Who Is the Girl in the Alien Perfume Ad? – Uncovering the Mystery

The girl featured in the Alien Perfume Ad is none other than the Estonian supermodel, Karmen Pedaru. She’s known for her striking features and has worked with numerous high-profile brands, making a significant impact in the fashion world. In the specific advert for Alien Perfume, she perfectly incarnates the mysterious and powerful woman that the fragrance intended to portray, further amplifying the allure and popularity of this product.

Is There a New Alien Perfume?

In the world of fragrances, theres always something new and exciting to discover. One of the latest additions to the market is Alien Goddess by Mugler, a fragrance that’s been gaining quite a bit of attention and buzz. This new scent is an amber floral fragrance that’s designed specifically for women who’re looking for something bold, complex, and unforgettable.

When you first catch a whiff of Alien Goddess, youll immediately notice the floral notes that make up a significant part of it’s composition. As mentioned earlier, floral fragrances are composed of various volatile organic compounds that give them their unique aroma. In this case, youll notice floral notes that are rich, deep, and utterly captivating. Theyre accompanied by a hint of amber, which gives the fragrance it’s depth and complexity.

The overall effect of Alien Goddess is quite striking. At the same time, the amber adds a warm, comforting quality that makes the fragrance feel like a cozy embrace. It’s a scent that’s both powerful and sensual, making it an excellent choice for women who want to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

Of course, like all fragrances, Alien Goddess isnt for everyone. Some people may find it too strong or overwhelming, while others may prefer something lighter and more understated. However, if youre someone who loves bold, complex fragrances that are both feminine and powerful, this may be the perfect scent for you.

Comparison of Alien Goddess to Other Mugler Fragrances

  • Aura
  • Angel
  • Alien Man
  • Alien Musc Mysterieux
  • Alien Oud Majestueux

The iconic Mugler perfume, Angel, has been reinvented in it’s latest ad campaign, featuring none other than Hunter Schafer. Known for her modeling, acting, and activism work, Schafer embodies the message of the ad, showcasing the augmented femininity of fearless superwomen. With the tagline “It’s the soul of Angel reinvented,” the ad promises a new take on the classic perfume.

Who Is the Model in the Mugler Perfume Advert 2023?

The Mugler perfume advert for 2023 has created quite a buzz in the fashion world, and the model featured in the advertisement is none other than Hunter Schafer. Schafer is a prominent American model, actress and LGBTQ rights activist who’s made a name for herself through her work both on and off the runway.

In the ad, the tagline “It’s the soul of Angel reinvented” sets the tone for the message that Mugler is trying to convey. The focus is on the modern woman who’s both brave and fearless, but also has a soft and innocent side. This duality is highlighted through the juxtaposition of light and dark tones, which adds depth and complexity to the overall advertisement.

The theme of the ad is all about femininity, but it’s expressed in a unique and unconventional way. Mugler has always been known for it’s bold and daring approach, and this ad is no different. The augmented femininity of todays fearless superwomen is on full display in this advertisement, and it’s a reflection of the changing times we’re living in.

Hunter Schafer is the perfect model for this particular advertisement because of her strong personality and her ability to express both vulnerability and strength. As an LGBTQ rights activist, she’s shown that she isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. This message of fearlessness is what sets the tone for the entire advertisement, and it’s clear that Schafer embodies this spirit.

The Mugler brand has always been synonymous with luxury and sophistication, and this ad is no different. The sleek and modern design of the bottle, combined with the bold and powerful messaging, is a masterclass in effective advertising. Mugler has once again managed to capture the essence of it’s brand and create an advertisement that’s as unforgettable as it’s powerful.

She’s the perfect embodiment of the modern woman who’s both powerful and vulnerable, and her message of fearlessness is one that resonates with women all over the world. It’s a true testament to the brands ability to stay relevant and innovative in a constantly changing world.

Analysis of Mugler’s Previous Perfume Advertisements

I reviewed Mugler’s past perfume ads and examined their effectiveness in conveying the desired message to the target audience.

Source: Mugler ad 2023 – starring Hunter Schafer – Daily Commercials


In conclusion, the identity of the girl in the alien perfume ad remains a mystery, but what’s certain is the impact of Mugler perfumes. Mugler has established itself as a brand that isn’t afraid to push boundaries and take risks. Their fragrances have become synonymous with innovation, creativity, and excellence. The introduction of Willow Smith as the face of their fragrance lineup is a testament to the brand's commitment to breaking gender stereotypes and redefining what it means to be feminine. With Willow Smith, Mugler has found a muse who represents the essence of what their fragrances embody – uniqueness, individuality, and a fearless spirit. Mugler's legacy continues to grow as they inspire people all around the world to embrace their true selves, challenging societal norms and creating a world where everyone can celebrate their individuality.

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