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Exploration of the unknown and the uncharted has always been a source of intense fascination for humankind. From the earliest days of human civilization, people have gazed up at the stars, wondering what lies beyond their reach. As we’ve advanced technologically and scientifically, we’ve been able to glimpse further into the distance and unlock the secrets of the universe. Now, in 2021, Avon has introduced Far Away Beyond, an evocative Amber Vanilla scent that promises to take us on a journey beyond the boundaries of the familiar into the enigmatic and alluring realm of the unknown. Crafted with precision and care by renowned perfumers Marion Costero and Olivier Glotin, Far Away Beyond is the perfect companion for those who seek the infinite possibilities beyond our everyday reality.

What Are the Ingredients in Far Away Beyond?

Far Away Beyond is the latest addition to the Avon fragrance line, and it promises to transport you to a place beyond your imagination. This fragrance is a beautiful blend of amber and floral notes that create a mystical, otherworldly aroma. The perfume is an intricate mixture of natural ingredients that have been carefully chosen to create the perfect scent.

At the top of Far Away Beyond, you can expect to find hints of pear, pink pepper, bergamot, and cacao pod. These ingredients work together to provide a unique and inviting scent that’s both sweet and spicy. The heart of the fragrance is composed of cedar, orange blossom, jasmine, chocolate truffle, and milk cream. These ingredients help to create a warm and luxurious aroma that’s both comforting and indulgent.

At the base of the perfume, youll find Madagascar vanilla, sandalwood, musk, and whipped cream. The vanilla and sandalwood work together to create a warm and inviting aroma, while the musk adds a touch of mystery and intrigue.

It’s a blend of natural ingredients that work together to create an aroma that’s both captivating and inviting. Whether youre looking for a fragrance for a special event or just want to indulge yourself, Far Away Beyond is the perfect choice.

What Makes Far Away Beyond Unique Compared to Other Fragrances in the Avon Line?

  • Far Away Beyond has a long-lasting fragrance compared to other Avon fragrances
  • It’s a unique blend of floral and woody notes, making it stand out
  • The packaging of Far Away Beyond is distinct and luxurious-looking
  • It’s a limited edition fragrance, adding to it’s exclusivity
  • Far Away Beyond is a perfect fragrance for those who want to experience something different and unique

Now that we know when Far Away was launched and who created it, we can dive into the reasons why it’s remained a beloved fragrance for so many years.

How Old Is Far Away Perfume?

Far Away perfume is an iconic fragrance collection that’s been around for many years. It’s been worn by women across the world and is known for it’s exotic and sensual scent.

Created by two master perfumers, René Morgenthaler and Xavier Renard, the fragrance is a blend of floral, fruity, and woody notes, creating a fragrance that’s both feminine and alluring.

Now that we know the basic details about Avon’s Far Away fragrance, let’s take a closer look at it’s unique scent profile and how it’s evolved over the years. From it’s initial launch in 1994 to the present day, Far Away has remained a beloved fragrance among women worldwide. It’s blend of amber and floral notes creates a warm and inviting scent, perfect for any occasion. So, let’s explore the magic of Far Away by Avon and discover what makes it one of the brand’s most iconic fragrances.

What Is Avon Far Away?

Far Away by Avon is a beloved fragrance with a scent that’s captured the imaginations of women around the globe. It’s amber floral fragrance is warm and inviting, with notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang, and musk that create a luxurious and exotic scent that lingers long after the perfume has been applied to the skin.

One of the things that makes Far Away by Avon so special is it’s longevity. It’s a long-lasting scent that’s perfect for all-day wear, making it a great choice for women who need a signature scent that can take them from the office to the dinner table without needing a touch-up.

Far Away was launched in 1994, and since then it’s remained a fan favorite year after year. It’s timeless appeal is testament to the exquisite attention to detail and skill of it’s creators René Morgenthaler and Xavier Renard who managed to create a scent that’s become a true classic.


Far Away and Far Away Beyond are two fragrances that have taken the world by storm. While the former has been a favorite since 1994, the latter is a recent addition that promises to capture the hearts of fragrance enthusiasts. They make us dream of places we've never been to and experiences we've never had. Beyond Avon, there are countless wonders waiting for us, but these fragrances help us capture just a tiny bit of that magic and take it with us wherever we go. The creators of these fragrances, René Morgenthaler, Xavier Renard, Marion Costero, and Olivier Glotin, are master perfumers who’ve a deep understanding of the power of scent. Far Away and Far Away Beyond aren’t just fragrances but sensory experiences that connect us to our deepest desires. The journey to what lies beyond is never-ending, and these fragrances remind us that the journey is just as important as the destination.

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