Le Labo: 50ml vs 100ml – Which Is the Better Option?

Le Labo is a niche fragrance brand that’s made a name for itself by offering unique, high-quality scents that cater to a discerning clientele. One of the most appealing aspects of Le Labo's fragrances is the fact that they’re available in two different sizes: 50ml and 100ml. This gives customers the flexibility to choose the size that best suits their needs and budget. While some may prefer the convenience and affordability of the smaller 50ml size, others may opt for the larger 100ml bottle to ensure they always have their favorite fragrance on hand. Both sizes come with their own unique advantages and drawbacks, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference when deciding which option to choose.

Is 50ml Big for Perfume?

The size of a perfume bottle depends on various factors, including the purpose of the perfume, the longevity of the scent, and the frequency of usage. However, 50ml is considered a standard size for most perfumes. It’s neither too small nor too big, making it a perfect choice for everyday use or gifting purposes. With fifty milliliters, you can have enough perfume to last for several months, depending on how often you use it.

You want to choose a bottle that will serve you for a long time, and you want to select a size thats convenient for you to carry around. Larger bottles can be bulky and inconvenient to carry around in your purse or travel bag, so if youre always on the go, a 50ml bottle may be more suitable.

Also, keep in mind that different scents have varying strengths and longevity. Some perfumes are more concentrated and therefore require less spritzes than others. If youre someone who prefers a light scent thats not too overpowering, a smaller bottle might suit you better.

If youre unsure which size to choose, consider your usage frequency, the strength of the fragrance, and your budget.

Now that we know the size of a 50ml bottle, let’s explore the different types of liquor that are commonly found in these small containers and how they’re used.

How Big Is 50ml?

When it comes to measuring liquor and other beverages, there are various units of measurement one can use. Depending on where you reside, the standard units will differ. However, 50ml is often considered a small serving or sample size. These small bottles, with a capacity of 50ml and sometimes called miniature bottles, are popular for a wide range of purposes.

One of the primary purposes of a 50ml bottle is for travel. The compact size makes it easy to carry around, and as a result, it’s become a popular choice among frequent travelers. They can pack several bottles in their carry-on luggage without surpassing the size limits. Additionally, they can carry a range of spirits, from gin to whiskey, in these miniature bottles for their own safety, since they don’t have to worry about a broken bottle or leaky cap.

In addition to the convenience they offer for travel and single servings, 50ml bottles, with their attractive designs and labeling, make great gifts or souvenirs. Collectors seeking out rare or vintage spirits can sometimes find them in miniature bottles, which can be a collectors item. They’re also a common choice for samples offered in liquor stores or in marketing campaigns by liquor brands.

They’re versatile, convenient, and can even be considered a fashion accessory.

The History of Miniature Bottles and Their Evolution in the Liquor Industry

Miniature bottles, also known as “airlines” or “nips,” have been a popular item in the liquor industry for decades. These small bottles of liquor are typically less than 50ml in size and were first used on airlines as a way to serve alcohol during flights. As the airline industry grew, miniature bottles became more popular and were eventually sold in liquor stores and hotels.

Over time, miniature bottles have evolved in both design and purpose. They’re now used as promotional items by liquor companies, as well as for sampling and tasting events. In recent years, the popularity of miniature bottles has increased due to the rise of the craft spirits market.

Despite their small size, miniature bottles have had a big impact on the liquor industry and continue to be a sought-after item by collectors and enthusiasts alike.


While the larger size may offer greater value in terms of cost per milliliter, it may not be practical for those who desire a smaller, more portable option for daily use. Ultimately, it’s up to the buyer to decide what works best for their individual needs and preferences.

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