Is Burberry Plaid Copyrighted?

Yes, Burberry Plaid is copyrighted. Burberry, a luxury fashion brand from the United Kingdom, has exclusive rights to its distinctive plaid pattern. Known as the “Burberry Check”, it was first introduced in the 1920s and has been a registered trademark since. This means that any individuals or companies wanting to use this particular design must obtain permission from Burberry, or they could face legal action for copyright infringement.

Does Burberry Own the Plaid Pattern?

Horizontal and vertical lines, and red vertical and horizontal lines intersecting on a grid.”. This iconic plaid pattern has become synonymous with the Burberry brand and is widely recognized by consumers around the world.

However, it’s important to note that trademarks and copyrights aren’t the same thing. Trademarks protect brands and their associated symbols or designs, while copyrights safeguard original creative works. In the case of Burberrys plaid pattern, it falls under trademark protection rather than copyright.

Burberry has been vigilant in protecting it’s trademark rights, and has taken legal action against companies and individuals who’ve infringed on it’s trademark by producing and selling counterfeit items featuring the Burberry plaid without permission.

It’s worth mentioning that trademark laws can vary from country to country, and what constitutes trademark infringement may differ as well.

Burberry’s iconic tartan pattern, with it’s distinct checkered design, has become synonymous with the brand’s identity. In fact, it’s gained such recognition and prominence that it’s been trademarked, solidifying it’s status as a corporate tartan. Despite potential color variations, the underlying sett pattern remains consistent, further cementing it’s association with the Burberry name.

Is Burberry an Official Tartan?

Burberry plaid, often referred to as the iconic Burberry tartan, has become synonymous with the luxury fashion brand. Despite it’s widespread recognition, one might wonder if it’s an official tartan.

The brand, known for it’s distinctive check pattern, decided to trademark it’s unique design. This means that the basic sett, or pattern, of the fabric remains the same even if the colors are altered to suit the brands aesthetics.

Despite occasional color variations, the traditional sett of the Burberry tartan persists, embodying the brands heritage and style.

Source: Burberry (Genuine) – The Scottish Register of Tartans

The iconic Burberry check, first introduced in 1924, has established itself as a symbol of elegance and sophistication. To protect it’s distinctive design, Burberry took the necessary steps of trademark registration in various categories such as coats, topcoats, jackets, as well as retail store services encompassing clothing, accessories, shoes, luggage, leather goods, and fragrances. With these measures in place, Burberry ensures the exclusive rights to it’s beloved check pattern.

Is the Burberry Check Trademarked?

The iconic Burberry check, commonly known as the Burberry plaid, has an interesting history when it comes to it’s trademark status. After it’s introduction in 1924, Burberry took the necessary steps to protect it’s distinctive pattern. As a result, the Burberry check trademark was registered in several categories, securing it’s exclusivity and preventing others from using it without permission.

The original trademark registration in 1924 focused on specific clothing items such as coats, topcoats, and jackets. This ensured that the Burberry check remained synonymous with their outerwear collections, which had become highly recognizable and sought after by fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

This level of protection allowed Burberry to build a strong and recognizable identity around it’s iconic pattern, ensuring it’s association with luxury and quality.

This exclusive trademark covers various categories such as coats, topcoats, jackets, as well as retail store services in clothing, accessories, shoes, luggage, leather goods, and fragrances. By securing trademark protection, Burberry ensures the preservation of it’s unique pattern and brand identity, setting it apart from imitations or unauthorized uses.


The registration encompasses a specific arrangement of colors and lines on a tan background, including light tan, black, white, and red. This trademark serves as a recognition of Burberry's distinct and recognizable design, allowing the brand to preserve it’s unique identity in the fashion industry.

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