Is Scandal a Day or Night Perfume? – Uncovering the Perfect Time to Wear It

Meanwhile, the night time fragrance exudes a more seductive and daring aura, with notes of honey and tonka bean, creating an alluring and irresistible scent. The character of Scandal By Night is one of rebellion and unapologetic femininity, reflecting the spirit of Pigalle, known for it’s vibrant nightlife and unconventional charm. With Scandal By Night, one can embrace their sensual and playful side, leaving a trail of tantalizing scent that will surely captivate those around. This fragrance is a testament to the power of femininity and the freedom of self-expression.

What’s the Difference Between Scandal and Scandal by Night?

Scandal by Night is a spin-off of the original Scandal fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier. It’s designed to be a more seductive and daring version of the original, with a bolder and more sensual scent profile. While the original Scandal is more of a daytime scent, Scandal by Night is definitely a fragrance for evening wear.

One of the main differences between the two fragrances is the composition of the notes. Scandal by Night features top notes of honey, jasmine, and pear, followed by heart notes of tuberose and tonka bean, and base notes of patchouli and vanilla. The original Scandal, on the other hand, has top notes of blood orange and mandarin, followed by heart notes of honey and gardenia, and base notes of patchouli.

The original Scandal, on the other hand, is more playful and whimsical, with a sweet and fruity aroma that’s perfect for daytime wear.

One thing to keep in mind is that fragrance can smell different on different people, depending on factors such as skin chemistry and body temperature.

Whether you prefer a playful daytime scent or a more seductive fragrance for evenings out, there’s something for everyone in the Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance line.

A Breakdown of the Individual Notes in Both Scandal and Scandal by Night Fragrances

In Scandal and Scandal by Night fragrances, there are different individual notes that are used to create the scent. These notes are the various ingredients that are combined to produce the fragrances. The breakdown of individual notes includes floral, fruity, woody, and spicy scents. By using different notes, each fragrance has a unique blend of scents that makes it stand out.

Scandal! by Jean Paul Gaultier has quickly gained popularity among women since it’s launch in 2020. This Floral Fruity fragrance has been created by the talented duo of Fabrice Pellegrin and Daphné Bugey. But one question that arises is whether Scandal! perfume is fruity or not. Let’s explore this in detail.

Is Scandal Perfume Fruity?

Scandal perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier has been the talk of the town since it’s launch in 20This Floral Fruity fragrance is specifically designed for women and has garnered immense popularity for it’s unique scent. The fragrance is a perfect blend of fruity and floral notes that create an alluring aroma that lasts long. The fragrance has been created by renowned perfumers Fabrice Pellegrin and Daphné Bugey, who’ve been recognized for their exceptional skills in the fragrance world.

The perfume has been designed to bring out the best of both worlds- fruity and floral scents. The floral notes add an element of elegance and sophistication to the perfume, making it perfect for any occasion.

What Are the Top Notes, Middle Notes, and Base Notes of Scandal Perfume?

Scandal perfume features top notes of blood orange and honey, middle notes of gardenia and orange blossom, and base notes of patchouli and beeswax.

Despite it’s popularity, there have been rumors circulating that the beloved fragrance Scandal By Night may have been discontinued. However, fans of the iconic scent can take solace in the fact that a new version of the fragrance, Scandal Le Parfum, was launched in 202Created by Ane Ayo, Fabrice Pellegrin, and Daphné Bugey, this new iteration features a complex blend of top notes of Jasmine, middle notes of Caramel and Salt, and a base note of Vanilla. For those who miss the original Scandal By Night, this new fragrance is sure to delight with it’s unique and alluring scent.

Has Scandal by Night Been Discontinued?

Many fragrance enthusiasts and loyal fans of Scandal By Night have been left wondering if this beloved scent has been discontinued. While there’s been no official statement from Jean Paul Gaultier, it appears that Scandal By Night may no longer be available for purchase in many regions. This news has caused disappointment amongst those who adore the sensual and daring scent of this fragrance.

However, it seems that Jean Paul Gaultier has decided to create a new fragrance to replace Scandal By Night. In 2022, the brand launched Scandal Le Parfum, which was crafted by the talented perfumers Ane Ayo, Fabrice Pellegrin, and Daphné Bugey. This new fragrance promises to be a more complex and unique offering that combines the best of Scandal OG and Scandal By Night, while also introducing new notes and accords that are sure to delight and captivate the senses.

One of the standout notes in Scandal Le Parfum is jasmine which provides a beautiful floral fragrance. This delicate and romantic scent is perfectly balanced with the middle notes of caramel and salt. The base note of vanilla adds a touch of warmth and sweetness that lingers on the skin long after the fragrance has been applied. When the fragrance is worn, it creates a stunning aroma that evokes images of warm summer nights and passionate embraces.

The History of Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrances a Brief Overview of the Brand’s Most Popular Scents and Their Evolution Over Time.

This is a brief article about the history of Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances. It will cover their most popular scents and how they’ve changed over time.

As the night progresses, the feeling of scandal grows stronger, permeating the air around the fashion elite. But what exactly does it smell like? With each passing moment, the scent becomes more intense, filling the room with a heady combination of floral and creamy notes that leave everyone in awe. It’s a fragrance that’s impossible to ignore, and it’s allure is undeniable. So what’s it about this scent that makes it so enticing, so hypnotic, so scandalous? Let’s find out.

What Does So Scandal Smell Like?

Everyone knows the feeling of excitement and anticipation that builds before a big event, and the fashion industry’s most lavish extravaganzas are no exception. The energy is palpable, with famous faces, glittering gowns, and all the pomp and circumstance that accompanies high fashion. And yet, there’s often something else present in the air that night – something darker, more mysterious. It’s the scent of scandal.

This olfactory wave of intrigue can often be traced back to a single figure, an “it” girl who manages to stir up controversy wherever she goes. She’s fearless, confident, and unapologetic, and her fragrance reflects that. With bursts of orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose, her scent is simultaneously bold and elegant, a reflection of her fierce and feminine approach to life.

But her scent doesn’t stop there – it also contains addictive milky notes that envelop and exhilarate the senses, drawing her followers in even closer. There’s something undeniably intoxicating about the way it lingers in the air, a scent that manages to be both youthful and sophisticated all at once.

So next time you find yourself at a fashion industry event, take a deep breath and let yourself be swept away by the scent of scandal. It may be divisive, but it’s also unforgettable – much like the women who wear it.

Examples of Celebrities Known for Their Scandalous Behavior and the Fragrances They Wear

  • Lindsay Lohan – “Lohan” fragrance
  • Paris Hilton – “Paris Hilton” fragrance
  • Britney Spears – “Fantasy” fragrance
  • Kim Kardashian – “KKW Fragrance” collection
  • Marilyn Monroe – “Chanel No. 5” fragrance
  • Prince – “3121” perfume
  • Justin Bieber – “Someday” fragrance
  • Rihanna – “Reb’l Fleur” fragrance
  • Caitlyn Jenner – “Unisex” fragrance
  • Charlie Sheen – “Charlie Sheen” fragrance

As we explore the world of fragrances, it’s worth examining whether certain scents are more suitable for warmer months. One such fragrance is Scandal Pour Homme, which boasts a sweet aroma that’s perfect for those balmy summer evenings. Of course, preferences may vary, but if you’re in search of a light, playful scent for the season, this might just do the trick.

Is Scandal a Summer Fragrance?

Scandal Pour Homme was launched in 2019 by French fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier. It’s described as an oriental woody fragrance with sweet and fresh notes. The top notes include lemon, mandarin, and lavender, while the heart notes are made up of clary sage and green apple. The base notes are made up of tonka bean, vetiver, and amberwood.

While some may argue that Scandal Pour Homme is more suitable for fall or winter, I personally find that it can also work well as a summer fragrance. The sweet and fresh notes make it a good option for those hot and sunny days, when you want something that won’t be too overpowering.

While it’s not overly strong, it could still be too much for some people in the heat. To avoid this, you might want to go easy on the number of sprays, or opt for a lighter version of the scent.

As with any fragrance, it’s important to try it out for yourself and see how it works with your body chemistry and personal preferences.

Source: Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Pour Homme Review – Michael 84


However, as the sun sets and the city of lights comes to life, Scandal By Night unleashes a seductive aroma of honey, patchouli, and tonka bean, defining the spirit of the Pigalle district. The fragrance embodies a duality that exists in every woman and their personalities, allowing them to embrace their femininity and sensuality. Scandal By Night is more than just a perfume; it's a creation that celebrates the beauty of being scandalous at any time of the day or night. Jean-Paul Gaultier has once again proven to be a master of his craft by introducing a fragrance that honors women's individuality and desire to embrace both their dark and light sides. Scandal By Night is a must-have for any woman seeking a scent that matches her complex and multifaceted personality.

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