Does Ulta Have Testers Out?

When it comes to makeup shopping, it's crucial to find the perfect shade or formula that suits your skin and preferences. That's where Ulta's testers come into play. The store strategically places sample products, also known as testers, on the shelves throughout their store, allowing customers to try them before making a purchase. This not only helps you find the ideal shade, but it also gives you a chance to test the product's texture, coverage, and longevity. However, Ulta takes it a step further by offering an innovative virtual makeup testing platform called GLAMlab. This website enables you to experiment with different products and shades virtually, giving you a real-time idea of how they’ll look on your face. With Ulta's testers and the GLAMlab, you can confidently make informed makeup choices without any regrets.

Can I Take the Testers at Ulta?

When shopping at Ulta or any beauty-related retailer, it’s crucial to understand the proper etiquette. While it may be tempting to take testers and apply them directly to your face, this is a major no-no. Not only is it unhygienic, but it’s also disrespectful to other customers and the store staff. Testers are intended to be used in a controlled manner, with provided applicators or disposable tools.

Taking non-tester products and using them as testers is another action that should be avoided. This not only contaminates the product but also creates an unsanitary environment for other shoppers. It’s important to remember that these products are meant to be purchased and used individually, following proper hygiene practices such as washing your hands before and after application.

By practicing proper etiquette and respecting the stores guidelines, you can enjoy a safe and pleasant shopping experience while maintaining the integrity of the products.

Although Ulta employees don’t receive samples of testers like Sephora employees do, there are still opportunities for them to receive free products. While gift with purchase promotions are available to all customers, Ulta employees, particularly those in prestige or management positions, may also receive gratis items from brands. These gratis products are typically full-sized, although not always.

Do Ulta Employees Get Samples?

Do Ulta employees get samples? Just not always! Ulta doesn’t give samples of testers like Sephora does, but you can get a gift with purchase. If you work there, especially in prestige or management, you might get gratis which is free (usually full-size, but not always) product from brands.

While Ulta doesn’t have testers out for customers, employees do have the opportunity to try out products through gratis. Gratis is a perk offered by many beauty retailers, where employees receive complimentary products from brands to test out and familiarize themselves with the products. This allows employees to provide knowledgeable recommendations to customers based on their personal experience with the products.

It’s also worth mentioning that Ulta does have promotions and events where customers can receive free samples or gifts with purchase. These promotions vary throughout the year and often feature popular beauty brands. Customers can take advantage of these opportunities to try out new products without committing to a full-size purchase.

This perk is more commonly available to those in prestige or management positions.

How Can Ulta Employees Benefit From Gratis Products?

  • Ulta employees can receive gratis products as part of their employee benefits
  • Gratis products allow employees to try out new and different beauty items
  • Employees can use gratis products to stay informed about the latest trends and industry developments
  • Gratis products can also be used by employees to enhance their own personal beauty routines
  • By using gratis products, employees can provide better assistance and product recommendations to customers
  • Gratis products can serve as a form of compensation and recognition for employee loyalty and hard work
  • Employees can share their experiences with gratis products with customers, helping to build trust and credibility
  • Regular access to gratis products can be a major perk for Ulta employees, making their work environment more enjoyable
  • Employees can take advantage of gratis products to develop their own beauty skills and knowledge
  • Overall, gratis products can provide Ulta employees with valuable opportunities for growth and personal development in the beauty industry

As customers eagerly await the opportunity to discover and test products before committing to a purchase, there are hopeful indications that Ulta will soon resume providing much-anticipated samples. Although not a guarantee, the possibility of Ulta locations offering product samples in 2022 is on the horizon. While it’s important to note that Ulta’s sample availability is contingent upon the companies that supply the products, there may still be a glimmer of hope for those seeking a small taste of a coveted item.

Does Ulta Do Samples Anymore?

One of the most common inquiries among beauty enthusiasts is whether Ulta still offers samples. The good news is that most Ulta locations will indeed be able to provide product samples in the year 202However, it’s important to note that Ulta doesn’t always have samples readily available, as it depends on the companies that own the products it sells.

Ulta carries an extensive range of beauty brands and products, meaning they rely on the cooperation of these companies to supply them with samples. Therefore, the availability of samples may vary from store to store, based on the brands they carry and the willingness of these brands to provide samples.

It’s worth mentioning that Ulta is known for it’s customer-friendly approach, and many stores are willing to accommodate customer requests to the best of their ability. So, if you’ve your eye on a particular product and would like to try it before purchasing, don’t hesitate to ask an Ulta associate if they’ve any samples available.

In some cases, stores might offer small containers with a few drops of the requested product. While it may not be the exact sample size you were hoping for, it can still give you a chance to test out the product and see if it suits your needs.

Additionally, keep an eye out for special events or promotions where brands might offer samples or mini-sized products. So, the next time you visit Ulta, don’t shy away from asking about samples – you never know what little treasures you might uncover!

Tips for Maximizing Your Chances of Getting Samples at Ulta

When shopping at Ulta, there are a few tips you can follow to maximize your chances of getting samples. Firstly, it’s important to approach the store’s beauty advisors and express your interest in trying out specific products or brands. Be polite and ask if they’ve any testers available. Some advisors may have samples behind the counter or be able to create one for you.

Another tip is to take advantage of Ulta’s special events or promotions. During these occasions, they often offer free samples or mini-sized products as giveaways. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and participate to increase your chances of receiving samples.

Additionally, it can be helpful to sign up for Ulta’s rewards program. As a member, you may receive exclusive offers, samples, or discounts. Don’t forget to check your emails, as Ulta often sends out promotions or notifications about upcoming sampling events.

Remember, Ulta values customer satisfaction and wants you to have a great shopping experience. By politely engaging with beauty advisors, attending special events, and being an active member of the rewards program, you can maximize your chances of obtaining samples at Ulta.

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At Ulta Beauty, the integrity of the products sold is of utmost importance. They strictly adhere to a policy that prevents the resale of used, damaged, or expired products. Through comprehensive training and meticulous procedures, Ulta ensures that only the highest quality items are available both in-store and online.

Does Ulta Sell Returned Products?

Ulta Beauty is committed to maintaining the integrity of the products it sells, which is why it’s a strict policy against the resale of used, damaged, or expired items. This means that if a product is returned, it won’t be placed back on the shelves for sale. Ulta takes the necessary measures to ensure that only the highest quality products are offered to it’s customers.

To enforce this policy, Ulta has implemented comprehensive training programs and procedures for it’s staff. Employees are educated on how to identify products that can’t be resold and are trained to handle returns efficiently. This reinforces the commitment Ulta has to maintain the highest quality standards for it’s customers.

In addition to in-store purchases, Ulta also upholds it’s strict policy on returned merchandise for online orders. Any items that are returned to the company will undergo a thorough inspection to ensure they meet the required standards. If the returned items don’t pass this inspection, they’ll not be offered for resale.

Customers can shop confidently at Ulta Beauty, knowing that the company takes great care in delivering only the best products. Ultas commitment to quality ensures that customers can have peace of mind when purchasing from their wide range of beauty and skincare products.


This combination of physical testers and the virtual try-on experience ensures that customers have access to a comprehensive testing system. With Ulta's commitment to offering a diverse range of product samples and advanced technology, individuals can make informed purchasing decisions and experiment with various shades and cosmetic options.

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