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Ustraa, a popular men’s grooming brand in India, is best known for its catchy and straightforward tagline, “Not tested on animals, only on rascals.” This tagline reflects Ustraa’s commitment to ethical product testing processes while highlighting its fun, unconventional approach. The brand uses humor and wit in its messaging to connect with its target audience – the urban Indian man who appreciates quality and authenticity in grooming products. The result is a memorable tagline that effectively encapsulates Ustraa’s unique brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

What Is the Marketing Strategy of Ustraa?

Moreover, Ustraas marketing strategy was focused on engaging with it’s audience through creative content, such as funny videos, memes and stories. The brand focused on building consumer loyalty through a mix of humour and education, which effectively communicates the brands values and unique selling proposition.

Ustraa has been using influencer marketing as part of it’s strategy to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences. By teaming up with popular social media influencers, the brand has been successful in creating buzz around it’s products and engaging with potential customers. In addition, the brand also utilized affiliate programs to encourage customers to promote Ustraa products to others.

Ustraa also invested heavily in it’s e-commerce platform to provide a seamless online shopping experience for customers. The brand optimized it’s website to be mobile-friendly and simplified it’s checkout process, making it easy for customers to purchase products. Ustraas online store also includes features like product recommendations and easy payment options, which help to improve customer retention and boost sales.

Recently, there’s been news in the beauty and skincare industry regarding an acquisition of Ustraa, a popular men’s grooming brand. However, before delving further into this development, it’s important to understand the history of Ustraa and it’s founders, Rahul Sethi and Varun Alagh. Founded in 2013, Ustraa has gained a loyal following for it’s high-quality grooming products.

When Was Ustraa Founded?

, on 16th June 2023, the deal between VLCC and Happily Unmarried Marketing Pvt Ltd, the parent company of Ustraa, was completed. As per the agreement, VLCC will acquire a majority stake of 55% in Ustraa by infusing fresh capital into the company. The remaining 45% stake will remain with the existing stakeholders who’ll exit over a period of time.

Ustraa started it’s journey as a mens grooming brand with a unique approach- providing products made of natural ingredients at affordable prices. It quickly captured the attention of the Indian audience and gained huge popularity among men who were looking for authentic and trustworthy grooming products. The brand became the first choice of many consumers and gradually expanded it’s product portfolio to include hair care, skin care, and beard care products.

The acquisition of Ustraa by VLCC is a strategic move by the beauty and wellness behemoth to enter the mens grooming market. The market for mens grooming products is rapidly growing and is expected to reach $166 billion by 202By acquiring Ustraa, VLCC aims to strengthen it’s market position and tap into the huge potential of the mens grooming segment.

Rahul Sethi, one of the co-founders of Ustraa, has expressed his excitement about the acquisition and stated that the partnership with VLCC will help Ustraa to expand it’s reach and offer a wider range of products to it’s customers. Varun Alagh, another co-founder, also welcomed the deal and said that VLCCs expertise and resources will be invaluable in scaling up Ustraas operations and taking it to the next level.

Ustraa’s Journey as a Startup in the Indian Market and It’s Growth Trajectory

Ustraa is a men’s grooming brand that started as a small startup in the Indian market. Over time, Ustraa gained popularity and managed to expand it’s reach by offering a wide range of high-quality grooming products for men. The company’s growth trajectory has been steady, and it’s now one of the leading players in the Indian men’s grooming industry. Ustraa’s journey showcases that with persistence and hard work, even a small startup can achieve significant success in the Indian market.


In sum, the Ustraa tagline reflects the brand's philosophy of confidence, individuality, and style. It encapsulates the essence of the brand and it’s products, which are designed to cater to the needs and preferences of modern men who aspire to stand out from the crowd and express themselves authentically. By embracing the Ustraa way of life, men can tap into their inner swag and unleash their full potential, both inside and outside. The tagline isn’t just a catchy phrase but a call to action for men to embrace their unique personality, values, and passions and live life on their own terms. Overall, the Ustraa tagline is a testament to the power of branding and marketing in shaping consumer behavior and inspiring positive actions.

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