What Does VS Rapture Smell Like? Discover the Fragrance of Victoria’s Secret’s Iconic Perfume

VS Rapture, the iconic perfume from Victoria’s Secret, is renowned for its rich and luxurious scent. It opens up with a sensual blend of sweet vanilla and floral notes, evoking a sense of romance. In the heart of the fragrance, there’s a harmonious mix of citrus and jasmine, which adds a touch of freshness and femininity. The base has a warm undertone of amber and musk, offering deep and sultry notes that linger all day. Overall, VS Rapture leaves an impression of elegance, sophistication, and timeless beauty.

When Did Rapture Perfume Come Out?

Rapture is a timeless perfume that’s been enchanting women for six decades. This enchanting scent is often described as a unique blend of earthy florals and woody undertones. It’s the type of fragrance that lingers in the air and leaves a long-lasting impression on anyone who’s fortunate enough to experience it.

Rapture was officially launched in 1961, and it’s release was met with great anticipation. At the time, it was created to tap into the shifting cultural landscape of the 1960s. It was the dawn of a new era, and women were looking for a scent that captured their free-spirited nature and adventurous outlook on life.

The fragrance was created by William Hahn, who was inspired by the natural beauty of the American landscape. He wanted to create a scent that embodied the spirit of American women and the untamed wilderness that surrounded them. The result was Rapture, a heady floral fragrance that’s both complex and alluring.

Now that we know what RAPTURE perfume is and it’s size, let’s dive deeper into the brand behind it and their other products.

Who Makes Rapture Perfume?

Rapture perfume is a well-known fragrance that’s been produced by the renowned company Victoria Secret. The company is a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of womens lingerie, clothing, and beauty products. Victoria Secret has been in the business for over five decades and has built a reputation for producing high-quality products. The perfume is one of the flagship products that the company produces and has been in the market for decades.

The Rapture perfume comes in a stunning 1.7oz Eau De Cologne bottle that’s designed to capture the essence of the fragrance. The bottle is stylish, sleek, and feminine, and is perfect for displaying on any dresser or vanity. The design of the bottle is reflective of the luxurious fragrance inside, which is a blend of enticing scents that are perfect for any occasion.

The Rapture perfume is made using top-quality ingredients that are carefully selected to ensure that the fragrance is long-lasting and of high quality. The fragrance is a mixture of floral and spicy notes that create a stunning scent that’s perfect for any woman. The perfume is perfect for wearing on a special occasion, whether it be a night out with friends or a romantic evening with a loved one.

The Process of Selecting and Blending Fragrance Notes for Rapture Perfume

The process of creating Rapture perfume involves carefully selecting and blending fragrance notes in order to create a unique scent. This process is done by experienced perfumers who use their knowledge of fragrances to create a scent that’s harmonious and balanced. The specific fragrance notes used in Rapture are carefully chosen for their individual properties and ability to work together in creating the desired scent. This process requires expertise, creativity, and attention to detail in order to achieve a high-quality end product.


Those who enjoy indulging in a luxurious scent experience will undoubtedly find much to appreciate in Rapture's alluring fragrance.

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