Is Taehyung Celine Global Ambassador

Yes, Taehyung, also known as V from the globally renowned South Korean boy band BTS, is indeed the global ambassador for Celine, a luxury French fashion brand. This announcement was made in 2021, marking a significant step in Taehyung’s fashion and style journey. As the global ambassador, he represents the brand and its values on an international platform, setting trends and influencing fashion around the world.

Is Taehyung New CELINE Ambassador?

There have been reports circulating about K-pop sensation Taehyung becoming the new CELINE ambassador. There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the potential partnership, as both CELINE and Taehyung have become internationally recognized for their respective talents and styles. While nothing has been confirmed yet, fans of both parties are eagerly waiting to see what might come of this speculation.

Taehyung, who’s also known as V, is a member of the highly popular K-pop group BTS. The group has been making waves in the music industry for several years, gaining a massive following and breaking records along the way. Taehyung is known for his incredible vocal range, unique fashion sense, and outgoing personality, making him a fan favorite both on and off stage.

CELINE, on the other hand, is a luxury fashion brand known for it’s sophisticated and timeless designs. The brand has been around since the 1940s and has since become a household name, with a reputation for quality and elegance. The brands creative director, Hedi Slimane, is known for his inventive and daring approach to fashion, which has kept the brand fresh and relevant to a new generation of consumers.

Whether this partnership comes to fruition or not, it’s clear that Taehyungs influence on the fashion industry is only getting stronger, as he continues to captivate audiences with his unique style and undeniable talent.

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Recently, luxury fashion brand CELINE made headlines as they announced their new global ambassador, and it’s none other than BTS member Kim Taehyung, also known as V. With his undeniable talent and global influence, it comes as no surprise that the fashion brand chose him to represent their label. V’s appointment as the new face of CELINE is a significant milestone not only for the K-pop sensation but also for the fashion industry as a whole. Let’s take a closer look at what this partnership means for both V and CELINE.

Who Is v as CELINE Ambassador?

V, also known as Kim Taehyung, is a Korean singer, songwriter, and actor who’s gained worldwide fame as a member of the boy group BTS. In addition to his musical career, V has become a fashion icon and trendsetter with his unique sense of style and ability to pull off daring looks.

As CELINEs global ambassador, V has been chosen to represent the luxury fashion brand and promote their latest collections. This partnership is a testament to Vs influential status in the fashion industry and his ability to connect with fans across the globe.

In an official announcement on Instagram, CELINE introduced V as their new ambassador with a stunning photo of the K-pop star. The post quickly went viral, with fans expressing their excitement and admiration for Vs new role.

Overall, Vs partnership with CELINE is sure to be a major success, showcasing his versatility as an artist and cementing his place as one of the most influential figures in the world of fashion and entertainment.

How Has V’s Partnership With CELINE Influenced the Fashion Industry and Fan Culture Surrounding BTS?

  • V’s partnership with CELINE has brought a new level of attention to BTS from the fashion industry.
  • The collaboration has resulted in V becoming a fashion icon and influencing the style of many BTS fans.
  • The partnership has also sparked discussions about Asian representation in the fashion industry and the impact of BTS on global fashion trends.
  • Overall, V’s impact on fashion and the industry’s embrace of BTS has expanded the representation of Korean culture and music in the global arena.

The excitement doesn’t seem to end for V as he recently received an unexpected invitation from CELINE. The Sweet Night singer had been spotted attending the brand’s fashion show in Paris and has now been invited to be their official brand ambassador at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. This exciting news came as a personal invitation from CELINE’s Head Director of Couture &, Events, Peter Utz.

Who Invited v to CELINE?

The world of fashion is teeming with excitement after the latest news that the popular Korean singer and actor, V, was spotted attending CELINEs show in Paris. Fans of the brand couldnt help but wonder why V was present, and rumors began to swirl regarding their potential collaboration with the iconic fashion label. However, it’s now official that V has been invited to represent CELINE at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.

Peter Utz, who’s CELINEs Head Director of Couture & Events, personally signed the invite for V to appear at the event. This is an exciting opportunity for V to showcase his style and personality on a global platform, and it’s clear that CELINE has recognized his potential as a brand ambassador.

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most significant events in the fashion industry, and securing an invite from a prestigious brand such as CELINE is a remarkable achievement. V has always been an icon in the world of entertainment, and his involvement in the fashion industry has been growing gradually since his remarkable partnership with Gucci two years ago. It seems like the sky is the limit for the multitalented entertainer, and his fans can’t wait to see what he’s in store for them in Cannes.

This isn’t the first time that CELINE has collaborated with a talented artist to represent the brand. Peter Utz himself has a history of working with the likes of Lady Gaga and Adele to promote the brands events. With Vs inclusion, the French fashion house has added another notable name to it’s list of global ambassadors. This move shows the brands keen attention to detail and it’s commitment to expanding it’s reach on the international stage.

It’s also worth noting the cultural significance of Vs involvement with CELINE. The K-pop phenomenon has been taking over the world in recent years, with Korean artists making a mark on the global entertainment industry with their exceptional talents. This move is bound to have a ripple effect across the fashion industry in Asia and beyond.

It’s a testament to Vs influence and fashion sense, and it shows CELINEs commitment to expanding it’s cultural reach. We look forward to seeing Vs fashion choices on the global stage and witnessing the impact of this collaboration.

CELINE, the Parisian luxury fashion house, has recently announced it’s newest brand ambassador alongside BLACKPINK’s Lisa and South Korean actor Park Bo-gum. The latest addition to their list of ambassadors is a 27-year-old icon who’s well-known in the entertainment industry. This partnership with CELINE is a significant milestone for the ambassador and a testament to their influence and impact in the international fashion scene.

Who Are CELINE Ambassadors?

When it comes to fashion, there are few luxury brands as recognizable and prestigious as CELINE. For decades, this French fashion house has been creating some of the worlds most elegant and sought-after pieces, from haute couture gowns to designer handbags to stunning accessories of all kinds. It’s no surprise, then, that CELINE is highly selective about the ambassadors it chooses to represent it’s brand. These ambassadors must exude a certain sophistication and style that aligns with the brands reputation, while also bringing their own unique flair and energy to the table.

One of the newest CELINE ambassadors is a 27-year-old woman who’s taken the world by storm: BLACKPINKs Lisa. This Thai-born K-pop star has become a global icon in recent years, thanks to her stunning vocals, powerful dance moves, and energetic stage presence. It’s clear why CELINE chose Lisa as one of it’s ambassadors – she embodies the perfect balance of youthfulness and elegance, pushing the boundaries of fashion while still maintaining an air of sophistication. From high-fashion runway looks to more casual streetwear styles, Lisa can pull off anything CELINE throws her way.

Another one of CELINEs newest ambassadors is South Korean actor Park Bo-gum. With his boyish good looks and easy charm, Bo-gum has quickly become one of Asias biggest heartthrobs, as well as one of it’s most talented actors. Hes known for his ability to convey complex emotions and capture his characters inner turmoil with subtle nuance, making him a perfect fit for CELINEs understated yet impactful styles. Bo-gum brings a certain sense of warmth and approachability to the brand, making it accessible to fans around the world who might not be familiar with high-end fashion.

But CELINEs ambassadors arent just famous faces – theyre also creative talents in their own right. For example, one of the brands longtime ambassadors is Hedi Slimane, a fashion designer who’s made waves in the industry with his cutting-edge designs and impeccable taste. As the creative director for CELINE, Slimane is responsible for shaping the brands aesthetic and defining it’s vision for the future. His influence can be seen in everything from the brands runway shows to it’s advertising campaigns, making him an essential part of the CELINE family.

History of CELINE as a Brand and It’s Significance in the Fashion Industry

CELINE started as a children’s shoe business in France in the 1940s. By the 1960s, the brand expanded to women’s shoes and accessories. In the 2000s, under the creative direction of Phoebe Philo, CELINE became a fashion powerhouse known for it’s minimalist aesthetics and modern, feminine designs. Today, CELINE remains a sought-after luxury brand, offering ready-to-wear, accessories, and perfume.


In a world where the influence of fashion and luxury is so powerful, the appointment of global ambassadors has become a way to reflect the brand's image and values. Therefore, the collaboration between Taehyung and CELINE is an exciting announcement for both the fashion and music industry, bridging these two worlds with a fresh perspective. Taehyung's unique sense of style and approach to fashion aligns perfectly with CELINE's vision, and the title "CELINE Boy" is a testament to how he embodies the brand's spirit. This collaboration sets a high bar for future partnerships, prompting brands to look towards unconventional influencers who bring a fresh perspective on fashion.

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