Tease Sugar Fleur Discontinued: A Look Into the Popular Fragrance’s Legacy

Yes, the perfume Tease Sugar Fleur by Victoria’s Secret has been discontinued. It was well-loved for its blend of warm vanilla, sugar, and exotic florals. While Victoria’s Secret typically cycles through scents to keep their range fresh, it sometimes means popular fragrances like Tease Sugar Fleur get discontinued. As an alternative, you might consider Victoria’s Secret’s ongoing ‘Tease’ series which may offer a scent that is similar or reminisces of Tease Sugar Fleur.

When Did Tease Sugar Fleur Come Out?

Tease Sugar Fleur is a fragrance that’s quickly become a favorite among perfume enthusiasts around the globe. The perfume was introduced in the year 2022, and since then, it’s continued to appeal to individuals who prefer sweet and floral fragrances. The fact that the perfume has gained such popularity is no surprise to those who know the nose behind it’s Linda Song. Linda Song is a highly-respected perfumer who’s created several other iconic fragrances that are adored by thousands of people worldwide.

Linda Song achieved this by blending sugar and floral notes, working meticulously on every component to produce the perfect fragrance. The result is a sweet and floral scent that’s refreshing, sensual, and bold.

The perfume has become a highly sought-after fragrance that’s synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and joy. It’s allure isn’t just in the way it smells but in the fact that it’s the power to make one feel confident and alluring. Overall, it’s a must-have fragrance for those who want to stand out in a crowd, leave a lasting impression, and be the talk of the town.

Overall, VS Tease Sugar Fleur is a deliciously sweet and flirtatious fragrance that combines the freshness of pink apples with the indulgence of caramel and bubblegum. It’s unique composition provides a sophisticated yet playful floral gourmand scent that’s perfect for those who want a distinct and long-lasting fragrance. If you’re looking for a fragrance that can captivate and intrigue those around you, then VS Tease Sugar Fleur may just be the scent you’ve been searching for.

What Does VS Tease Sugar Fleur Smell Like?

As the fragrance continues to develop, the rich and creamy notes of vanilla expose themselves, creating a warm and comforting feeling. The sweetness of the vanilla is well balanced by the freshness of the apple, making it a delightful scent for those who love a playful yet sophisticated vibe.

Throughout the day, the scent mellows out into a beautifully blended aroma that exudes a feeling of warmth and comfort. The creamy vanilla and bubblegum notes that linger in the background create an indulgent aroma that’s perfect for the modern, confident woman. This fragrance is perfect for an everyday scent that transitions seamlessly from day to night, providing a subtle yet alluring scent that will last for hours.

The overall impression of Tease Sugar Fleur is one of fun and playfulness, with just the right amount of sophistication to make it an irresistible scent. The combination of fruity and floral notes is perfectly balanced, making it a fragrance that’s easy to wear and versatile enough to transition from season to season. Whether youre wearing it to a formal event or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this scent is sure to turn heads.

Opening with a pop of fresh Pink Lady apple, it quickly settles into a sophisticated combination of jasmine buds, pink caramel, and bubblegum, creating a unique and distinctive floral gourmand scent. The creamy vanilla notes provide the perfect balance to this playful aroma, making it an ideal scent for women of all ages.

Source: Victoria’s secret Tease sugar fleur


The unique blend of juicy fruits, creamy vanilla, and sweet sugar was a signature scent for many and it’s absence has left a void in the fragrance market. Although it may be challenging to find a suitable replacement, we must remember that nothing lasts forever and that new scents and products are always being created. As we bid farewell to Tease Sugar Fleur, let’s appreciate the memories and experiences we’d with this beloved fragrance and look forward to discovering new ones in the future.

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