Does Scentbird Carry Kilian Fragrances? – A Comprehensive Guide

In today's world of endless choices, it's no surprise that fragrance has become a crucial element of our daily routine. With so many different scents to choose from, finding the perfect fragrance can be a daunting task. However, the question on the lips of many fragrance enthusiasts is, does Scentbird have Kilian? Kilian Hennessy, a descendant of the Hennessy cognac family, is one of the most renowned names in the fragrance industry thanks to his luxurious yet innovative scents. In this article, we will take a deep dive into Scentbird's fragrance offerings to determine whether Kilian fragrances are available on the platform, and what other luxurious scents are available for subscribers to uncover.

How Much Cologne Do You Get From Scentbird?

Scentbird subscription acts as a perfect solution for those who like to try new fragrances regularly. With this subscription service, you can get an 8 mL vial of your favorite cologne every month delivered right to your door. If youre unsure about which fragrance to choose, Scentbird provides an online quiz to help you find the perfect scent based on your preferences. This quiz is custom made for each subscriber, taking into consideration factors such as your taste, your lifestyle, your mood, and the season.

The amount of cologne you get from Scentbird is perfect for a month. It’s not too much, so you don’t feel overwhelmed with the scent, and it’s not too little that you run out before the month is over. With an 8 mL vial, you can use the fragrance daily and still have some left up to the end of the month. Scentbird also provides an option to upgrade to a 11 mL vial if you want to try certain fragrances for longer.

One perk of the Scentbird subscription is the free atomizer case that comes with every order. This atomizer case is slim and convenient, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. You can fill it up with your favorite scent from Scentbird, allowing you to freshen up your fragrance on-the-go. The atomizer cases design also prevents the fragrance from leaking or spilling, making it the perfect travel companion.

Scentbirds cologne selection includes a wide variety of fragrances from top brands, including Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Ralph Lauren. Their extensive list ensures that subscribers will find a fragrance they’ll love.

Lastly, Scentbirds pricing is affordable compared to other cologne subscription services. At a low monthly rate of $14.95, you can get an 8 mL vial of fragrance and a free atomizer case.

And with their unbeatable pricing, theres no reason you cant give it a try.

So, you just took the quiz on Scentbird and knew which scent they recommended for you. But what if you want to explore more and pick for yourself? Well, you can! Scentbird allows you to browse their full selection of perfumes and colognes and choose your own scent based on their full descriptions with notes. What’s more, you aren’t locked in to any specific scent, as you can always switch it up whenever you want. So, choose your own adventure of scents and start exploring the world of fragrances with Scentbird!

Can You Pick Your Own Scents on Scentbird?

When it comes to choosing a new scent, everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences. Perhaps you gravitate towards sweet, floral scents or you prefer something more earthy and musky. Regardless of your personal preferences, Scentbird allows customers to explore and discover their own sense of scent with their curated collection of perfumes and colognes.

With over 600 options to choose from, theres a scent for every occasion and mood. Plus, reading the full descriptions with notes allows customers to learn about the origins and ingredients of each scent, adding to the experience of choosing a new fragrance.

How Does Scentbird Curate Their Collection of Perfumes and Colognes?

  • Researching trends and popular scents in the market
  • Working with established perfume brands and perfumers
  • Consulting with a team of fragrance experts
  • Soliciting feedback from Scentbird subscribers
  • Testing and evaluating each fragrance before adding to the collection


In conclusion, the topic of whether or not Scentbird has Kilian fragrances has been a subject of much debate and speculation. However, a definitive answer to this question remains elusive and largely dependent on individual interpretation and experience. Ultimately, the most important consideration should be the quality and authenticity of the products offered, rather than the mere presence or absence of a specific brand.

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