Why Does Angel Perfume Smell So Good?

The secret to it’s irresistible allure can be traced back to a masterful combination of patchouli and Veltol, an enigmatic aroma-material that exudes a delectable blend of vanilla caramel and cotton candy. It’s this potent duo that forms the core of Angel's olfactory symphony, creating a harmonious balance that leaves a lasting impression. With just the right proportions of these two ingredients, the result is a uniquely powerful fragrance that’s earned Angel it’s well-deserved reputation for smelling simply divine.

Why Is Angel Perfume So Popular?

Angel perfume became popular for several reasons. Firstly, it’s unique and distinctive scent sets it apart from other fragrances on the market. The scent, created by French fashion designer Thierry Mugler, evokes a sense of nostalgia and childhood memories, making it both comforting and intriguing. This combination appeals to a wide range of individuals, whether they’re seeking a familiar scent or something more avant-garde.

Furthermore, the association of Angel perfume with influential figures such as Diana Ross, Jerry Hall, Hilary Rodham Clinton, and Barbara Walters only adds to it’s allure. These high-profile individuals serve as role models and trendsetters, influencing the choices and preferences of others. By embracing Angel perfume, individuals can feel a connection to these iconic figures and be a part of something greater than themselves.

During this decade, the fragrance became synonymous with the party scene and exuded a sense of glamour and extravagance. The scents ability to evoke the spirit of celebration and joy resonated with many people, making it a must-have accessory for special occasions and nights out.

The perfumes distinctive star-shaped bottle and ethereal blue color capture attention and make it instantly recognizable. Additionally, the brand has successfully employed strategic marketing campaigns and collaborations with celebrities to create buzz and generate interest in the fragrance.

One option for those searching for a perfume similar to Mugler’s Angel is Gourmand Patchouli by Dossier. This brand offers a more affordable alternative that’s “inspired by” the iconic fragrance. Among Dossier’s collection of scents, Gourmand Patchouli stands out with it’s resemblance to Angel. Perfumers Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin skillfully crafted Angel with notes of patchouli, praline, red berries, and vanilla, resulting in a unique gourmand perfume. Additionally, Angel’s distinct bottle design, resembling an irregular shaped star, has become synonymous with the fragrance. Linking closely to these features is Dossier’s Gourmand Patchouli, which effortlessly captures the essence of the original designer perfume.

Which Perfume Smells Similar to Angel?

One option for those seeking a perfume that smells similar to Muglers Angel is Gourmand Patchouli by Dossier. This fragrance is marketed as a cheaper alternative to the original and aims to provide a similar scent experience. Gourmand Patchouli, like Angel, falls into the gourmand fragrance category, which means it incorporates sweet and edible notes into it’s composition.

Angel, the iconic perfume from Thierry Mugler, was released in 1992 and is widely regarded as the first modern gourmand fragrance. It’s unique blend of patchouli, praline, red berries, and vanilla created a sensual and captivating aroma, which became a signature scent for many. Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin were the perfumiers behind this groundbreaking creation.

Dossiers Gourmand Patchouli, along with their other fragrances, has managed to capture the essence of the original Angel perfume. They’ve successfully recreated the distinct combination of patchouli, sweetness, and warmth that made Angel so beloved. Additionally, Dossier offers their perfumes at a more affordable price point, making them a viable option for those who desire a high-quality scent without breaking the bank.

While the design of Angels bottle is an irregular shaped star, Dossier focuses more on the scent itself. Their aim is to provide customers with a similar olfactory experience to Angel, rather than replicating the packaging.

With it’s emphasis on gourmand notes and commitment to delivering a high-quality scent at an affordable price, it’s worth considering as an alternative to the beloved Mugler fragrance.

The invigorating scent of Calabrian bergamot in Angel Eau de Parfum is reminiscent of a refreshing breeze, instantly capturing the essence of the great outdoors.

What Is the Smell of Angel Perfume?

Angel perfume is known for it’s captivating and irresistible scent. It’s a fragrance that combines various elements to create a unique olfactory experience. The scent of Angel is a harmonious blend of patchouli, praline, red fruits, and vanilla absolute.

It lends a rich and earthy quality to the scent, providing a deep and mysterious character. The sensual notes of praline add a touch of sweetness and decadence, creating a tempting and indulgent fragrance.

One can’t forget the presence of Calabrian bergamot in Angel perfume. This note adds a refreshing and invigorating quality to the fragrance, akin to a breath of fresh air. The scent of the wind, the sky, and the great outdoors is encapsulated in the vibrant and zesty nature of Calabrian bergamot.

Source: Angel Perfume – Eau de Parfum | Mugler Official Site


The allure of Angel perfume lies within it’s expertly crafted composition, centered around the captivating combination of patchouli and Veltol. These two ingredients create a mesmerizing scent reminiscent of delectable vanilla caramel and sweet cotton candy. When skillfully balanced, this harmonious duo captures the essence of Angel, emanating a powerful and irresistible fragrance.

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