DecantX vs Scentbird: Which Fragrance Subscription Service Is Better?

DecantX and Scentbird are both popular fragrance subscription services, but they differ in terms of their offerings and pricing. DecantX offers a wider range of fragrances, including rare and vintage scents, but their pricing can be higher, especially for the more exclusive perfumes. They also sell fragrances in various sample sizes, rather than a monthly subscription. Unlike DecantX, Scentbird operates on a subscription model, charging a flat monthly fee, and they offer a more curated selection of designer and niche fragrances. They send out a monthly 8ml spray along with a travel-friendly reusable case. Subscribers can choose their scents or let Scentbird choose for them. So, if you’re looking for a wide variety and don’t mind splurging, DecantX may appeal to you more. If you prefer a flat-rate monthly subscription and a curated selection, Scentbird may be a better choice.

Is Decant Perfume Legit?

Decant perfume is a popular alternative for those who want to try out different fragrances without committing to a full bottle. However, some people may be hesitant to try decants due to concerns about their authenticity. Thats where DecantX comes in – as a fragrance sampling service, they’re dedicated to providing customers with only the highest quality, genuine fragrances.

This means that customers can rest assured knowing that they’re receiving true representations of the scents they’ve been wanting to try.

They offer a wide range of fragrances to choose from, making it easy to find something that fits your personal style. Additionally, their decants are available in different sizes, giving customers the flexibility to try out a scent without committing to a full bottle.

They’ve built a strong reputation for their commitment to authenticity and quality, and their satisfied customers continue to sing their praises. With their extensive selection of fragrances and dedication to customer satisfaction, they’re a go-to destination for perfume enthusiasts.

What Is Decant Perfume and How Does It Differ From Regular Perfume?

Decant perfume is a process of transferring perfume from it’s original bottle to a smaller container, usually for the purpose of sharing or gifting. It differs from regular perfume in that decant perfumes may not have the same branding or packaging as the original and may be sold in smaller amounts.

Decanting perfume has become a popular trend among fragrance enthusiasts. It’s the process of transferring perfume from one bottle to another, usually a smaller container. This technique offers several advantages, including the ability to test a product’s performance, and the opportunity to have a large collection of fragrances without breaking the bank. Let’s take a closer look at some of these benefits.

What Is the Advantage of Decant Perfume?

Decanting perfume is an art that requires precise skill and attention to detail. Many fragrance enthusiasts find it an appealing option, especially when they want to try a wide variety of scent products. One of the most significant advantages of decanted perfume is the ability to test a product before purchasing it. With decanting, one can apply a small amount for a couple of days to assess the scents performance on their skin. This way, they can determine whether they need to purchase a full-size bottle, depending on the scents longevity and projection.

With most high-end perfumes ranging from $50 to $300, it can be expensive to try several scents on the market. However, with decanted perfume, it becomes easy and affordable to sample different perfumes without breaking the bank. For example, an individual can decant ten 10 ml bottles of different scents for $30, which is an excellent option for someone who desires a variety of fragrances.

An individual can mix various scents to create their personalized fragrance, making decanting a great way to experiment with different blends. One can mix various fragrances based on the occasion, mood, or preference. This personalization can only be achieved through decanted perfume, giving one control over the scent profile.

While full-sized bottles usually come in standard sizes of 50 ml or 100 ml, individuals can customize their decants to any size they prefer. This flexibility allows individuals to have a diverse collection of fragrances in various sizes and avoids the issue of owning numerous half-empty bottles.

It also enables one to customize and blend their scents, making it possible to experiment with various perfume combinations. Finally, it provides the flexibility to own fragrances in any size one desires.

How to Create Your Own Decanted Perfume Collection

To create your own decanted perfume collection, you need to have a few empty perfume bottles and a syringe for transferring the perfume from one container to another. Simply spray the desired amount of perfume into the empty bottle using a funner or a syringe. Repeat the process for all the perfumes you want to include in your collection. Don’t forget to label the bottles with the name and brand of the perfume to avoid confusion.

Aside from the wide selection of fragrances they offer, one of the most enticing aspects of Scentbird is their subscription-based service, which allows customers to explore various scents affordably. But is Scentbird really cost effective? Let’s take a closer look.

Is Scentbird Cost Effective?

Additionally, Scentbird allows you to build a queue of scents that you want to try, so you can customize your subscription to fit your preferences. This means you can test out scents that youve been curious about but don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying a full-size bottle. And if you end up really liking a scent, Scentbird offers discounts on full-sized bottles for members.

Scentbirds cost-effectiveness also lies in the fact that it eliminates the need for blind purchases of fragrances. With traditional perfume shopping, you can only try a scent once or twice before committing to it, and if you end up not liking it, youve wasted your money. With Scentbird, you can receive a new scent each month and really get to know it before deciding whether or not to purchase a full-size bottle.

While you can customize your queue to a certain extent, theres still a chance you may receive a scent that youre not interested in, or that doesn’t work with your body chemistry. However, Scentbird does allow you to exchange scents if youre not happy with what you receive, so youre not completely stuck with something you don’t like.

Comparison of Scentbird With Other Perfume Subscription Services in Terms of Cost and Value for Money.

  • Scentbird offers a monthly subscription for $14.95, with one fragrance per month, and the option to upgrade to receive two or three fragrances per month.
  • Other perfume subscription services, such as Luxury Scent Box and Olfactif, offer similar pricing for one fragrance per month.
  • Scentbox offers a slightly cheaper monthly subscription at $9.72, but only provides one fragrance per month and has a limited selection.
  • Scentbird allows you to try a new fragrance every month, providing greater value for money than purchasing a full-sized bottle of a fragrance you may not end up liking.
  • Compared to purchasing full-sized bottles of designer or niche fragrances, Scentbird is a more affordable option.


Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to personal preference and individual needs. It's important to note that each platform has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, but both offer the opportunity to discover new and exciting scents. Whichever you choose, the experience of exploring and enjoying different fragrances is one that’s sure to enrich your life.

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