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Wicked Vanilla Woods by Fragrantica is a sensational scent that revolves around the essence of rich, tempting vanilla blended with soothing, warm woods. This remarkable fragrance captures the enticing sweetness of vanilla, transcending into the earthiness of woods. As a result, it seduces the senses and imparts a feeling of comfort and warmth, creating a memorable olfactory experience. The luscious, creamy vanilla heart note is perfectly harmonised with the base of mysterious woods, creating an intoxicating aroma that lingers. Ideal for weather changes in fall and winter, Wicked Vanilla Woods by Fragrantica is a perfume that’s both soothing and seductive.

When Did Wicked Vanilla Woods Come Out?

Wicked Vanilla Woods is a captivating fragrance that was exclusively introduced by Bath & Body Works in 202The scent is a mix of feral and feminine, and it embodies the sensuality of woods and the sweetness of vanilla.

It starts with the top note of rich vanilla, which is then followed by the exotic woods that add a touch of warmth and depth to the scent. As it settles, it reveals a beautiful bouquet of florals that are perfectly balanced by the warmth of amber and tonka bean.

The company always strives to create new and exciting scents that are perfect for every occasion.

With it’s blend of exotic woods and sweet vanilla, this fragrance is perfect for those who want to stand out in a crowd and leave a lasting impression.

Moving on from the fragrance composition of Vanilla Woods, it’s time to explore what this scent actually smells like. While the fragrance description provides a rough idea, it doesn’t fully capture the nuances and complexities of Vanilla Woods. So, let’s dive deeper into the olfactory experience of this perfume and find out what makes it so irresistible.

What Does Vanilla Woods Smell Like?

The scent of vanilla woods can be described as a rich and warm aroma that’s perfect for cold winter nights. This fragrance is a blend of different scents such as fresh pear and roses, which are combined with the sweet and earthy aromas of Madagascar vanilla and caramel. These warm, comforting notes are mixed to create a fragrance that’s both inviting and sophisticated.

The fresh sweetness of the pear captures the crispness that’s associated with autumn, while the rose adds a soft floral note that’s reminiscent of summer. The spicy warmth of amber adds an earthy richness that harmonizes all the notes together. The caramel gourmand scent gives a sweet and indulgent aroma to the fragrance that will leave you feeling relaxed and comforted.

The vanilla in the scent is the most prominent note and provides a decadent aroma of happiness and positivity. Vanilla is a popular scent in perfumery because of it’s comforting and soothing qualities. It also has a calming effect on the mind, which makes it the perfect addition to a fragrance that’s designed to help you unwind and relax.

The fragrance has a long-lasting dry down, which is created with a blend of organic Madagascar vanilla and gourmand caramel. This base note is supported by the warm sweetness of amber, which makes the scent even more lasting.

It’s the perfect fragrance for a cozy night in, around the fireplace or while reading your favorite book. The warm, inviting scent is perfect for capturing the essence of autumn and the holiday seasons while making you feel relaxed and comforted.

Other Vanilla Woods Fragrances: Examples and Characteristics

  • Madagascar Vanilla
  • Tahitian Vanilla
  • Bourbon Vanilla
  • Mexican Vanilla
  • Ugandan Vanilla
  • Russian Vanilla
  • Indian Vanilla
  • Indonesian Vanilla

Source: The 7 Virtues Vanilla Woods Eau de Parfum – Sephora


It not only delivers a rich olfactory experience but also offers a sense of mystery and intrigue that appeals to those who seek a little more depth in their fragrances. It’s excellent longevity and sillage make it a perfect choice for those who want to leave a lasting impression.

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