Is Hugo Boss Intense Discontinued? Find Out Here!

Yes, Hugo Boss Intense has been discontinued. It was a popular fragrance from the brand Hugo Boss, known for its mix of warm, spicy notes and sensual femininity. However, despite its popularity, the company decided to discontinue it. The exact reasons for the discontinuation are not public, but it’s common for brands to make changes in their product lineup based on various factors including sales performance, product strategy, or a desire to introduce new scents. Even though it is discontinued, there are still instances where you might find the perfume available to purchase in some online stores or retailers, but availability can be inconsistent.

What Is Boss Bottled Intense?

Boss Bottled Intense Eau de Parfum by Hugo Boss is a fragrance that’s been carefully crafted to evoke a sense of confidence and strength. The scent is designed to appeal to the modern man who values sophistication, luxury, and elegance. The fragrance has become a popular offering from the Hugo Boss fragrance line and has amassed a loyal following of consumers who appreciate it’s unique composition.

What sets Boss Bottled Intense apart from other fragrances is it’s woody spicy notes. The scent opens with a burst of fresh apple and orange blossom before giving way to a heart of clove, cinnamon, and geranium. These deep and spicy notes are contrasted by a base of sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla, and cedarwood. The result is a fragrance that’s at once complex, sensual, and elegant.

Since it’s release in 2016, the fragrance has received rave reviews from both consumers and critics alike. Many have praised the fragrance for it’s long-lasting and powerful scent, which ensures that wearers can enjoy the fragrance for hours on end. The scent is also versatile, making it perfect for any occasion, from a formal dinner to a casual outing with friends.

What makes Boss Bottled Intense so special is the attention to detail that’s gone into it’s creation.

The fragrance is a masterpiece of design, featuring woody spicy notes that create a sense of seductive elegance. Overall, Boss Bottled Intense is a fragrance that’s destined to become a classic, a symbol of luxury and excellence in the world of mens fragrances.

The History and Evolution of Hugo Boss Fragrances

  • Hugo Boss introduced it’s first fragrance for men, “Boss No. 1,” in 1985.
  • In 1993, the brand launched “Element,” their first fragrance for women.
  • A landmark year for the brand was 1998 with the release of “Hugo” for men, a fresh and exciting scent that quickly became a hit.
  • In 2005, Hugo Boss launched “Hugo XY” and “Hugo XX,” two fragrances intended for a younger demographic.
  • “Boss Orange” was released in 2009, a fragrance with a strong focus on fruity notes.
  • The “Boss Bottled” fragrance line, featuring scents for both men and women, has become a signature for the brand.
  • In recent years, Hugo Boss has focused more on luxury fragrances for men, including “Boss The Scent” and “Boss Bottled Oud.”


This may come as a disappointment to fans of the brand, who’ve come to appreciate the complex and alluring scent of these fragrances. However, it’s worth noting that despite their discontinuation, the products are still available on the market at a reasonable price point. So while the era of Hugo Boss Intense may have come to a close, those who appreciate it’s unique charms can still enjoy it for years to come.

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