve deeper into the world of TRÉSOR, we will discover what makes this fragrance so timeless and beloved.

What Is the Meaning of Lancôme Tresor?

Lancôme Tresor is a world-renowned perfume brand that’s been celebrated for it’s exquisite and rich fragrances that speak about love, romance, and elegance. The word Tresor translates to treasure in English and the perfume encapsulates the essence of timeless love through it’s delicate and seductive blends. For a woman, Tresor is more than just a fragrance; it’s a symbol of love, passion, and the cherished moments that make life worth living.

Through notes of subtle rose, jasmine, and vanilla, the perfume evokes a sense of romance that’s both alluring and timeless. With just a spritz of the perfume, a woman can exude a sense of femininity and class that’s unmatched.

These moments are rare and precious, much like the fragrance itself. Tresor symbolizes the importance of cherishing these moments and preserving them as lifelong memories. The perfume is a reminder of the timeless elegance and grace that a woman embodies and how it’s reflected in her actions and her relationships.

It’s a symbol of the everlasting bonds that we share with our loved ones and how we must cherish them as the precious treasures they are.

How Lancôme Tresor Is Made and What Ingredients Are Used

  • Top notes: Pineapple, lilac, peach, apricot blossom, lily of the valley, bergamot, rose, and peach.
  • Heart notes: Rose, orris root, jasmine, heliotrope, and iris.
  • Base notes: Apricot, sandalwood, amber, musk, vanilla, and peach.
  • Lancôme Tresor is made with a blend of high-quality ingredients sourced from around the world.
  • The scent is carefully crafted by expert perfumers and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it’s quality and consistency.
  • The perfume bottle is a work of art, featuring a delicate and elegant design inspired by a diamond.


In conclusion, it appears that there’s significant confusion and a lack of clear information regarding the potential discontinuation of Tresor by Lancome. While there have been rumors and speculation among some customers and beauty industry observers, there’s no conclusive evidence as yet that the fragrance will be taken off the market. It’s clear that Tresor has been a beloved and enduring fragrance for many years, with a loyal base of fans who’d no doubt be disappointed by any move to discontinue it.

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