Where to Find the Certilogo Code on Your Armani Watch – A Handy Guide

The Certilogo Code on your Armani Watch can be found on the tag that comes with new watches. After purchasing your new accessory, ensure you keep the tag safe because it has the Certilogo Code that helps you verify the authenticity of the product. Typically, the Certilogo Code is a 12-digit number, and by entering this number on the Certilogo website, you can confirm if your Armani watch is genuine or counterfeit. Remember, it’s a valuable tool to ensure you have invested in a real Armani watch, not a knockoff.

When Did Armani Start Using Certilogo?

In the fashion industry, authenticity is everything. Customers today, more than ever before, are focused on the authenticity of the products they’re purchasing. The rise of counterfeit products in fashion has led to notable brands implementing sophisticated anti-counterfeiting measures. One such brand is Armani, a renowned fashion house based in Italy. Armani has always been synonymous with authenticity and quality, and it’s no surprise that they’ve implemented an anti-counterfeiting system called Certilogo.

The CERTILOGO® system was introduced from the Spring/Summer 2018 season. The system is integrated across all Group lines, except for the Giorgio Armani Collection. The anti-counterfeiting solution is a cloud-based platform that uses advanced algorithms to authenticate products. The Certilogo system can read unique codes that are printed on the product or label to validate the authenticity of the product.

The brand continues to invest in the development of new anti-counterfeiting technologies, highlighting their commitment to customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and product authenticity.

The implementation of the CERTILOGO® solution reflects the brands commitment to innovation, quality, and the preservation of the brands reputation. Armani sets the standard for others to follow by utilizing anti-counterfeiting technologies and protecting the integrity of the fashion industry.

What Steps Can Consumers Take to Ensure They Are Purchasing Authentic Armani Products?

  • Buy from authorized retailers
  • Check the product packaging for authenticity features
  • Verify the product’s serial number with the manufacturer
  • Avoid purchasing from unauthorized online resellers or marketplaces
  • Research the seller and read customer reviews before purchasing
  • Beware of heavily discounted prices that are too good to be true
  • Be skeptical of products that have misspelled branding or logos
  • Report any suspicious activity or counterfeit products to the manufacturer or authorities

Now that you know how to locate the Certilogo label on your product and how to scan it using your smartphone, it’s time to talk about what happens when you initiate the scanning process. This step is crucial as it authenticates your product and helps you determine whether it’s genuine or not. Read on to know more about the process.

How Do I Scan Certilogo?

Certilogo is a leading global platform that provides a revolutionary way to authenticate products. With the increase in counterfeit products across the globe, it’s become increasingly important for customers to authenticate products before they purchase them. Certilogo offers a unique solution to this problem with it’s advanced authentication technology.

To scan Certilogo, first, locate the CERTILOGO label stitched to the internal face of your product. This label has a QR code that can be scanned using your smartphone. Simply open your smartphone camera, point it at the QR code and a notification will prompt to take you to the Certilogo website. This will take you to the authentication service, where you can verify the authenticity of your product.

Alternatively, you can enter the 12-digit CLG code in the field provided on the Certilogo website. Once you’ve entered the code, click on “Check Now” and the website will redirect you to the authentication service. Here you can verify whether your product is genuine or not.

The Consequences of Purchasing Counterfeit Products

  • Legal consequences such as fines and imprisonment
  • Possible harm to health and safety due to inferior or fake ingredients
  • Supporting criminal organizations and activities such as money laundering and terrorism
  • Negative impact on the economy and loss of jobs
  • Damage to brand reputation and loss of revenue for legitimate companies
  • Environmental damage due to unsafe disposal of counterfeit products
  • Loss of consumer trust and loyalty
  • Encouraging further production and distribution of counterfeit products
  • Potential for personal financial loss due to scams and identity theft

Knowing where to find the serial number on your Armani watch is crucial when it comes to verifying it’s authenticity. A real Armani watch will have a distinct 6-digit code engraved on it, which serves as a unique identification number. However, identifying fake watches may not be as easy, as they often lack this crucial detail. Let’s delve into where you can find the serial number on a real Armani watch.

Where Can I Find the Serial Number on My Armani Watch?

If you’ve recently purchased an Armani watch, you may be wondering where to find the serial number. This is an important aspect to verify the authenticity of your watch, as counterfeiters often omit this feature.

The serial number is typically located in the center of the back plate, engraved in small letters. You may need to use a magnifying glass to read the serial number clearly.

In addition to the serial number, a real Armani watch will also feature the logo in the center, and details about the watch, such as the model number and materials used, also engraved on the back plate. The engraving should be well-defined and clean, with no smudging or mistakes.

The lack of a serial number is also a red flag, as counterfeiters often omit this aspect to save on manufacturing costs. Fake Armani watches may also feature poor-quality materials and construction, such as a flimsy strap or chintzy case.

It’s important to purchase Armani watches from authorized dealers to ensure their authenticity.

Tips for Verifying the Authenticity of an Armani Watch

  • Check the spelling on the watch face and any accompanying documentation. Armani watches are high-end luxury items, so any errors or inaccuracies in the branding or product information could be a red flag.
  • Examine the materials used to construct the watch. Armani watches are typically made from high-quality materials like stainless steel and genuine leather.
  • Look for an official Armani serial number on the watch or it’s packaging, which can be verified through the company’s customer service department.
  • Compare the details of the watch to official Armani marketing materials and product images to ensure that all elements, from the size and shape of the watch face to the positioning of the brand logo, match up accurately.
  • Purchase from authorized Armani retailers or directly from the company’s website to reduce the risk of buying a counterfeit product.


However, the location of the code may vary depending on the model and year of production. It’s essential to consult the official Armani website or contact customer service for more information on the specific watch. As technology advances, authentication systems like Certilogo will continue to play a crucial role in the fight against counterfeit products, ensuring customer trust and brand loyalty.

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