Does Dior Do Custom Orders? Find Out Here!

Dior, a world-renowned luxury brand, is well-known for their exclusive line of products. However, information regarding custom orders isn’t publicly available or clearly stated on their website. This generally means that customization is not a standard service they offer. For definitive information, someone interested in this service should reach out to a Dior representative directly, either through their customer service contact or by visiting a local Dior boutique.

How Long Is Shipping for Dior?

Upon placing your order on the website, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all details regarding your order including the expected delivery time for your items. The delivery time for your items is also subject to change depending on the availability of the products and any unforeseen circumstances during transit. However, Dior always strives to offer a prompt and efficient delivery service for all of it’s customers.

Dior offers different shipping options based on the customer’s preference. Standard delivery takes approximately 5 business days while express deliveries are delivered within 2 business days. Apart from shipping options, Dior also offers free standard shipping on all orders exceeding a certain amount. This is applicable to customers residing within the United States. International shipping charges, however, vary based on location.

It’s important to note that despite Dior’s effort to provide a prompt and efficient delivery service, the delivery time for some items may take longer due to factors beyond their control. For instance, shipping may be delayed due to natural disasters, strikes or any other unforeseen circumstance. However, in cases where there’s a delay in delivery, Dior will keep the customer updated and informed about the progress of their delivery.

Additionally, customers residing within the United States and exceeding a certain amount can enjoy free standard shipping.

Tips for Tracking Your Dior Shipment and Checking Delivery Status

As a customer waiting for your Dior shipment, you can track it’s location and check the delivery status by using the tracking number provided by Dior. Visit the carrier’s website and enter the tracking number to get real-time updates on the status of your package. You can also opt for email or text message alerts to stay informed. Additionally, you can contact Dior’s customer service team for assistance in tracking your shipment.


In conclusion, the fashion industry is all about personalization and individuality, and the capacity to produce custom-made designs is a critical component of the business. Dior, as a leader in luxury fashion, recognizes this and provides it’s customers with the ability to customize their favorite items to suit their personal tastes and preferences. Whether you want to add a personal touch to your Lady Dior bag or create a distinctive experience with a custom-made suit, Dior's boutiques and website offer the perfect solution.

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