Jimmy Choo Illicit Discontinued: What You Need to Know

Yes, Jimmy Choo Illicit perfume has been discontinued. This fragrance, with its notes of honey-amber and sandalwood was quite popular among consumers but it’s no longer in production. This decision was likely taken by the brand for strategic reasons which could range from financial implications to introducing new scents to their collection. However, it is sometimes still possible to find bottles from retailers who have remaining stock or online marketplaces, but such sources may not always be reliable. Alternatively, you could opt for another fragrance from Jimmy Choo’s collection or a perfume from another brand with similar scent profile.

When Did Jimmy Choo Illicit Launch?

The launch of Jimmy Choo Illicit in August 2015 was one of the most highly anticipated fragrance launches of the year. Jimmy Choo is a renowned fashion house renowned for their luxurious accessories and shoes. The new fragrance Illicit was designed to embody the personality and style of the modern Jimmy Choo woman.

The fragrance has become one of the brand’s signature scents, responding to the high demand of the brand among women across the globe.

It’s the perfect scent for women who’re looking for an indulgent and seductive fragrance that perfectly complements their sophisticated style.

But before we delve into the question of whether Jimmy Choo perfume is truly luxurious, let’s first take a look at the fascinating history behind this iconic fashion brand. Founded in London in 1996 by Malaysian fashion designer Jimmy Choo and British journalist Tamara Mellon, the brand quickly gained a reputation for it’s high-end, handcrafted shoes and accessories. Over the years, Jimmy Choo has expanded it’s product range to include not only luxury footwear and accessories, but also a line of fragrances that promise to capture the essence of the brand’s glamorous, sophisticated aesthetic.

Is Jimmy Choo Perfume Luxury?

Jimmy Choo is a well-known fashion brand that’s been around for over 20 years. The brand was founded by a Malaysian designer named Jimmy Choo and has since become a symbol of luxury and high fashion. In this article, well explore whether Jimmy Choo perfume is a luxury item or not, as well as provide a brief history of the brand itself.

The answer is unequivocally yes. While the brand is certainly known for it’s high-end shoes, it’s perfumes are just as luxurious. Each fragrance is carefully crafted using only the finest ingredients, resulting in a scent that’s both unique and elegant. From fruity and floral to musky and spicy, Jimmy Choo perfumes offer a range of fragrances to suit any taste.

Jimmy Choo was founded in 1996 by Malaysian-born shoemaker Jimmy Choo and Vogue accessories editor Tamara Mellon. The brand quickly became known for it’s handmade shoes, which were both elegant and functional. In the years that followed, the brand expanded it’s offerings to include handbags, accessories, and fragrances, cementing it’s status as a fashion powerhouse.

Jimmy Choos perfume line was launched in 2011, much later than it’s shoe and accessories lines. The brands first fragrance was simply called “Jimmy Choo,” and it was an immediate success. The scent was feminine and seductive, featuring notes of mandarin, pear, and patchouli. Since then, the brand has released several other fragrances, each with it’s own unique character and charm.

The fragrances are packaged in elegant, minimalist bottles that are instantly recognisable. The brands logo, a small gold badge featuring the silhouette of a womans head, adds an air of sophistication to each bottle. Even the perfume boxes are carefully designed, with sleek black and gold finishes that exude elegance.

What Are the Specific Notes and Characteristics of Jimmy Choo’s Most Popular Perfumes?

  • Top notes: bergamot, pear, and mandarin orange
  • Middle notes: orchid, sweet pea, and rose
  • Base notes: patchouli and musk
  • The fragrances are typically floral and feminine
  • Jimmy Choo’s most popular perfumes are often described as modern and sophisticated
  • They’re popular among those who enjoy luxury fragrances
  • Overall, Jimmy Choo’s perfumes are known for their high quality and unique scent combinations

Fast forward to the present day, fashion enthusiasts and fragrance collectors are still debating whether Jimmy Choo Man is a sweet scent or not. While some argue that it’s fruity and woody combination leans towards the sweet side, others feel that the fragrance strikes a perfect balance between freshness and sweetness. Let’s explore the details of this popular fragrance and discover it’s true identity.

Is Jimmy Choo Sweet?

Jimmy Choo Man is an iconic fragrance that’s certainly made waves in the world of perfumery. The scent features a unique blend of fruity and woody notes, blended together in a way that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. From the moment it hits the skin, the aroma of the fragrance is enough to captivate anyone who comes in close contact with it.

The History of the Jimmy Choo Brand and It’s Evolution Into Fragrance

This article will explore the origins and evolution of the Jimmy Choo brand, from it’s beginnings as a luxury footwear label to it’s expansion into fragrances. We will trace the history of the brand’s founding, growth, and notable collaborations, as well as it’s foray into the world of fragrance and the development of it’s signature scents. Through this exploration, we will gain a deeper understanding of the Jimmy Choo brand and it’s enduring appeal to luxury consumers around the world.


In conclusion, the discontinuation of the Jimmy Choo Illicit fragrance is a significant loss for the brand and it’s loyal customers. The scent's unique blend of floral and spicy notes created an alluring and seductive aroma that made it a popular choice amongst discerning fragrance enthusiasts. However, despite it’s popularity, the decision to discontinue the fragrance was likely motivated by business considerations and a need to shift focus towards newer products. While it’s undoubtedly disappointing for die-hard fans of the fragrance, it serves as a reminder that, in the ever-changing world of fashion and beauty, even popular products can be fleeting. Nonetheless, Jimmy Choo's commitment to creating high-quality, luxurious and forward-thinking products remains steadfast, and we can all look forward to what they’ve in store for the future.

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