How to Remove the Smell of Travalo: Tips and Tricks

To remove the smell from your Travalo, first, you’ll need to empty it, expelling any remaining perfume by pressing the bottom against a hard surface. Then, fill it with an alcohol-based product, like rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer, and let this sit inside for a bit. The alcohol will help neutralize any lingering scent. After leaving the alcohol in the Travalo for a while, dispense it just as you would with the perfume. Rinifying it with warm water afterwards can also aid in eliminating any residual scent. Finally, leave it open and allow it to air dry completely. Following these steps should help in getting your Travalo smelling neutral again.

How Many Sprays Are in a Travalo?

Travalo is the perfect travel companion for anyone looking to stay fresh and fragrant on the go. It’s compact and sleek design makes it convenient to carry in a handbag or luggage. With it’s 50-spray capacity, you can easily bring your favourite fragrance along with you wherever you go, without having to worry about running out.

One of the most impressive features of Travalo is it’s ability to refill in seconds. Simply remove the top of your fragrance bottle and attach the Travalo, pump a few times and youre all set. This makes it not only convenient but also environmentally friendly, as it reduces the need for multiple travel-sized fragrance bottles that often end up in the bin after just a few uses.

Travalos innovative design also features a leak-proof atomiser, preventing any spills or mess, ensuring your bag and belongings stay clean and fresh. The compact design of the Travalo makes it easy to fit in any purse or luggage and the clear refill window lets you know when it’s time for a top-up.

Travalo offers a range of colours and finishes to suit all preferences, from classic silver and rose gold to bold and bright hues. The Travalo is also compatible with a wide range of fragrance bottles, so you can easily transfer your favourite scents without the hassle of decanting.

Now that you know how to refill your Travalo perfume bottle, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite fragrance on the go in no time. But, it’s also important to note that there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to ensure that you refill it correctly and maximize your usage.

How Do You Refill a Travalo Perfume Bottle?

Once you’ve lined them up, steadily press down on the perfume bottle to release the fragrance into the Travalo. The devices inner container expands, indicating that it’s being filled. You can stop filling once it reaches the top. Be sure not to overfill the Travalo bottle as this could cause spills and mess.

When refilling a Travalo perfume bottle, it’s important to ensure that youre using a clean and dry device. You should clean it regularly with warm water and mild soap and dry it completely before refilling. Additionally, Travalo recommends that you don’t mix fragrances in one bottle as it could affect the fragrances quality.

Another important thing to note is that Travalo recommends filling their perfume bottles with a maximum of 65 sprays each time to maintain it’s performance. When the Travalo bottle is full, you can replace the spray nozzle and secure it back on the tube.

Travalo perfume bottles are a great use for those who’re always on the go but still want to smell fresh throughout the day. It’s easy to carry around in your bag or pocket and it’s very easy to refill. This device ensures that you’ve your favorite fragrance with you wherever you go with it’s compact size and ease of use.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining a Travalo Perfume Bottle

Travalo perfume bottles are a great way to carry your favorite fragrance on-the-go, but they can become dirty and clogged over time. To clean and maintain your Travalo bottle, unscrew the valve at the bottom, remove any excess perfume, soak the bottle in warm soapy water, and use a small brush to clean the spray nozzle. Rinse the bottle thoroughly and let it air dry before refilling. Avoid using alcohol or abrasive cleaners that could damage the plastic. With proper care, your Travalo bottle can last for years!


It’s essential to avoid rushing the process and to give it enough time to work it’s magic. By following these steps, you can effectively eliminate the bad odor and restore your Travalo to it’s former glory. Furthermore, it’s crucial to remember to take necessary precautions when using Travalo or any other fragrance dispenser to avoid any future odor problems. With proper care, attention and a little bit of know-how, you can always have a pleasant and refreshing fragrance experience.

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