Upgrade Your Bathroom Routine With Kimpton Hotel Bath Products

Kimpton Hotel bath products can significantly enhance your bathroom routine. They offer a range of high-quality items tailored to provide a luxurious experience, just like a stay at their hotel. From aromatic shower gels and shampoos to soothing lotions and conditioners, their products are designed to pamper your skin and hair while leaving you feeling fresh and relaxed. With captivating scents and top-notch ingredients, Kimpton’s bath products can turn your everyday bathroom routine into an indulgent ritual. Investing in them means treating yourself to a small but delightful dose of luxury each day.

Is Kimpton a Soft Brand?

Kimpton Hotels is a well-known name in the hospitality industry, known for it’s boutique hotel concept. But what exactly does it mean to be a boutique hotel, and is Kimpton considered a soft brand?

A soft brand refers to a collection of hotels that maintain their individuality and unique characteristics while still being affiliated with a larger brand. These hotels typically offer a more personalized experience and embrace local culture and design. Boutique hotels are often associated with this soft brand concept, as they prioritize creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for their guests.

Each Kimpton property has it’s own distinct personality, blending modern design with local influences. From the moment guests step into a Kimpton hotel, they’re greeted by a warm and inviting ambiance that reflects the cultural and historical essence of the destination.

Kimptons commitment to sustainability and social responsibility further enhances it’s appeal among guests who value environmentally conscious practices. The brands EarthCare program focuses on reducing waste and energy consumption, making it an attractive choice for travelers who prioritize eco-friendly options.

The brands emphasis on individuality, personalized experiences, and local influences aligns with the characteristics typically associated with soft brands.

The History and Evolution of Kimpton Hotels as a Boutique Hotel Brand

  • Founded in 1981 by Bill Kimpton
  • Pioneered the concept of boutique hotels
  • Focus on unique design and personalized experiences
  • First Kimpton Hotel opened in San Francisco
  • Expanded to other major cities in the United States
  • Acquired by InterContinental Hotels Group in 2014
  • Continued to grow and open new properties worldwide
  • Known for it’s social and environmental initiatives
  • Offers amenities like complimentary wine hours and pet-friendly rooms
  • Kimpton Hotels remains a leading brand in the boutique hotel industry

Since January 2015, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants has been part of IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group), a leading global hospitality company. IHG recognized the unique and exceptional qualities of Kimpton, including it’s reputation for innovative design, personalized service, and delightful guest experiences. With this acquisition, IHG aims to enhance it’s portfolio and continue delivering unforgettable stays to it’s guests.

Who Bought Kimpton Hotels?

Acquired by IHG in January 2015, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants underwent a significant change in ownership. IHG, also known as InterContinental Hotels Group, recognized the unique and compelling aspects of the Kimpton brand and made the strategic decision to bring it into their portfolio. This acquisition allowed IHG to tap into Kimptons creative and personalized approach to hospitality, as well as their reputation for innovative design and exceptional service.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants has long been regarded as a pioneer in the industry, known for it’s distinctive features that set it apart from other hotel brands. The attention to detail, playful design elements, and thoughtfully curated amenities create an experience that’s both memorable and refreshing. From the moment guests enter a Kimpton property, they’re enveloped in an atmosphere of delight and discovery, where even the smallest touches contribute to a sense of wonder.

Whether it’s the complimentary evening social hour, the signature yoga mats in every room, or the pet-friendly policies that welcome furry friends with open arms, Kimpton continuously endeavors to go above and beyond to ensure guest satisfaction. This dedication to personalized service and attention to detail has garnered the brand a devoted following of loyal customers.

History and Origins of Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants is a popular hospitality brand that offers a unique and stylish experience for travelers. The company was founded by Bill Kimpton in 1981 and quickly gained recognition for it’s innovative design, personalized service, and dedication to sustainability.

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants started with the opening of it’s first hotel, the Bedford Hotel in San Francisco. The hotel’s success led to the expansion of the brand, with new properties opening in other major cities across the United States.

What sets Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants apart is it’s attention to detail and commitment to creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Each hotel is designed with a distinct personality, reflecting the local culture and community. The brand is also known for it’s exceptional amenities and upscale dining experiences.

In recent years, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants has gained a loyal following for it’s luxurious bath products. These high-quality amenities, including soaps, shampoos, and lotions, are now available for purchase, allowing guests to bring the Kimpton experience home.

Whether you’re staying at a Kimpton property or simply upgrading your bathroom routine with their bath products, you can expect a touch of luxury and sophistication that will make your experience truly special.

Source: IHG Introduces it’s Luxury Lifestyle Brand Kimpton® Hotels …

With it’s latest opening in Paris, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants adds to it’s portfolio of luxury boutique hotels. Kimpton St Honoré Paris, situated in a stunning Art Nouveau building, epitomizes the brand’s commitment to providing heartfelt service and creative flair. As the first Kimpton property in France, it’s a testament to IHG Hotels & Resorts’ dedication to expanding their luxury offerings.

Is Kimpton Considered Luxury?

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants is widely considered a luxury brand in the hospitality industry. With it’s unique blend of creativity, warmth, and exceptional service, Kimpton has carved a niche for itself as a leader in the boutique hotel segment. The brands philosophy centers around creating meaningful experiences for guests, whether theyre staying for business or leisure.

One of the latest additions to the Kimpton portfolio is the Kimpton St Honoré Paris, located in the heart of the City of Light. This opening marks a significant milestone for both Kimpton and IHG Hotels & Resorts, as it’s their first property in France. Housed in a beautifully restored 1917 Art Nouveau building, the hotel seamlessly blends timeless elegance with modern amenities.

In addition to it’s exceptional service, Kimpton is also known for it’s thoughtfully curated collection of bath products. These products have become a hallmark of the brand, with guests often raving about the quality and luxuriousness of the amenities provided. From soothing bath salts to invigorating shower gels, every product is designed to enhance the guests bathing experience and promote a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

With their exquisite scents and nourishing properties, these products will transport you to a spa-like oasis, allowing you to unwind and pamper yourself in the comfort of your own bathroom. So go ahead and treat yourself to a little luxury – you deserve it.

The History and Growth of the Kimpton Brand in the Luxury Hotel Industry

The Kimpton brand has a rich history and has experienced significant growth in the luxury hotel industry. Founded in San Francisco in 1981, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants positioned itself as a pioneer in the boutique hotel concept.

With a focus on delivering personalized experiences, each Kimpton hotel is designed to reflect the local culture and surroundings. This unique approach quickly gained popularity among travelers seeking a more authentic and intimate hotel experience.

Over the years, Kimpton has expanded it’s presence across the United States, with properties in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. In 2015, Kimpton became part of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), a leading global hospitality company.

As the brand continues to grow, Kimpton is committed to maintaining it’s high standards of service, distinctive design, and sustainability practices. Guests can expect luxurious amenities, innovative dining options, and thoughtful touches that make every stay memorable.

Upgrade your bathroom routine with Kimpton Hotel bath products and indulge in the same luxury experience enjoyed by guests at their properties. From high-quality toiletries to plush towels, these products will elevate your daily self-care routine with a touch of sophistication.

But there’s more to Kimpton hotels than just awards and pet-friendly policies. Kimpton hotels are known for their unique and personalized guest experiences, exceptional service, and stylish accommodations. From the moment you step into a Kimpton hotel, you’ll be treated to a warm and inviting atmosphere, with thoughtful touches and luxurious amenities that make your stay truly memorable. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Kimpton hotels provide a haven of comfort and relaxation, where you can unwind and indulge in the finer things in life.

What Are Kimpton Hotels Known For?

Kimpton Hotels are known for their exceptional guest satisfaction and have been awarded the prestigious title of “Highest in Guest Satisfaction Among Upper Upscale Hotel Chains” by J.D. Power three times. This recognition speaks to the impeccable service and attention to detail that Kimpton provides to it’s guests.

One of the unique features of Kimpton Hotels is their pet-friendly policy. They understand that your furry friend is an important part of your family and they welcome pets of all sizes without charging any additional fees.

In addition to their exceptional service and pet-friendly policy, Kimpton Hotels also offer a range of luxurious bath products for guests to enjoy. These bath products are specially curated to enhance the guest experience and provide a sense of relaxation and indulgence.

Kimpton Hotels’ Commitment to Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Kimpton Hotels is dedicated to sustainability and promoting green initiatives throughout it’s operations. They prioritize eco-friendly practices to minimize their environmental impact. From energy-efficient lighting and water conservation to using organic and locally sourced products, Kimpton Hotels aims to create a responsible and sustainable environment.

Our brand promise at Kimpton Hotels is centered around the belief that heartfelt human connections have the power to enrich lives. For over four decades, we’ve been committed to crafting extraordinarily personal experiences that start with our passionate employees, resonate with our valued guests, and encompass every aspect of our work.

What Is Kimpton Hotels Brand Promise?

At Kimpton Hotels, our brand promise is centered around the belief that heartfelt human connections make peoples lives better. For over 40 years, our company has been committed to creating a world filled with incredibly personal experiences. This promise starts with our employees, extends to our guests, and encompasses everything we do.

We understand the power of genuine connections and strive to foster them within our company culture. By nurturing a supportive and inclusive environment, we empower our employees to provide exceptional service to our guests. Our team members genuinely care about the wellbeing and satisfaction of each individual that walks through our doors.

When it comes to our guests, we go above and beyond to make them feel valued and special. We believe that every interaction has the potential to create a positive, lasting memory. From the moment they check-in to the moment they check-out, we aim to provide an experience that’s personalized and tailored to their preferences.

One area where we excel is in enhancing our guests bathroom routines. We understand the importance of self-care and the role that a well-designed and thoughtfully stocked bathroom can play in elevating ones experience. Thats why we’ve curated a selection of high-quality bath products for our guests to enjoy.

Our upgraded bathroom routine includes products from the Kimpton Hotel brand. These products are carefully selected to provide a luxurious and indulgent experience. From luxurious bath towels to premium toiletries, our goal is to make our guests feel pampered and rejuvenated during their stay.


From their luxurious and eco-friendly toiletries to their attention to detail, these products offer a truly indulgent experience. Whether you choose to pamper yourself with their nourishing shampoo and conditioner or relax with their aromatic bath salts, each item is crafted with the utmost care and consideration. These well-curated products not only enhance your personal wellness but also promote sustainable practices. So why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your daily self-care rituals with these exceptional amenities?

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