What Does Omnia Coral Smell Like? Exploring the Scent of This Fragrance

Omnia Coral by Bvlgari is a light and compelling fragrance that embodies a fusion of zesty and fruity notes. At first sniff, it hits you with pomegranate and bergamot, giving out a sweet and tangy aroma. As it settles, the heart reveals delicate floral undertones of water lily and hibiscus. Finally, the fresh scent mingles with the warm base notes of musk and cedarwood, culminating in a well-rounded, enchanting perfume. Overall, Omnia Coral has a delightfully aquatic and feminine fragrance that’s perfect for summertime wear.

What Does Eau D Amethyste Smell Like?

Eau d Amethyste is a fragrance that’s as elegant as it’s distinctive. With top notes of green sap and grapefruit, it delivers a fresh and invigorating burst of aroma right from the start. This sets the tone for a powdery and clean experience that’s a hallmark of this scent. The heart notes of Bulgarian rose and iris add a touch of sophistication and depth, while the solar wood base note wraps the fragrance in a warm and inviting embrace.

Developed by Bvlgari in 2007, Omnia Amethyste is a fragrance that’s built on a foundation of thoughtful composition and expert craftsmanship. The scent is a finely calibrated blend of notes that interact with each other in just the right way to produce a truly radiant and captivating aroma. Top notes of Bulgarian rose, iris, and green sap provide a floral and fresh opening, while heliotrope, grapefruit, and solar woods deepen and enrich the fragrance.

Whether you’re wearing it for a special occasion or simply to make a statement, this fragrance is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who crosses your path.

Each note contributes something unique to the overall composition, taking the fragrance on a journey that’s both complex and deeply satisfying.

Now that we’ve a better understanding of Bulgari and it’s luxurious offerings, let’s delve deeper into one of it’s most popular fragrances – Omnia. This oriental scent has been crafted with precision by renowned perfumer Alberto Morillas. With a range of enticing top, heart and base notes, Omnia is a seductive fragrance that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. So, let’s take a closer look at what makes Omnia by Bulgari so special.

What Is Omnia Scent?

Omnia by Bulgari is a fragrance line that boasts of irresistible scents that capture the essence of sophistication and luxury. Each scent in the Omnia collection is designed to cater to the unique preferences of different personalities and moods. Whether youre looking for a sensual, spicy, or fresh fragrance, the Omnia collection has something for you.

One of the most captivating fragrances from the Omnia collection is the Omnia Crystalline. This fragrance is inspired by the clarity and purity of crystal. It’s scent is a blend of lotus flowers, balsa wood, and bamboo, making for an ethereal scent thats perfect for any occasion.

For those who love the scent of a blooming garden, the Omnia Amethyste is the perfect fragrance. This scent captures the serene and calming ambiance of a blooming garden with it’s notes of pink grapefruit, iris, and Bulgarian rose.

Beyond the captivating scents, it’s worth noting that Bulgari is a brand with a rich history of luxury fashion. Established in 1884, Bulgari has been at the forefront of crafting iconic pieces in jewellery, watches, fragrances, and leather goods. The brands excellence in craftsmanship is reflected in every product it makes, ensuring that customers get a remarkable experience.

The collections diversity ensures that everyone can get a fragrance that suits their personality, mood, and preferences.

The scent of a fragrance can transport you to an entirely different world. Omnia Paraiba, a perfume created by the renowned perfumer, Alberto Morillas, does just that. It’s an exotic blend of floral, fruit, and wood notes that are inspired by the lush Brazilian jungle, sandy beaches, and the ocean itself. The fragrance’s key scent is passion flower, which forms the heart of the fragrance. It’s complemented by other fruity notes such as Curacao accord, lime, pear, and passion fruit, which open the composition and create an enchanting aroma that lingers.

What Does Omnia Paraiba Smell Like?

As one of Bvlgaris latest offerings, Omnia Paraiba has quickly become one of the most talked-about fragrances in recent memory. The scent is designed to evoke the exotic beauty of Brazil, and it’s signature blend of fruity and floral notes is instantly recognizable.

To achieve this goal, Morillas infused the fragrance with a unique blend of tropical fruit aromas, highlighted by curacao accord, lime, and pear. These top notes are rounded out by passion fruit, which adds an exotic, citrusy sweetness to the fragrance and serves as a bridge to it’s floral heart.

The gardenia is especially important here; this rare tropical flower is prized for it’s intoxicating scent, which captures the essence of a verdant tropical garden in full bloom.

Finally, the fragrance is anchored by a woody base, which includes a blend of cedar, vetiver, and vanilla. These notes give the fragrance a warm, earthy finish that’s both comforting and exotic, beckoning the wearer to explore the wilds of Brazil and the bounties of it’s lush rainforests.

From it’s top notes to it’s lingering base, every element of this fragrance is designed to transport the wearer to the heart of a tropical paradise, where the sun and the sea are as seductive as the fragrant flowers that bloom along the beach.

How Does the Fragrance React With Different Skin Types?

When fragrances are applied to the skin, they react with the natural oils and pH levels of each individual’s skin. This can result in the scent being intensified or altered, depending on the person’s specific skin chemistry. Some fragrances may also cause allergic reactions or irritations on certain individuals with sensitive skin.

Source: Bulgari Omnia Paraiba Review – Beauty Review NZ


The fragrance captures the essence of a vibrant and confident woman who’s unafraid to embrace her femininity and adventure. The fragrance is perfect for spring and summer days and brings to mind visions of sandy beaches, blue skies, and sparkling waters. It’s versatility makes it a crowd-pleaser, and it’s beautiful packaging is a testament to it’s elegance and sophistication.

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