Zadig and Voltaire This Is Her Zara Dupe – The Affordable Alternative

Zadig and Voltaire’s “This Is Her” perfume is a favorite amongst many for its unique mix of vanilla, chestnut, and sandalwood. On the other hand, Zara, well-known for mimicking high-end brands, offers an affordable alternative to this. The dupe perfume from Zara replicates the warm, creamy scent of the original, making it a great choice for those who love “This Is Her” but are budget-conscious. Enjoy the high-end fragrance experience without breaking the bank with Zara’s impressive and cost-effective version.

Which Country Made Zadig and Voltaire Perfume?

The brand was founded in 1997 by Thierry Gillier, the grandson of André Gillier, co-founder of Lacoste. The name Zadig & Voltaire comes from the novel “Zadig, or The Book of Fate” by French writer Voltaire, who’s known for his satirical and philosophical writings during the Enlightenment era.

Zadig & Voltaire started as a fashion brand, with it’s signature style of rock n roll and casual chic. The brands clothing collections feature a mix of classic and modern designs, with a focus on leather jackets, blazers, and denim. Zadig & Voltaires aesthetic is often described as French cool, with a rebellious and nonchalant attitude.

In 2016, Zadig & Voltaire entered the fragrance market with it’s debut scent, This Is Her! and This Is Him! The fragrances were created by perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Aurélien Guichard, and quickly became popular among young adults. This Is Her! has notes of jasmine, vanilla, and pink pepper, while This Is Him! features sandalwood, incense, and grapefruit.

In 2019, Zadig & Voltaire released a new scent, Girls Can Do Anything, which was inspired by the brands message of female empowerment. The perfume has notes of jasmine, pear, and tonka bean, and is marketed with the slogan “Break the rules, change the game.”

The brands approach to fragrance is to create scents that embody it’s rock n roll spirit and rebellious attitude, while also being modern and sophisticated. The perfumes are packaged in minimalist, sleek bottles that reflect the brands design aesthetic.

A Closer Look at the Fashion Collections of Zadig & Voltaire, and How They Reflect the Brand’s Ethos of Casual Cool and Rebellion.

This is an article about the fashion collections of Zadig & Voltaire, showing how they embody the brand’s values of being laid-back and rebellious.

Now that we know the meaning and cultural significance of the name Zadig, it’s interesting to explore other names in French and the stories and traditions behind them. From classic French names like Jean and Marie to more unique options like Amélie and Thibault, there’s a rich history to uncover. Let’s take a closer look at the fascinating world of French baby names.

What Does Zadig Mean in French?

Zadig is a unique name with a fascinating history. It’s a boys name that’s it’s roots in the French language, and it carries with it a lot of meaning and significance. In French, the name Zadig means Easter, which is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians all over the world. The name is intriguing and mysterious, and it reflects the character of the person who bears it. It’s a name that’s been used throughout history, and it’s gaining popularity in modern France as a quirky-chic choice.

The name Zadig is most famously associated with the hero of a novella by Voltaire. In this story, Zadig is a wise and intelligent man who faces many challenges and trials. His name represents his ability to overcome adversity and to find meaning and purpose in life. This story has been beloved by generations of readers, and it’s inspired many people to name their children after the hero.

It carries with it a lot of history and significance, and it’s a name that’s sure to make an impression.

The Literary Significance of “Zadig” in Voltaire’s Novella.

  • “Zadig” is a novella written by Voltaire in the 18th century
  • The story follows the character Zadig, an intelligent and virtuous man who experiences a series of misfortunes
  • Through his trials, Zadig gains wisdom and insight into the nature of life
  • “Zadig” is considered a masterpiece of Enlightenment literature
  • The novella explores themes such as fate, morality, and the nature of justice
  • The character of Zadig has been compared to other literary figures such as Candide and Don Quixote
  • “Zadig” continues to be widely read and studied today, and is a popular choice in literature courses

Now that we’ve explored the scent of Zadig and Voltaire’s UNDRESSED Duo, it’s important to mention the brand’s overall aesthetic and ethos. Zadig and Voltaire is a French fashion and lifestyle brand that exudes effortless cool and rock-chic vibes. With a focus on luxury materials and an edgy yet timeless aesthetic, it’s no surprise that their fragrance offerings would embody similar qualities. So, let’s dive deeper into the brand’s history and style to better understand the context of their fragrances.

What Does Zadig and Voltaire Smell Like?

Zadig & Voltaire is a brand that’s left it’s mark on the fashion industry, and it’s latest fragrance release, the UNDRESSED Duo, is making quite a stir in the perfume world. The fragrance is available for both men and women, and it carries a unique aroma that evokes a sense of confidence, boldness, and freedom. The scent is designed to appeal to the man or woman who’s unafraid to break barriers and take risks in life.

The fragrance opens with a blast of musk and woody notes that immediately command attention. The scent is warm, inviting, and familiar, with a hint of spice that adds to it’s mystique. As it begins to settle on the skin, the scent becomes creamy, almost softening the edges of the woody notes while bringing out the salt and ginger base. The formula is complex, yet subtle, making it easy to wear for both casual and formal occasions.

The saltiness of this scent is what really makes it unique. It’s subtle, yet always present, creating an aura of confidence and uniqueness. The faint, salty scent adds to the overall composition, smoothing out the bold, musky woody notes with a bit of understated sweetness that feels both subtle and alluring.

A Deep Dive Into the History of Zadig & Voltaire as a Brand, Their Aesthetic, and Their Approach to Fragrance

  • Founded in 1997 by Thierry Gillier
  • Known for it’s rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic and casual luxury
  • Famous for their use of cashmere
  • First fragrance launched in 2009
  • Parfums Zadig & Voltaire known for their unisex scents and minimalist packaging
  • Collaborations with artists such as Kate Moss and Erin Wasson
  • Opened first flagship store in Paris in 2003
  • Currently has over 300 retail locations worldwide
  • Has expanded beyond clothing and fragrance to include accessories, watches, and home decor

Source: This Is Her! Undressed Zadig & Voltaire for women – Fragrantica

With a new owner comes new questions about the loyal customer base of Zadig & Voltaire. Who’re the people that continue to invest in the brand’s unique style and aesthetic? Are they staying true to the label under it’s new ownership? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the buyers of Zadig & Voltaire and what sets them apart from other luxury fashion consumers.

Who Buys Zadig &Amp, Voltaire?

As a fashion brand, Zadig & Voltaire targets a fairly specific market in the fashion industry. The brand is known for it’s rock n roll vibe and rebellious attitude, which makes it especially popular among younger consumers. These customers often have disposable income to spend on high-end fashion items, but they’re also looking for clothing that feels unique and authentic.

As Zadig & Voltaire has grown in popularity, it’s expanded it’s distribution and retail channels to reach a wider range of customers. Today, you can find Zadig & Voltaire products in department stores, specialty boutiques, and online retailers around the world.

With the recent acquisition by Peninsula Capital, it’s likely that Zadig & Voltaire will continue to grow in the coming years. The companys new owners may look to expand the brands international distribution, increase it’s marketing and advertising efforts, or explore new product lines and collaborations to keep the brand fresh and exciting. However, it remains to be seen how these changes will impact Zadig & Voltaires core customer base or overall market position.

The History and Evolution of Zadig & Voltaire as a Fashion Brand

  • Zadig & Voltaire was founded by Thierry Gillier in 1997.
  • The brand takes inspiration from the literary works of Voltaire and his philosophy of free-thinking and challenging the status quo.
  • Zadig & Voltaire’s first collection featured luxurious cashmere sweaters with hand-stitched embellishments.
  • Over the years, the brand expanded their offerings to include leather jackets, tailored blazers, and statement dresses.
  • Zadig & Voltaire is known for their edgy, rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic and use of bold prints and graphics.
  • The brand has collaborated with notable artists and musicians, including Kate Moss, Erin Wasson, and Cécile Togni.
  • Zadig & Voltaire now has stores in over 30 countries and a loyal following of fashion-forward individuals.


The brand's vision of effortless chic and nonchalant elegance is evident in it’s distinctive collections. Zara's decision to create a dupe of Zadig and Voltaire speaks to the brand's immense influence on the high street fashion world. However, it’s important to remember that imitation isn’t the same as innovation, and in the case of Zadig and Voltaire, their unique voice and aesthetic can’t be replicated.

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