Is La Perla Perfume Discontinued? Answers and Alternatives.

Yes, La Perla Perfume has been discontinued. This iconic fragrance brand decided to stop production of some of their classic perfumes, which included La Perla. Fans of the scent might find it difficult to find it on regular retail shelves. However, it may still be available in some online stores or perfume resale platforms. Alternatives with similar scent profiles can also be considered to replace La Perla.

What Happened to the Original La Perla Perfume?

La Perla has been a well-known and trusted luxury lingerie and fragrance brand since the 1950s. One of the most iconic and cherished scents the brand has produced is the original La Perla Eau de Parfum. For many years, this classic fragrance was beloved by women around the world for it’s alluring and sensual scent. However, despite it’s popular standing, the original La Perla perfume was surprisingly discontinued.

The decision to discontinue the fragrance came as a bit of a shock, especially given it’s longstanding popularity and loyal customer base. Despite attempts to revive and repackage the scent over the years, eventually the company decided to move on from the original perfume altogether.

The History and Evolution of La Perla as a Lingerie and Fragrance Brand.

La Perla is a well-known lingerie and fragrance brand that’s a rich history and has evolved over time. From it’s inception as a corsetry workshop in Italy in 1954, La Perla has expanded it’s offerings to include a wide range of lingerie and fragrances. Today, La Perla is known for it’s luxurious and high-quality products that cater to women’s desires for comfort, quality, and beauty. Over the years, the brand has continued to innovate and expand, establishing itself as a leader in the global lingerie and fragrance market.

After being purchased by Sapinda Holding B.V. in 2018, the ownership of renowned fashion house La Perla has shifted once again. The brand is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Tennor Holding B.V., though it continues to be known for it’s signature fragrances as well as it’s luxurious lingerie and apparel lines.

Who Owns La Perla Fragrance?

La Perla is a well-known luxury fashion brand which was initially launched as a lingerie company in 195The company has a rich history of producing high-quality products in the fashion industry that cater to the needs of women around the world. Over the years, La Perla has expanded it’s product line to include clothing and beauty products such as fragrances.

In 2013, La Perla was bought by Italian entrepreneur Silvio Scaglia who took control of the company from the founding family. Under Scaglias leadership, La Perla continued to expand it’s product range and increased it’s global presence. However, in February 2018, Scaglia sold the company to Amsterdam-based private equity firm Sapinda Holding B.V.

The acquisition of La Perla by Sapinda Holding B.V was an important move that significantly impacted the future of the luxury brand. Sapinda Holding B.V has a reputation for investing in high-growth companies and providing them with the necessary resources to achieve their full potential. With the acquisition of La Perla, Sapinda is expected to bring new ideas and strategies that will position the company for even greater success in the future.

Today, La Perla is described as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tennor Holding B.V. This means that Sapinda Holding B.V, which owns La Perla, is itself owned by Tennor Holding B.V. Tennor Holding B.V is a global investment firm that targets high-growth companies in various sectors including technology, media, and consumer goods.

With the backing of these two major investors, La Perla is expected to continue to expand it’s product range and increase it’s global presence.


While the reasons for discontinuing the fragrance line remain unclear, it’s a reminder that every product has a lifespan, and it’s up to the brand to decide if it's economically feasible to keep producing it. The fragrances we wear have the power to evoke memories, transport us to different places and moods, and it’s a shame to see them disappear. However, the discontinuation of La Perla perfume shouldn’t discourage perfume lovers from exploring new fragrances and discovering their unique scents. Let’s celebrate the fragrances we love while they're still available and embrace the endless possibilities the fragrance world has to offer.

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