Is Creed a Hit or a Flop? Exploring the Success of the Boxing Film

The movie Creed is considered a hit. Released in 2015, it received positive reviews from critics globally and performed well at the box office. Starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone, the film is a spin-off and sequel to the Rocky franchise. Its success is attributed to an engaging narrative, impressive performances, and well-choreographed fight scenes. It was also recognized at several prestigious awards, including an Academy Award nomination for Stallone. Therefore, both critically and commercially, Creed is far from a flop.

Has Creed 3 Been a Success?

Critics may argue that Creed 3 didnt bring anything new to the table in terms of storytelling, but that didnt stop audiences from flocking to theaters to see it. Jordans directorial efforts were also praised, with many applauding his ability to keep the franchise fresh and exciting. Overall, Creed 3 was a resounding success for the Creed franchise.

One of the things that made Creed 3 such a success was the continuation of the character development weve come to expect from these films. Adonis Creeds journey has been one of the central pillars of the franchise, and his personal struggles make each film that much more emotionally resonant. The events of the previous two films weren’t forgotten, and the story pushed the character further than ever before.

Another reason for Creed 3s success was the involvement of talented actors both familiar and new. Alongside Jordan, Sylvester Stallone reprised his role as Rocky Balboa, and Tessa Thompson returned as Bianca. Additionally, the cast was expanded to include Jonathan Majors, who played Adonis opponent in the ring, and Regina King, who played his mother. The chemistry between all of these actors was undeniable and helped to elevate the film beyond just another sports movie.

It’s impressive box office performance is just one measure of that, as the film also managed to satisfy audiences and critics alike. It’s strong character development, talented cast, and breathtaking visuals all contributed to making it a standout entry in the Creed franchise. Whether or not there will be another film in the series remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure – fans of the franchise will be eagerly awaiting any news of it’s continuation.

Analysis of How Creed 3 Compares to the Previous Two Installments of the Franchise

In this analysis, we will compare Creed 3 with the previous two installments of the franchise to determine how it differs in terms of plot, character development, and overall quality.

Despite predictions of it’s success, many were skeptical about how Creed would fare in the box office. Nevertheless, with a reported budget of $75 million, the film has already proven to be a hit with audiences and critics alike. However, when taking into account the success of the Rocky franchise as a whole, it’s clear that Creed still has some big shoes to fill.

Did Creed Do Well in the Box Office?

Leading up to the release of Creed, there were concerns it wouldn’t live up to the legendary success of the Rocky franchise, which has become a cultural touchstone. However, it defied expectations by grossing $173.6 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film of the Rocky film series. This is a strong indication of the power and popularity of the Rocky franchise, even 40 years after the release of the original film.

Despite the success of Creed, there were still some skeptics that questioned it’s ability to draw in a new generation of fans. However, director Ryan Coogler’s smart and careful decision to give the narrative a fresh perspective, combined with Michael B. Jordan’s iconic performance, made it a definitive commercial hit. Jordan’s portrayal of Adonis Creed, the son of legendary boxer Apollo Creed, created a new iconic character that even non-Rocky fans were drawn to.

The film’s popularity can largely be attributed to it’s ability to create emotional resonance with audiences. Coogler’s careful attention to the timely exploration of themes such as legacy, heritage, and self-discovery, combined with excellent pacing and cinematography work, made it a truly memorable cinematic experience. Furthermore, the film’s powerful depiction of the raw and intense nature of boxing drew in many viewers who may not have been familiar with the sport before.

It’s clear that Creed has had massive success in the music industry with their chart-topping albums and impressive sales numbers. However, as with any popular band, there are differing opinions on their music and impact on the industry. In this article, we’ll examine the rise of Creed, their impact on the rock genre, and why they continue to be a divisive topic among music fans.

Is Creed a Hit?

One of the biggest questions on the minds of music lovers across the world is whether Creed is a hit or not. The bands success can be measured through their impressive track record. With three consecutive multi-platinum albums, they’ve made an undeniable impact on the music industry. Their album, Human Clay, was certified diamond, cementing their place as one of the most successful rock bands of all time.

In the United States alone, Creed has sold over 28 million records. This is a remarkable feat, testament to their widespread popularity across the country. However, their popularity isnt contained to just the US. Their fan base spans the world over, with over 53 million albums sold worldwide. This level of success is truly remarkable, and puts them in the upper echelon of musics elite.

Creeds success doesn’t stop there. They were the ninth best-selling artist of the first decade of the 2000s. This is a true reflection of their impact on the music industry. While other artists came and went, Creed maintained their position as one of the biggest bands in the world. Their music continues to inspire and connect with fans, making them one of the most enduring acts of the last few decades.

Their three consecutive multi-platinum albums, diamond-certified Human Clay, and 28 million records sold in the US alone are all indicators of their widespread popularity. They’ve sold over 53 million records worldwide, making them one of the most successful music acts of all time. Their appeal spans the globe, as evidenced by their ranking as the ninth best-selling artist of the first decade of the 2000s.

As the Creed franchise continues to evolve, fans are eager to know if Michael B. Jordan will be reprising his role as Adonis Creed in the upcoming third installment. While the absence of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa may shake things up, one thing is certain: all eyes will be on Jordan’s performance in the lead role.

Will Michael B. Jordan Be in Creed 3?

Michael B. Jordan played the lead role in both of the previous Creed movies, which tells the story of Adonis Creed, the son of boxing legend Apollo Creed. The movies have been critical and commercial successes, with a dedicated fan base eagerly waiting for the third installment. There’s been much speculation about whether or not Jordan will reprise his role as Adonis in this film.

Fortunately for fans, it’s been confirmed that Michael B. Jordan will indeed be in Creed In fact, he’ll not only be starring in the movie but also making his directorial debut. Jordan has been actively involved in the development of the Creed franchise since it’s inception, and this marks his first time stepping behind the camera on the project.

In an interview with Collider, Jordan expressed his desire to continue telling the story of Adonis but also acknowledged that it would depend on the success of the third film.

Fans will undoubtedly be excited to see what Jordan does with his directorial debut. Jordans involvement in the film also suggests that the story and character development will be given ample attention.

In addition to Michael B. Jordan, other cast members confirmed to return for Creed III include Tessa Thompson as Adonis love interest, Bianca, and Phylicia Rashad as Adonis mother, Mary Anne. The previous two films have also included appearances from classic Rocky characters, so it remains to be seen if any other familiar faces will make an appearance.

Possible Plotlines for Creed III

  • Creed takes on a new opponent who’s out for revenge against Rocky Balboa, leading to a dramatic showdown in the boxing ring.
  • Creed decides to retire from boxing and focus on starting a family with his girlfriend, but faces unexpected challenges along the way.
  • Creed travels back to Philadelphia to reconnect with his roots and face off against a hometown rival.
  • Creed discovers a dark secret about his family history that threatens to shake his world and his pursuit of success in the ring.
  • Creed faces off against a formidable opponent in a high-stakes boxing match that will determine the future of his career.
  • Creed trains a new up-and-coming fighter but struggles with balancing his own ambitions and responsibilities as a mentor.

In the world of boxing movies, Creed and Creed II’ve both had their fair share of success and praise from audiences and critics alike. However, the question of which Creed is better – 1 or 2 – is still up for debate. Both films have their strengths and weaknesses, but one thing is for sure: the human element added in the second installment is a significant factor that sets it apart and pays tribute to the legacy of the Rocky franchise. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Creed II such a satisfying film in it’s own right.

Which Creed Is Better 1 or 2?

When it comes to deciding which Creed film is better, it’s a tough call to make. Both movies have their strengths and weaknesses, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, one aspect that sets the first Creed apart from it’s sequel is it’s ability to add a significant human element to the story. The film explored the emotional journey of Adonis Creed as he followed in his fathers footsteps and tried to establish his own legacy, all while dealing with personal issues such as his relationship with his mother and the guilt of never knowing his father.

In contrast, Creed II focused more on the rivalry between Adonis and Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago, the man who killed Adoniss father. While this twist added some depth and interest to the storyline, it lacked the emotional resonance of the first film. It didnt delve as deep into Adoniss personal struggles, and the character development felt somewhat stagnant.

That being said, Creed II was still a very satisfying movie, especially for fans of Rocky IV. The sequel brought back the nostalgia of the old Rocky movies, with it’s epic training montages and crowd-pleasing boxing matches. The film also explored the theme of family in a more significant way, highlighting the relationships between Adonis and his mother, Bianca, as well as Ivan and Viktor Drago.

The first movie was a heartfelt and emotional exploration of one mans journey to find his place in the world, while the second film was a nostalgic and action-packed tribute to the classic Rocky movies. It’s hard to say which one is better, as both have their merits and appeal to different audiences.

The decision of which Creed movie reigns supreme is entirely subjective. It all comes down to which story resonates with you the most, and which one leaves a lasting impression on your heart and mind.


Overall, it can be said that Creed was definitely not a flop. With impressive global earnings and the success of it’s sequel, Creed II, the franchise has proved to be a box office hit. Michael B. Jordan's directorial debut has been a triumph, both critically and commercially, surpassing expectations and delivering an entertaining and emotional story. With the potential for more entries in the series, Creed has firmly cemented itself as a beloved addition to the Rocky franchise, and a success in it’s own right.

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