Is Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Owned? All Your Questions Answered

Sol De Janeiro is not entirely Brazilian owned. Although it is deeply influenced by Brazil’s vibrant culture, its founders, Heela Yang and Marc Capra, are not Brazilian. They created the brand based on their shared love for Brazil’s joyful and sensuous lifestyle. The brand’s products are developed by combining the finest ingredients from the Amazon with advanced U.S. technologies. Hence, while its identity is deeply connected to Brazil, Sol De Janeiro is essentially an American company.

Where Is Sol De Janeiro Brand From?

Sol de Janeiro is a brand that draws inspiration from the rich and diverse heritage of Brazil. With a deep respect for the countrys traditions and values, the founders sought to create a brand that showcases the true essence of Brazilian beauty.

Sol de Janeiros commitment to celebrating Brazil goes beyond it’s products. The brand actively promotes body positivity and inclusion, embracing all body types and skin tones. Their iconic “Bum Bum Cream,” a cult favorite among beauty enthusiasts, is a testament to this celebration of diversity. With it’s unique formula and irresistible scent, the Bum Bum Cream has become synonymous with the brand and has gained a dedicated global following.

Over the years, Sol de Janeiro has expanded it’s product range, offering a wide array of skincare and body care products that cater to different needs and preferences. From their moisturizing shower gel to their nourishing lip balm, each product is infused with the vibrant energy and joie de vivre that’s quintessentially Brazilian.

With their bold and playful approach to skincare, Sol de Janeiro has successfully captured the hearts of beauty enthusiasts worldwide, bringing a taste of Brazil to their everyday beauty routines.

Sol de Janeiro is a beauty and skincare brand that’s it’s headquarters in New York, specifically at 551 5th Ave #2030. While their main office is located in the United States, the company also has a single office location.

Where Is Sol De Janeiro Headquarters?

Sol De Janeiro is a renowned beauty and skincare brand that’s taken the world by storm with it’s unique and vibrant products. With a focus on celebrating and enhancing natural beauty, Sol De Janeiro has gained a loyal following of customers eager to experience the magic of Brazil in their beauty routines.

While the brand draws inspiration and ingredients from the rich and diverse landscape of Brazil, Sol De Janeiros headquarters are actually located in the bustling city of New York. Situated at 551 5th Ave #2030, the brand has established it’s base in the heart of the United States.

Despite being headquartered in New York, Sol De Janeiro remains deeply connected to it’s Brazilian roots. The brands founders, Camila Pierotti and Marc Capra, hail from Brazil and have infused their heritage and cultural appreciation into every aspect of the brand. From the vibrant packaging to the tantalizing scents, each Sol De Janeiro product reflects the spirit and energy of Brazil.

With one office location, Sol De Janeiro prioritizes quality and attention to detail in their operations. This singular focus allows the brand to ensure that each product meets their rigorous standards and delivers the best possible experience to their customers.

Where Is Sol De Janeiro Products Made?

Where’s Sol de Janeiro products made? According to Sol De Janeiros FAQ page, they claim their products “are made in the US with the finest globally sourced ingredients, including those that are indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.”

Sol De Janeiro emphasizes their use of ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, which is renowned for it’s rich biodiversity. This suggests a strong connection to Brazilian culture and a commitment to incorporating traditional Brazilian beauty practices into their products.

The choice to manufacture in the US could be attributed to various factors, such as access to advanced cosmetic manufacturing facilities, proximity to their target market, and ensuring compliance with US regulations and standards.

This approach aligns with the growing consumer demand for ethically sourced and eco-friendly products.

This emphasizes the brands commitment to delivering an authentic and culturally rich experience to their customers.


Through their Brazilian-owned and operated roots, Sol de Janeiro continues to showcase the diversity and authenticity of Brazil while striving to provide customers around the world with an exceptional beauty experience.

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