What Does Thameen Smell Like? Exploring the Fragrances of Thameen Perfumes

As humans, we’ve the incredible ability to perceive and distinguish an array of scents that evoke various emotions and memories. Fragrances have the power to transport us to different places, times and experiences. Among the many perfumes available, Thameen is a luxurious fragrance brand that’s been captivating the attention of many with it’s exquisite scents. One of Thameen's popular fragrances is the Royal Sapphire. But what exactly does it smell like? The opening notes of bergamot and mandarin in Royal Sapphire emit a sweet and inviting aroma that gradually blends with a big, full bodied and almost bubblegum-like jasmine that’s both heady and intoxicating. It’s a unique scent that isn’t only refreshing and rejuvenating but also evokes a sense of grandeur and opulence.

What Is the History of Thameen?

The founders of Thameen, Basel Binjabr and Ammar Mohamed, started their journey into the world of fragrances with a shared passion for art and design. Both inspired by their travels and a rich cultural background, they wanted to capture their experiences and tell them through scent. With a strong desire to create a brand that represented both their values and their love for perfumery, they launched Thameen in 2013.

Thameens first collection included six scents, each one inspired by British culture and heritage. The brands name, Thameen, is derived from the Arabic word for precious, a nod to the founders Middle Eastern background and their appreciation of luxury.

In 2014, Thameen became the official partner of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), creating a limited edition fragrance for the prestigious awards ceremony. This partnership solidified their position in the British luxury market and gave the brand international recognition. Since then, Thameen has collaborated with other high-end brands, such as Harrods and Rolls Royce, further cementing their reputation as a luxury brand.

Thameens commitment to fine craftsmanship and quality ingredients is evident in each of their fragrances. The brand works with renowned perfumers from around the world to create unique and sophisticated scents. From the rich and opulent Amber Room to the fresh and citrusy Rivière, every scent in their collection is an ode to the art of perfumery.

In recent years, Thameen has expanded it’s product offering to include skincare and candles. Their skincare line features a range of luxurious creams and serums infused with the brands signature scents. Their candles are hand-poured and made with natural soy wax, creating a relaxing and fragrant ambiance.

Now that we’ve a better understanding of Thameen’s unique approach to fragrance, let’s take a closer look at what makes them stand out in the world of luxury brands. Despite being a relatively new player in the market, Thameen has quickly established itself as a brand that offers something truly different from the competition. From their commitment to using the highest quality ingredients to their innovative approach to blending eastern and western fragrances, Thameen is a brand that can’t be ignored. So, is Thameen a luxury brand? Let’s explore further.

Is Thameen a Luxury Brand?

Thameen London is a brand that creates luxurious and unique fragrances that cater to a niche audience. Their fragrances are known for their intricate and artistic compositions, which blend both eastern and western scent notes to produce a truly unique aroma. The brand has become synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, and their products are highly coveted by fragrance enthusiasts around the world.

Basel Binjabr, the founder of Thameen London, is the visionary behind the exquisite luxury fragrances that are celebrated for their distinct connection to gemstones. His passion for perfumes traces back to his childhood where he accompanied his father on trips to independent sellers, who regarded their rose oils as “precious jewels.” Embodying his father’s love for these scented treasures, Binjabr’s fascination with fragrances grew, leading him to create an exceptional line of products that are a true testament to his devotion and expertise.

Who Owns Thameen Fragrance?

Binjabrs fascination with scents and precious stones eventually led him to create Thameen London, a luxury fragrance house that celebrates the power of olfactory sensations. Thameens fragrances are inspired by rare and beautiful gemstones, such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, and are created using only the finest ingredients.

He believes that the right fragrance has the power to influence our mood, our feelings, and even our memories, and he sees Thameen as a way to share that experience with others.

Thameen London is owned by Basel Binjabr, an entrepreneur who’s passionate about creating high-quality fragrances that are inspired by the beauty of precious gemstones. With a focus on creating unique, evocative scents that appeal to a sophisticated and discerning audience, Thameen is poised to continue growing and thriving for years to come.


As the fragrance develops, it takes on a richer, earthier aroma brought in by the mix of oud, patchouli and amber. The overall effect is a complex yet harmonious blend that exudes sophistication and sensuality. Highly recommended for those who want to make a lasting impression and leave a trail of alluring fragrance wherever they go.

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