Issey Miyake Bleue Discontinued: Where to Find This Fragrance?

Yes, Issey Miyake Bleue has been discontinued. It may be challenging to find an original bottle in physical stores as production has stopped. However, you might still find this fragrance online on auction sites, or perfume collector’s sites but availability can be irregular. Please note that when purchasing from such sources, ensure they are reputable to avoid buying counterfeit products.

Is Issey Miyake Being Discontinued?

However, the decision to discontinue Issey Miyake Men doesn’t mean that the entire Issey Miyake brand is being discontinued. Issey Miyake is a renowned Japanese fashion brand known for it’s innovative designs and use of technology in clothing. The brand will continue to focus on it’s womens line, which has been a staple in the fashion industry for over four decades.

Issey Miyake Mens line had gained a loyal following over the years, with it’s avant-garde approach to menswear and it’s fusion of traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern silhouettes. The line was known for it’s use of unique fabrics and unconventional tailoring techniques, setting it apart from other menswear brands. It’s discontinuation comes as a surprise to many fans and followers of the brand.

If you’re a fan of Issey Miyake Men and are wondering where to find their products now that they’ve been discontinued, there are a few options available. Firstly, you may be able to find remaining stock at physical stores or authorized retailers that still have inventory. Alternatively, you can check online marketplaces or reseller websites, where discontinued or hard-to-find items sometimes become available.

Another option is to try reaching out to Issey Miyake directly, as they may have some limited stock available for sale or be able to provide information on where to find their products. Finally, you can also consider exploring vintage or second-hand stores, as they often carry unique and rare pieces that are no longer in production.

The History and Legacy of Issey Miyake Women’s Line

  • The establishment of Issey Miyake Women’s line
  • The visionary designs and innovative techniques employed by Issey Miyake
  • The impact of Issey Miyake Women’s line on the fashion industry
  • The brand’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly fashion
  • The use of unconventional materials and experimental silhouettes
  • The collaboration between Issey Miyake and prominent artists
  • The influence of Issey Miyake Women’s line on contemporary fashion designers
  • The enduring popularity and recognition of the brand worldwide
  • The legacy of Issey Miyake Women’s line in shaping the future of fashion

Issey Miyake, the renowned fashion designer, left his eponymous brand, Issey Miyake, in 1997, marking his official retirement from the fashion industry. However, despite his departure, Miyake has continued to play a significant role in overseeing the overall direction of all lines created by his company. While his staff has taken over the design process for individual collections, Miyake’s influence and vision still shape the brand’s creative trajectory. Let’s delve deeper into the lines and brands that Miyake has fostered over the years.

When Did Issey Miyake Leave Issey Miyake?

Issey Miyake, the renowned Japanese fashion designer, departed from his eponymous brand Issey Miyake in 199However, despite his departure, Miyake still maintains an influential role in overseeing the overall direction of all lines created by his company. While his staff designs the individual collections, Miyakes vision and guidance permeate throughout the various brands and lines under the Issey Miyake umbrella.

When searching for the fragrance Issey Miyake Bleue, which has been discontinued, it may be challenging to locate. However, with persistence and a little luck, it’s still possible to find this beloved scent. One option is to scour online auction websites, as discontinued fragrances often appear on these platforms.

These communities are often knowledgeable about hard-to-find fragrances and may be able to offer suggestions or leads on where to purchase it.

Another avenue to explore is reaching out to specialized fragrance retailers that focus on vintage or hard-to-find perfumes. These establishments may have connections within the fragrance industry that enable them to source discontinued scents such as Issey Miyake Bleue. Additionally, they may have access to vintage stock or limited edition releases that are no longer available through mainstream retailers.


However, for those who’re still eager to find this unique scent, there are various avenues to explore. Engaging in online forums and communities can provide valuable insights and potentially connect individuals with those who may still have bottles available. Additionally, visiting niche perfume stores, exploring online marketplaces, or even reaching out to the brand's official channels could be fruitful in the quest to locate Issey Miyake Bleue. Although discontinued, the fragrance continues to capture the hearts of perfume enthusiasts, showcasing it’s timeless appeal and leaving a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to experience it’s irresistible blend of freshness and sophistication.

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