What Does TB Mean in Burberry? | Unveiling the Meaning of TB in the Iconic Fashion Brand

"What Does TB Mean in Burberry? | Unveiling the Meaning of TB in the Iconic Fashion Brand". When we delve into the depths of luxury fashion, uncovering the mystique surrounding the enigmatic initials "TB" becomes a captivating journey. In the realm of Burberry, these two letters hold significant meaning, representing a profound connection to it’s visionary founder, Thomas Burberry. Born in 1835, this enterprising individual embarked on an extraordinary path, establishing Burberry when he was a mere 21 years old. From his creative genius came the inception of gabardine, the remarkable fabric that weaves the threads of heritage into the timeless tapestry of Burberry's iconic Heritage Trench Coats. As we venture into the world of Burberry, the search for the true significance of "TB" unravels, setting the stage for a captivating exploration.

What Is TB in Fashion?

The TB in Burberry stands for Thomas Burberry, the founder of the iconic fashion brand. The TB monogram, inspired by an original drawing from the brands archives, is used as both a standalone logo and a repetitive print in various Burberry designs. This monogram serves as an emblem of style, paying homage to the heritage of the fashion house and it’s founder.

It represents the brands commitment to honoring it’s rich history and legacy while staying relevant in the modern fashion landscape. The monogram adds a touch of timeless elegance and sophistication to Burberrys products, establishing them as symbols of luxury.

The TB monogram has become a statement of style and a status symbol for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

It’s an emblem that connects the brands past with it’s present, creating a sense of identity and authenticity.

The History and Legacy of Thomas Burberry

  • Thomas Burberry was born in 1835 and started his career as an apprentice draper.
  • In 1856, Burberry established his own company, initially focusing on outdoor clothing.
  • In 1888, Burberry developed a durable and waterproof fabric called gabardine, which became the foundation for his iconic trench coat.
  • During World War I, Burberry designed and supplied trench coats to British military officers, solidifying their popularity.
  • The Burberry check, a distinctive beige, black, and red pattern, was introduced in the 1920s and became a symbol of the brand.
  • In the 1990s, Burberry faced difficulties due to overexposure and counterfeiting issues.
  • Under the leadership of creative director Christopher Bailey, Burberry underwent a successful rebranding and became a fashion powerhouse again.
  • Today, Burberry is known for it’s luxury clothing, accessories, and iconic trench coats.
  • Thomas Burberry’s legacy continues to inspire fashion designers and enthusiasts around the world.


As the founder of the iconic fashion brand, Thomas Burberry carved a name for himself at a young age with his visionary creations and innovative fabric, gabardine. The TB Monogram serves as a reminder of our brand's rich history and enduring connection to our founder's pioneering spirit. It symbolizes the exceptional craftsmanship and iconic designs that have made Burberry a symbol of luxury and elegance. So, when you shop for women's fashion adorned with the TB Monogram, you aren’t just purchasing a garment but becoming a part of the enduring legacy that’s Burberry.

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