Is Scandal a Feminine Perfume? Decoding the Scent

Is Scandal a feminine perfume? This question has intrigued perfume enthusiasts and critics alike, as they try to decode the essence and identity of this captivating fragrance. Scandal, created by the iconic fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier, is an intoxicating blend of pleasure and elegance. It’s a perfume that celebrates the multifaceted nature of femininity, embracing both the sweetness and sensuality of a woman. With a luscious combination of honey, the timeless beauty of gardenia, and the alluring allure of patchouli, Scandal captivates the senses with it’s intoxicating aroma. The bottle itself is a testament to the allure of Scandal, boasting a super-chic design that reflects the originality and sophistication of this unique fragrance. The pink hue of the perfume's juice adds a touch of femininity and allure, inviting women to indulge in a truly captivating scent. Dressing the skin with Scandal is like adorning oneself with a secret weapon of seduction, empowering women to embrace their femininity with confidence and delight. Only one answer lingers in the air: Yes, it is.

Is Scandal a Male or Female Perfume?

Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier is undeniably a feminine perfume. It belongs to the Chypre Floral fragrance family, which is characterized by it’s floral and woody notes. This classification is widely recognized as being predominantly feminine, as it typically appeals to women who desire a sophisticated and elegant scent.

The composition of Scandal further reinforces it’s femininity. It opens with a burst of fresh and uplifting citrus notes, which are often associated with feminine fragrances. These vibrant accords give way to a bouquet of delicate and romantic flowers, such as jasmine and orange blossom, adding to the overall feminine allure.

Additionally, Scandal features a base of warm and sensual notes like honey and patchouli. While these ingredients can be used in both masculine and feminine perfumes, their presence in Scandal is expertly balanced to enhance the feminine nature of the fragrance. The sweet and velvety honey complements the floral notes beautifully, creating a truly irresistible scent that’s undeniably feminine.

Furthermore, the advertising and marketing campaigns for Scandal solidify it’s feminine identity. The brand typically showcases the perfume in glamorous and feminine settings, often featuring women exuding confidence and allure. The packaging of Scandal also reflects it’s femininity, with it’s iconic hourglass-shaped bottle adorned with sensual lace detailing.

From it’s carefully crafted composition to it’s marketing approach, all elements point towards it’s target audience being women. It’s floral notes, coupled with warm and sensual undertones, create a fragrance that embodies femininity and elegance.

If you love the intoxicating scent of Scandal, you’ll be glad to know that there are several similar perfumes available at Bloom. Some alternatives include Rossopompeiano by Agatho, PG23 Drama Nuui by Pierre Guillaume – Parfumerie Générale, Ylang Ylang by Lorenzo Villoresi, Alamut by Lorenzo Villoresi, Fleur de Louis by Arquiste, Infanta en Flor by Arquiste, and Nilmalee by PRIN. These fragrances are sure to captivate your senses and leave a lasting impression.

What Perfumes Are Similar to Scandal?

When it comes to perfumes that are similar to Scandal, there are several options to consider. One option is Rossopompeiano by Agatho, which is known for it’s deep and sensuous scent. Another option is PG23 Drama Nuui by Pierre Guillaume – Parfumerie Générale, which offers a luxurious and captivating fragrance. Ylang Ylang by Lorenzo Villoresi is another great choice, as it exudes a delicate and exotic aroma.

For those who prefer something more intense and alluring, Alamut by Lorenzo Villoresi is an excellent choice. This perfume combines earthy and spicy scents to create a truly unique and intriguing fragrance. Fleur de Louis by Arquiste is another option worth considering, with it’s sophisticated and elegant blend of floral and woody notes.

Infanta en Flor by Arquiste is a feminine perfume that’s reminiscent of a classic European garden. It’s a fresh and sweet scent that’s sure to delight the senses. Nilmalee by PRIN is a fragrance that’s perfect for those who prefer a more subtle and understated scent. It combines floral and fruity notes to create a refreshing and feminine aroma.

Each one offers it’s own unique blend of scents, allowing you to find the perfect fragrance to suit your personal style and preferences. Whether you prefer something bold and sensual or delicate and elegant, there’s sure to be a perfume that captures your attention.


Jean Paul Gaultier has created a fragrance that captures the essence of a confident and elegant Parisian woman who’s unafraid to embrace her desires.

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