Valentino Voce Viva Intensa Dupe: Finding an Affordable Alternative

The Valentino Voce Viva Intensa is a popular fragrance, but finding a cheaper alternative or “dupe” for this perfume can help you enjoy a similar scent profile without breaking the bank. The perfume Elizabeth Arden Red Door can be a good dupe for the Valentino fragrance. It shares a unique blend of rich, rare florals, which is similar to the intoxicating blend of Italian bergamot, ginger, and moss in Valentino Voce Viva Intensa. Furthermore, Elizabeth Arden Red Door is well respected in the fragrance industry and comes at a much more affordable price point, making it a cost-friendly dupe, but it’s important to note that no dupe will perfectly match the original scent.

What Does Voce Viva Intense Smell Like?

Valentino Voce Viva Intensa Eau de Parfum is a mesmerizing fragrance that takes you on a journey through the most intricate and delightful aspects of feminine charm. The scent explores the unique and diverse scent of white flowers, which is a bouquet of perfumes that embodies the quintessential femininity. The composition is an ode to the resolutely modern and daring contemporary woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.

The fragrance carries a certain level of intensity that emanates from the blend of jasmin absolute, crystal moss, and bourbon vanilla. These elements come together to create an irresistible and addictive scent that’s both captivating and mesmerizing. The jasmin absolute is a sweet floral scent that adds to the overall grace of the fragrance while crystal moss adds a natural touch of earthy freshness to the composition.

The bourbon vanilla used in Voce Viva Intensa is a unique blend of extracts that offer an unexpected twist to the fragrance. It adds a certain depth to the overall scent while enhancing the sophistication and elegance that the scent has been designed for. The perfume creates an aura around it’s wearer that’s both bold and sensual, making it the perfect choice for a night out or a special event.

The scent opens with a burst of fresh, juicy mandarin that’s blended beautifully with the sweet flavor of pear and the refreshing scent of ginger. These notes create a zesty and vivacious feel that’s perfect for showing off your bold and daring personality. It’s the perfect cocktail for a vibrant start to your day or a night out with friends.

Aside from having a remarkable blend of top, middle, and base notes, Voce Viva Intensa has been gaining buzz since it’s recent launch in 202The perfume has been praised for it’s intense and captivating scent that appeals to people of different tastes and preferences. But beyond it’s scent, there are a few interesting facts about the new fragrance that you might not know yet. Let’s take a closer look.

When Did Voce Viva Intensa Come Out?

The release of Voce Viva Intensa is a significant event in the world of perfumery. The scent, which was launched in 2021, features a complex and nuanced blend of ingredients that evoke a sense of sophistication and elegance. The top notes of Mandarin Orange and Bergamot provide a citrusy and refreshing kick, while the middle notes of Orange Blossom and Jasmine Sambac add a floral and sensual touch. The base notes of Bourbon Vanilla and Moss add a warm and earthy finish to the overall scent.

Whether you’re looking for a fragrance to wear to the office or a night out with friends, Voce Viva Intensa has you covered. The scent is versatile and can be worn by people of all ages.

The scent has been lauded by industry experts and has received numerous awards and accolades. It’s popularity is a testament to it’s quality and the meticulous craftmanship that went into it’s creation.

It’s versatility and ability to be worn on a variety of occasions make it a reliable and practical choice for people of all ages.

Sustainability in the Perfume Industry and Eco-Friendly Fragrance Options

  • Use of sustainably-sourced ingredients in fragrance formulation
  • Reduction of chemical waste during production
  • Use of recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials
  • Development of natural and organic fragrances
  • Implementation of green energy sources in production facilities
  • Support of fair trade and ethical practices in ingredient sourcing
  • Investment in research for more sustainable fragrance options
  • Education and transparency for consumers on sustainable fragrance choices

Valentino Beauty has just launched their new perfume, Voce Viva, with a tagline “My voice, my strength.” This fragrance celebrates self-expression and individuality by translating it’s name into “the voice is alive.” The brand highlights that everyone’s voice is unique to them and should be celebrated.

What Is the Meaning of Voce Viva Valentino?

Voce Viva Valentino is a fragrance that celebrates the power and beauty of the human voice. It’s a tribute to self-expression, individuality, and the unique qualities that make each of us special. The tagline – “My voice, my strength” – encapsulates this idea perfectly, emphasizing the importance of embracing and owning our unique voices.

It’s a scent that’s meant to be worn by people who’re unafraid to stand out, speak up, and express themselves in their own unique way. With it’s bold and sophisticated notes, it’s a fragrance that’s sure to make a lasting impression.

It’s a reminder that our voices have the power to evoke change, to inspire, and to bring people together. Whether we’re speaking up for ourselves or for others, our voices can be our greatest strength.

It’s a fragrance that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the beauty of individuality.

With it’s bold and sophisticated notes, it’s a scent that inspires confidence and boldness, and encourages us to embrace our unique voices and to use them to create positive change in the world.


With it’s unique blend of floral and citrus notes, this fragrance is sure to please those looking for a sophisticated scent that’s both elegant and modern. So, if you’re looking for a premium fragrance that’s both high quality and affordable, look no further than this outstanding new scent.

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