Which Is the Most Expensive Attar of Ajmal?

The most expensive attar of Ajmal is the Dahn Al Oudh Moattaq. It’s known for its rich and deep fragrance, which is derived from Agarwood, one of the rarest and most valuable materials in perfumery. This luxurious attar embodies the precious nature of oudh, coupled with a price point that reflects its rarity and high quality, making it the most costly in Ajmal’s line of products.

What Brands Are Similar to Ajmal?

These companies also fall in the same category of consumer goods. The Watering Can Flower Market is a renowned florist company that’s been providing quality fresh flowers and arrangements to customers across the globe. Their products are relatively similar to the fragrances and perfumes provided by Ajmal.

On the other hand, Ami Cole specializes in beauty and skincare products. They offer a wide range of makeup, fragrances, and skincare items to customers worldwide. The company has been in the market for some time and has gained a considerable following due to it’s quality products and exceptional customer service.

Saracoglu is another company that can be compared to Ajmal. This is a herbal and natural product manufacturer that specializes in producing a range of wellness and beauty products. The company is highly regarded because of it’s use of organic and natural ingredients in all of it’s products.

Lastly, the Motor Fuel Group is also a notable competitor of Ajmal. This company specializes in the fuel and convenience store industry. MFG provides a wide range of fuels to it’s customers and has an extensive network of stations throughout the United Kingdom.

Overall, Ajmals key competitors and similar companies are those that provide consumer goods. These companies are renowned for their quality products, excellent customer service, and trustworthy reputation. While each company may specialize in a particular niche, they all share the same goal of providing customer satisfaction and maintaining a loyal customer base.

Other Renowned Fragrance and Perfume Companies That Can Be Compared to Ajmal.

There are many other popular fragrance and perfume companies that can be compared to Ajmal, such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Versace, and Calvin Klein.

It’s no secret that Ajmal Perfumes is one of the most esteemed perfume brands in the world. The company’s extensive history and global reach are a testament to just how luxurious their fragrances truly are. But what sets Ajmal apart from other top-tier perfumeries? Let’s take a closer look.

Is Ajmal Perfume a Luxury Brand?

The brand is known for creating fragrances using rare and exotic ingredients sourced from all over the world. This gives Ajmal Perfumes an edge over other luxury perfume brands that use synthetic ingredients. Additionally, the brand has an extensive collection of fragrances for both men and women, each catering to different tastes and preferences.

The brands name itself means most beautiful in Arabic, and their fragrances are an ode to the rich and vibrant culture of the Middle East. The brand has managed to maintain it’s authenticity over the years and has successfully combined traditional ingredients with contemporary scents to cater to a diverse audience.

Their commitment to tradition, use of exotic ingredients, and emphasis on quality make them stand out in the world of fragrances. Their fragrances aren’t just a scent; they’re a symbol of opulence and style.

The History and Evolution of Ajmal Perfumes as a Brand

  • Ajmal Perfumes was founded in 1951 by Late Haji Ajmal Ali.
  • The brand gained popularity in the Middle East and later expanded globally.
  • Ajmal Perfumes has a wide range of fragrances for men and women.
  • The brand is known for it’s unique blends and high-quality ingredients.
  • Ajmal Perfumes has won many awards and accolades for it’s fragrances.
  • In recent years, the brand has focused on sustainability and eco-friendly practices.
  • Ajmal Perfumes continues to innovate and expand it’s product offerings.

Source: Is Ajmal a Luxury Brand? by Nagaraju Madikonda – Issuu

Ajmal Perfumes, a renowned fragrance brand in the UAE, has recently undergone a change in leadership. After many years at the helm, the previous CEO has stepped down, making way for a new successor to take charge of the company’s operations. Abdulla Ajmal, a member of the founding family, has been appointed as the new CEO of Ajmal Perfumes. His appointment signifies a significant milestone for the brand, as well as a shift in ownership. Let’s explore more about the history, vision, and products of this iconic perfume brand.

Who Owns Ajmal Perfume?

Ajmal Perfumes is a family-owned business that was founded in 1951 by Haji Ajmal Ali. The company has been in operation for over 70 years and is one of the leading perfume brands in the world. The company has it’s roots in India, where Haji Ajmal Ali started making perfumes from the age of He later moved to Dubai in the 1970s, where he established a factory that produced high-quality perfumes that were exported to different parts of the world.

The company is also looking to leverage technology to enhance customer engagement and improve it’s supply chain management.

With a global presence and a reputation for luxurious fragrances, the company is poised for growth under the leadership of Abdulla Ajmal.

The History of Perfumery in India and It’s Impact on the Global Fragrance Industry

  • The origins of perfumery in India can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization, where fragrant substances such as balsam and other aromatics were used for religious and medicinal purposes.
  • During the Mughal era, perfumery reached new heights of sophistication and became an integral part of the courtly culture. Perfumes were used not just for personal adornment but also as gifts and tributes.
  • The British colonial rule had a significant impact on the perfumery industry in India. The introduction of new technology and the availability of new raw materials led to the rise of modern perfumery.
  • Today, India is one of the largest producers of natural essential oils, which are used extensively in the global fragrance industry. Indian perfumers are known for their expertise in creating complex and exotic fragrances that are highly sought after.

If you’re an enthusiast of luxurious fragrances, then you’ve surely stumbled upon Ajmal Perfumes. This Dubai-based fragrance brand has been continuously impressing consumers with it’s scents that exude beauty and elegance. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at Ajmal’s brand rating and some frequently asked questions about their perfumes.

What Is Ajmal Brand Rating?

Many of the reviews highlight the pleasant working environment at Ajmal, with many employees praising the supportive and friendly company culture. Others noted the companys commitment to producing high-quality fragrances that are both unique and long-lasting.

Some reviewers have noted that some of the more premium fragrances can be quite expensive, but in general, customers seem to feel that they’re getting good value for money when purchasing Ajmal perfumes.


In summary, the world of fragrances is vast and diverse, but when it comes to the most expensive attar of Ajmal, there’s no doubt that the Ajmal Amaya Edp for Women, 75 ml is the clear winner. At a jaw-dropping price of Rs. 13,454 in India, this fragrance is a testament to the brand's commitment to creating luxurious and high-quality perfumes. Overall, the price tag for this attar is a reflection of the craftsmanship, materials, and exclusivity that goes into creating a product of the utmost elegance and sophistication.

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