Primark Rose Oud Dupe: A Detailed Review

Primark Rose Oud is a popular perfume well-loved for its unique warm, spicy, and floral fragrance. Though Primark sells this scent at a relatively affordable price, people are often looking for a dupe, or a nearly identical fragrance that often costs less. One commonly used dupe for Primark Rose Oud is Al Aneeq Oud Rose, which captures the same elegant blend of rose and oud wood, with a touch of praline and vanilla. Another dupe could be Outremer Oud, boasting similar notes of exotic rose, pungent oud, and sweet vanilla. Both dupes offer a comparable olfactory experience to the Primark Rose Oud.

What Is Primark Rose Gold a Dupe Of?

Primark is a well-loved budget fashion and accessories store that’s been making waves in the retail industry for quite some time already. One of their latest releases that’s shoppers raving is their Rose Oud scent, which is considered to be a dupe of Jo Malones Velvet Rose and Oud fragrance. For those who’re unfamiliar with the term “dupe,” it basically means a cheaper alternative or product that imitates the high-end original.

Jo Malone is a premium perfume brand known for it’s luxurious fragrances and hefty price tags. Their Velvet Rose and Oud scent is no exception, with a price tag of nearly £100. Thats why it’s no surprise that budget-conscious shoppers have turned to Primarks Rose Oud as a popular alternative. This alternative scent isn’t only affordable, but it also delivers a similar fragrance experience without the high cost.

However, while the two fragrances share many similarities, they aren’t exactly identical. The perfume experts say that while both fragrances smell great, their nuances in how the notes are blended will make them unique.

One of the greatest draws of the Primarks Rose Oud, besides the price, is that it comes in a handy rollerball bottle. This makes it easy to apply, especially for those who’re always on the go. Plus, despite the affordability of this dupe, it delivers a long-lasting scent that wears well throughout the day. This proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy a premium fragrance and that sometimes high-quality items can be found in the most unexpected places.

Other Popular Dupe Scents and Their High-End Counterparts

In the world of fragrance, there are many popular dupe scents that mimic high-end designer perfumes. Some examples include Zara’s Black Tag as a dupe for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle, or Lidl’s Suddenly Madame Glamour as a dupe for Chanel’s Chance. While these dupe scents may not be exact replicas of the originals, they offer a more affordable alternative with a similar fragrance profile.

But Primark’s success in the dupe game doesn’t stop there. Their latest creation, Tease, has caused quite a stir among fashion enthusiasts as they believe it to be a dupe for a luxury brand that many of us only dream of owning pieces from – Prada.

What Is Primark Tease a Dupe For?

Primark is a popular budget fashion retailer that’s become well-known for it’s affordable clothing, accessories, and home goods. However, one of the lesser-known aspects of the brand is it’s fragrance line, which offers a wide range of scents that are comparable to high-end designer brands. One of these scents is the Primark Tease fragrance, which has been dubbed a dupe for Prada perfume.

Prada is a world-renowned luxury fashion house that’s known for it’s high-quality leather goods, accessories, and elegant apparel. The brand was founded in Milan in 1913 and has since become a symbol of Italian luxury and style. One of Pradas most popular product lines is it’s collection of fragrances, which are often complex and sophisticated blends of rare ingredients. Primarks Tease fragrance has been compared to Pradas perfumes due to it’s similar composition and scent profile.

For example, Peach Bouquet is a version of Jean Paul Gaultiers Scandal, while Tuberose Petals is a take on Victorias Secrets popular Bombshell fragrance. These dupes offer an affordable alternative to luxury perfumes, allowing consumers to enjoy a similar scent experience without breaking the bank.

Perhaps the most impressive example of Primarks fragrance line is it’s Rose Oud scent, which is a dupe of Jo Malones Velvet Rose and Oud fragrance. Jo Malone is a luxury fragrance brand that’s known for it’s high-quality, natural ingredients and unique scent combinations. However, a bottle of Jo Malone perfume can cost up to £88, while Primarks dupe is a fraction of the price. This allows consumers to enjoy the luxurious scent of rose and oud without having to spend a small fortune.

Overall, Primarks fragrance line is a great option for those who want to enjoy high-quality scents without having to pay designer prices. With a wide range of options available, consumers can find the perfect scent to suit their tastes and preferences.


In conclusion, the debate around Primark's rose oud dupe reveals important issues about the fashion industry's adoption of ethical and sustainable practices. While some argue that Primark's approach to fast fashion perpetuates a culture of waste and exploitation, others point to the affordability and accessibility that it provides to consumers. Ultimately, the responsibility of ethical consumption falls not only on individual consumers, but also on the companies that produce the goods. By demanding transparency and accountability from these companies, we can begin to shift towards a more responsible and sustainable fashion industry. However, until then, the allure of a cheap copycat fragrance may continue to hold sway for shoppers looking for a bargain.

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