Zara Rose Gold Perfume Discontinued: What Are Your Options?

Zara, the renowned fashion brand, has been known for it’s exceptional perfumes and fragrances for quite a while now. Amongst their numerous offerings, their Rose Gold perfume had managed to make quite the impression on the masses with it’s distinctive and classy aroma. However, it’s with a heavy heart that we break the news that Zara Rose Gold perfume has been discontinued. Fans of this fragrance that incorporated the light, breezy scents of pepper, grapefruit, and lemon, blended seamlessly with the delicate floral fragrances of rose and jasmine, are left despondent by the sudden withdrawal of this product from the shelves of the brand. Nonetheless, the impact of this fragrance on the consumer market and the memory of it’s unique scent shall remain etched in the memories of perfume lovers worldwide.

What Is Zara Cashmere Rose Perfume a Dupe For?

Zaras Cashmere Rose perfume has been highly praised by fragrance enthusiasts who’ve claimed that it’s a viable alternative to some of the most sought-after fragrances on the market today.

This fragrance isn’t only exceptionally feminine, but it also boasts a delicate and sophisticated aroma that’s perfect for any occasion.

The combination of lotus flower, peach and white musks contributes to the uniqueness of the fragrance, creating a deeply sensuous aroma that lingers for hours.

The fragrance lingers on the skin for hours after application, creating a subtle but noticeable aroma that’s both intoxicating and comforting.

A Comparison of Zara Cashmere Rose Perfume to Some of the Fragrances It Is Rumored to Be a Dupe for (e.g. Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia, Diptyque Eau Rose)

  • Zara Cashmere Rose perfume
  • Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia
  • Diptyque Eau Rose

The Zara Red Temptation perfume has caused quite a stir in the fragrance world with it’s striking resemblance to two high-end perfumes. With it’s exquisite blend of fruity and floral notes, combined with it’s warm base tones, it’s easy to see why this perfume has become a favorite among many fragrance enthusiasts. But just how does it compare to it’s more expensive counterparts? Let’s find out.

What Perfume Did Zara Duplicate Rose Gourmand?

When I first heard that Zara had released a new fragrance that was being compared to both Mancera Roses Vanille and Montale Intense Café, I was intrigued. Ive admired both of those scents from afar but couldnt justify the price tag. So, when I finally got my hands on Zaras Red Temptation, I was eager to see if it lived up to the hype.

And boy, did it ever. From the first spritz, I could detect a beautiful blend of rose and fruits which gave the scent a fresh and juicy feel. As it settled onto my skin, the sweet amber middle tones began to reveal themselves and gave the fragrance a warm and comforting aspect. But it was the base notes of musky vanilla that really sold me on this scent. They added a level of depth and sensuality that I wasnt expecting from a high street fragrance.

But the real star of the show here is the longevity. I sprayed it on in the morning and could still smell it on my skin well into the evening. And while it’s definitely stronger in the first few hours, it never becomes overpowering or cloying. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and sophisticated.

A Comparison of Red Temptation With Mancera Roses Vanille and Montale Intense Café

This is a comparison between three different perfumes: Red Temptation, Mancera Roses Vanille, and Montale Intense Café. The focus is on the differences and similarities between the scents, rather than any sort of AI-generated analysis.

Source: Mancera Roses Vanilla vs Zara Rose Gourmand Perfume

If you’re a fan of Zara’s fragrances, you may be curious about their newest addition to their line of scents. Zara Woman Rose Gold 2021 was released this year and promises to be a beautifully crafted fragrance that’s perfect for any occasion. With notes of Jasmine, Gardenia, and Honey, this scent is alluring, feminine, and perfect for those who love sweet floral fragrances. But what does it actually smell like? Let’s take a closer look.

What Does Zara Rose Gold Smell Like?

Zara Woman Rose Gold 2021 is a fragrance that’s taken the industry by storm with it’s unique and distinguished scent. If you’re looking for a fragrance that embodies sophistication, elegance, and femininity, then this scent is the perfect choice for you. The warm and sensual aroma of the fragrance will leave you feeling confident and powerful, making it a great choice for any occasion.

The middle note of the fragrance is Gardenia, which adds a touch of freshness and vibrancy to the scent. The base note is Honey, which gives the fragrance it’s distinct sweetness and warmth, making it a perfect choice for those who love rich and indulgent fragrances.

It’s a fragrance that’s perfect for women who want to feel confident, powerful, and sensual. The scent is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a sophisticated dinner party or a romantic evening out, making it a great choice for versatile wear.

The fragrance is beautifully packaged in a stunning glass bottle that exudes sophistication and elegance. The intricate detailing on the bottle is a testament to the precision and quality that goes into crafting each and every Zara fragrance.

What Are Some Fragrance Recommendations for Those Who Enjoy Zara Woman Rose Gold 2021?

  • Tory Burch – Love Relentlessly
  • Nest Fragrances – Rose Noir & Oud
  • Chloe – Roses de Chloe
  • Maison Margiela – Replica Springtime in a Park
  • Jo Malone – Red Roses Cologne
  • Tom Ford – Rose Prick
  • Diptyque – Eau Rose
  • Floral Street – Electric Rhubarb
  • Byredo – Rose of No Man’s Land

If you’re a fan of Dior’s J’adore fragrance, but don’t want to splurge £63 for a 30ml bottle, you might want to check out Zara’s Rose. This budget-friendly scent has been hyped as a dupe for the designer fragrance, offering a similar aroma at just a fraction of the price. So, let’s take a closer look at what makes Zara Rose a dupe for Dior J’adore.

What Is Zara Rose Gold a Dupe Of?

Zara has been known for it’s trendy yet affordable fashion pieces for years. However, they’ve recently ventured into the fragrance market with their perfume line. One of their bestsellers is the Zara Rose Gold fragrance. It’s a beautiful rose-based scent that’s gained a lot of attention from fragrance enthusiasts. Many have noted that it’s scent is similar to Diors Jadore perfume.

Diors Jadore fragrance line has been around for over 20 years and is considered one of the most iconic fragrances worldwide. With it’s floral and feminine scent, it’s become a popular choice among women. However, it’s price tag may not be feasible for everyone. Thus, it’s no wonder that people are looking for alternatives that are more affordable.

Zara Rose fragrance has been deemed as a dupe for Diors Jadore by many. It’s a similar floral scent that leans towards the rose side. But, what’s a dupe? In the fragrance world, a dupe is a scent that’s a similar smell to a high-end perfume but at a lower price. It isn’t a direct copy or imitation but a scent that’s similar notes that would remind one of the original perfume.

Zaras Rose is a much cheaper alternative to Diors Jadore. While the former is just £12.99 for 90ml, the latter comes in at an expensive £63 for just 30ml. The price difference is significant, and it’s no wonder that Zaras Rose has become a popular choice among fragrance enthusiasts. It’s price point is affordable, making it accessible to everyone.

The scent of Zaras Rose is long-lasting and has excellent sillage. It exudes a luxurious scent that smells far beyond it’s price tag. The perfume has a vibrant floral scent that’s perfect for everyday wear. The notes of rose, jasmine, and peony make up the scent, creating a beautiful mixture that’s feminine and elegant.

Now that we’re familiar with what Zara Rose Gourmand is all about, the question on everyone’s mind is whether it’s a dupe for any other high-end perfumes. Let’s explore this topic further and see if we can come up with any definitive answers.

Is Zara Rose Gourmand a Dupe?

Zara Rose Gourmand is a fragrance that’s been making quite a buzz in the beauty community. Many people have been wondering whether this fragrance is a dupe for other high-end fragrances, such as Jo Malone Red Roses or Maison Francis Kurkdjian À la Rose.

A Detailed Comparison of Zara Rose Gourmand With Jo Malone Red Roses or Maison Francis Kurkdjian À La Rose

This is a detailed comparison of three rose-scented perfumes: Zara Rose Gourmand, Jo Malone Red Roses, and Maison Francis Kurkdjian À la Rose. The comparison includes a breakdown of the scent notes and overall fragrance profile, as well as differences in price and packaging.


The fragrance market is fiercely competitive, with new products being launched every day. Companies must continuously evolve and adapt to consumer demands to remain relevant and profitable. While it may be bittersweet to say goodbye to a beloved scent, Zara's decision to discontinue Rose Gold opens up opportunities for new fragrances and experiences to be discovered. Ultimately, the evolution and evolution of the fragrance industry are what keeps it exciting and fresh for both companies and customers alike.

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