Who Owns Baccarat Rouge? Unraveling the Ownership of This Iconic Fragrance

This question has intrigued fragrance enthusiasts and curious consumers alike, as the iconic scent has captivated perfume lovers all over the world. Maison Francis Kurkdjian┬«, renowned for it’s luxurious fragrances, is the brand behind Baccarat Rouge 540. With a global presence and a reputation for crafting exquisite scents, Maison Francis Kurkdjian┬« has established itself as a leading force in the perfume industry. To experience the allure of Baccarat Rouge 540, one can explore the extensive range of products available, including the Baccarat Rouge 540 sample, eau de parfum, extrait de parfum, body oil, hair mist, and body cream. The ownership of this coveted fragrance remains a mystery to some, but the journey to unraveling it’s origins is as captivating as the scent itself.

Who Is the Founder of Baccarat?

The founder of Baccarat isn’t one individual, but rather a collective lineage of skilled artisans who’ve dedicated themselves to perfecting the art of crystal craftsmanship. The companys legacy dates back to the reign of King Louis XV, who recognized the exceptional talent of the craftsmen and granted them permission to establish their own workshop under the Baccarat name.

Since it’s inception, Baccarat has continued to attract elite clientele and has become a symbol of luxury and opulence. The brands crystal creations have adorned the palaces of powerful rulers and graced the tables of the worlds most prestigious events. From intricate chandeliers to exquisite tableware, Baccarat creations are instantly recognizable for their craftsmanship and timeless beauty.

While the ownership of Baccarat has evolved over the years, the spirit and dedication to excellence have remained constant.

Baccarat, the renowned luxury crystal manufacturer, has undergone a change in ownership. The company is now in the hands of a group of funds led by Tor Investment Management, a private alternative credit fund based in Hong Kong. This shift in ownership comes after Fortune Fountain Capital’s subsidiary, FLL, had initially announced it’s acquisition of Baccarat in 2017.

Who Is Baccarat Owned By?

Baccarat Rouge, the beloved iconic fragrance, is currently owned by a group of funds led by Tor Investment Management, a Hong Kong-based private alternative credit fund. This group of funds has taken full control of FLL, a subsidiary of Fortune Fountain Capital, an Asian financial holding group. Fortune Fountain Capital had originally announced it’s acquisition of Baccarat in 2017.

Tor Investment Management, with it’s expertise in alternative credit strategies, has taken the reins of Baccarat Rouges management, ensuring it’s continued success in the fragrance industry. The group of funds, along with Tor Investment Management, brings a wealth of experience and resources to the table, allowing Baccarat Rouge to thrive under their ownership.

With this change in ownership, Baccarat Rouge now has the opportunity to explore new growth opportunities and expand it’s reach in the global market.

The shift in ownership represents an exciting chapter for Baccarat Rouge and it’s loyal customer base.

The Growth and Success of Baccarat Rouge Under It’s New Ownership

  • The acquisition of Baccarat Rouge by a new owner
  • The promising growth and development of the brand
  • The strategic measures taken by the new ownership
  • The innovative marketing campaigns implemented
  • The expansion into new markets and regions
  • The increased popularity and demand for Baccarat Rouge products
  • The positive reception and reviews from customers
  • The collaborations with renowned designers and perfumers
  • The recognition and awards received by Baccarat Rouge
  • The continuous investment in research and development
  • The commitment to delivering high-quality and luxurious fragrances
  • The strong brand presence and customer loyalty
  • The financial success and profitability achieved

Source: Baccarat (company)

Philippe Starck is the visionary designer behind the Baccarat House in Paris, a stunning representation of the brand’s artistry. The house serves as a hub for Baccarat’s exquisite creations and showcases the designer’s unparalleled talent. Crystal Classics, the largest independent retailer of Waterford Crystal in the U.S., is also one of the top three retailers of Baccarat Crystal in the country. As the only authorized online-only retailer for Baccarat, Crystal Classics offers customers exclusive access to these remarkable pieces.

Who Is the Designer of Baccarat?

The ownership of Baccarat Rouge, the iconic fragrance, is a subject that’s intrigued many enthusiasts. Philippe Starck, the renowned designer, is often associated with the creation of this luxurious scent. Starcks involvement in Baccarat Rouge can be traced back to the Baccarat House in Paris. This House isn’t only the brands headquarters but also a place where some of it’s most beautiful creations come to life.

Crystal Classics, the largest independent retailer of Waterford Crystal in the U.S., also holds a significant position in the world of Baccarat. Being one of the top three retailers of Baccarat Crystal in the U.S., Crystal Classics has established itself as a reliable and authorized online-only retailer for Baccarat products.

It’s allure and timeless elegance have made it a staple in the perfume industry, and it’s popularity shows no signs of waning.


With it’s global presence and exclusive stores, anyone with an interest in this exquisite scent can easily access and purchase various Baccarat Rouge 540 products. Whether it's a sample, eau de parfum, extrait de parfum, body oil, hair mist, or body cream, the options are abundant for those who wish to indulge in a fragrance that exudes luxury and sophistication.

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