What Aftershave Is Similar to Givenchy Play? – Discover the Best Alternatives

Aftershaves that are similar to Givenchy Play often possess the same woody and citrus aroma that it’s known for. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme is known to epitomize these qualities with its notes of bergamot, cardamom, and lavender. Another fitting alternative is Hugo Boss Bottled, which also infuses apple and citrusy flavors in its composition. Dolce & Gabbana’s The One is also a contender with its combination of tobacco, ginger, and grapefruit scents. These fragrances are not identical to Givenchy Play, but they each capture the same approachable sophistication that it resonates. Find the one that best suits your own style and everyone around you will be turning their heads.

Has Givenchy Play Been Discontinued?

Givenchy Play Intense EDT was introduced in 2008 as a fragrance for men. It was a distinctive blend of earthy notes, spices, and woods, with a twist of quirky freshness. The fragrance quickly gained popularity among fragrance enthusiasts, particularly of younger generations who were looking for something different from traditional male fragrances. However, after years in the market, it seems that Givenchy Play Intense EDT has been discontinued.

The reason for the discontinuation of Givenchy Play Intense EDT isn’t clear. Some speculate that it might have been due to poor sales, while others suggest that it might be part of a strategic move by the brand to phase out older fragrances and make way for newer ones. Whatever the reason, the discontinuation of the fragrance has left many fans disappointed.

While fans hold out hope for a relaunch in the future, for now, they’re left searching for new fragrances to call their own.

Now that we’ve established the release date and notes of Givenchy Play Eau de Toilette, let’s take a closer look at this beloved fragrance and why it remains a popular choice over a decade later.

When Did Givenchy Play Come Out?

Givenchy Play Eau de Toilette was a highly anticipated fragrance release from the French luxury fashion house Givenchy. With a reputation for crafting high-end and sophisticated fragrances, Givenchy didn’t disappoint with this fragrance. The scent was launched in 2008 and quickly became a must-have fragrance for both men and women. It’s unique blend of notes made it an instant hit with critics and consumers alike.

The fragrance is a blend of masculine and feminine notes, making it a versatile scent that can be worn by anyone. The top notes of Bitter Orange, Grapefruit, Bergamot and Mandarin Orange give the fragrance a zesty and fresh opening. The middle notes of Coffee, Pepper, Amyris and Tobacco Blossom add depth and warmth to the fragrance. The base notes of Vetyver and Patchouli give the fragrance a rich and earthy finish.

Emilie Bevierre-Coppermann and Lucas Sieuzac, two renowned French perfumers, created Givenchy Play Eau de Toilette. The fragrance was designed to be a playful and energetic scent that captures the spirit of youth. It’s unique blend of notes makes it a dynamic fragrance that’s perfect for any occasion.

It’s a scent that’s both modern and classic, making it a timeless addition to any fragrance collection. It’s popularity has made it a staple fragrance for many people around the world.

The fragrance comes in a sleek and modern bottle that’s reminiscent of a portable music player. The bottle itself is a work of art and is as much a part of the fragrances appeal as the scent inside. It’s clean lines and minimalist design make it a perfect addition to any vanity or dresser.

Whether youre looking for a fragrance to wear to work or one to wear on a romantic date, Givenchy Play Eau de Toilette is a versatile scent that’s sure to turn heads.

What Are Some of the Most Notable Reviews for Givenchy Play Eau De Toilette?

Givenchy Play Eau de Toilette has received positive reviews for it’s youthful, energetic, and playful scent. Many reviewers have noted it’s versatility, making it suitable for both day and night wear. The fragrance has also been praised for it’s longevity and unique combination of woody, citrus, and floral notes. Overall, Givenchy Play Eau de Toilette appeals to a wide range of ages and preferences, making it a popular choice among fragrance enthusiasts.

What Does Givenchy Play Smell Like?

As the fragrance develops, the coffee note becomes more prominent and adds a warm, comforting aspect to the scent. The heart of the fragrance is a mix of amyris wood, vetiver, and patchouli, which adds depth and complexity to the fragrance. The patchouli in particular gives the fragrance a slightly earthy and mysterious quality.

Overall, Givenchy Play has a modern, energetic vibe that makes it perfect for daytime wear. It’s the kind of fragrance that you can wear to work or out with friends, and youre sure to get compliments on it. The longevity of the fragrance is also impressive – it lasts for several hours before fading away.

If youre looking for a fragrance thats versatile, unique, and memorable, Givenchy Play might be just what youre looking for. It’s a perfect example of a modern mens fragrance that combines classic elements with a modern twist.

The History and Background of Givenchy as a Brand and Their Approach to Fragrance.

Givenchy is a luxury fashion brand that was established in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy. Over the years, the brand has evolved to become a leading name in the fashion industry, known for it’s timeless elegance and sophistication. Givenchy’s approach to fragrance is inspired by it’s fashion roots, with a focus on creating unique, memorable scents that capture the essence of the brand’s aesthetic. Their fragrances are a reflection of the brand’s commitment to quality, style, and innovation.


In conclusion, finding an aftershave that’s similar in scent and quality to Givenchy Play can be an exciting yet daunting task. It’s important to consider factors such as ingredients, longevity, and skin type when selecting an aftershave, and to test out different options before settling on a final choice. Ultimately, finding the perfect aftershave can elevate your grooming game and give you the confidence to conquer the day with style and sophistication.

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