Is Angel by Mugler Sweet? A Delicious Fragrance Review

Welcome to this delicious fragrance review where we delve into the captivating world of Angel by Mugler. If you’ve ever wondered about the sweetness of this iconic fragrance, then you’re in for a treat. Angel by Mugler is a scent that invites you to live your dreams with it’s harmonious blend of three intricate olfactory facets. The fragrance opens with a burst of Calabrian bergamot, instantly awakening the senses with it’s fresh and wild aroma reminiscent of a brisk wind and an endless sky. As the fragrance evolves, it enraptures you with the nostalgic sweetness of praline and caramel, adding layers of warmth and indulgence to the scent.

Does Mugler Angel Smell Like Chocolate?

Does Mugler Angel smell like chocolate? Thierry Muglers Angel, first released in 1992, is classified as an oriental gourmand fragrance with notes of cotton candy, cassis, honey, caramel, vanilla, chocolate, and patchouli. Despite the inclusion of chocolate as one of it’s prominent notes, the fragrance doesn’t necessarily smell like a pure chocolate scent that instantly transports you to a chocolate factory. Instead, the chocolate note in Mugler Angel adds a subtle sweetness and richness to the overall composition.

When you first spray Mugler Angel, the initial impression is a burst of sweetness that can be attributed to the combination of cotton candy and chocolate notes. The cotton candy note adds a fluffy, sugary element, while the chocolate accord brings depth and a velvety smoothness. However, as the fragrance develops on the skin, the chocolate note becomes more creamy and milky, akin to a fine Belgian chocolate bar melting on your tongue.

It adds depth and allure to the overall composition and enhances the gourmand character of the perfume. The combination of the different notes creates a delicious and mouthwatering bouquet that evokes a sense of comfort and luxury.

Angel Eau de Parfum, created in 1992 by Olivier Cresp, is a delightful fragrance that brings together a delectable blend of fruit and praline. With it’s intoxicating touch of musky and earthy patchouli, this perfume takes your senses on a sweet journey. As soon as you spritz it, you’ll be greeted by a sweet and playful combination of honey and cotton candy, which exude femininity and carefree vibes. The heart of the fragrance boasts notes of praline, caramel, chocolate, and red fruit, delivering an extra layer of delightful sweetness.

Is Angel a Sweet Perfume?

Is Angel by Mugler sweet? A delicious fragrance review explores the question that many perfume enthusiasts have been asking for years. Created in 1992 by Olivier Cresp, this iconic scent is known for it’s unique blend of fruit and praline, with an intoxicating hit of musky and earthy patchouli. But when it comes to sweetness, Angel doesn’t disappoint.

Upon the first sniff, Angel reveals a sweet opening of mainly honey and cotton candy. This combination creates a feminine and carefree aura that’s both alluring and playful. As the fragrance develops, a heart of praline, caramel, chocolate, and red fruit comes forward, adding an additional layer of sweetness to the composition. The praline and caramel notes give Angel a decadent and indulgent quality, resembling a delicious dessert. The chocolate note adds a rich and creamy element, while the red fruit adds a touch of tartness to balance the sweetness.

Despite it’s sweet profile, Angel manages to maintain a sense of elegance and sophistication. The blend of fruity and gourmand notes creates a harmonious balance that prevents the scent from becoming cloying or overwhelming. The underlying notes of patchouli provide a grounding and earthy touch, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance. This combination of sweet and earthy elements makes Angel a true masterpiece in the world of perfumery.

Overall, Angel by Mugler lives up to it’s reputation as a sweet perfume. Whether youre a fan of gourmand scents or simply enjoy a touch of sweetness in your perfume, Angel is sure to captivate your senses and leave a lasting impression. Indulge in the heavenly sweetness of Angel and experience a fragrance that’s truly a treat for the senses.

Dossier, a fragrance brand, offers Gourmand Patchouli as an affordable alternative to Thierry Mugler’s Angel perfume. This option, along with their other creations, successfully captures the essence of the original designer fragrance.

What Perfume Is Similar to Angel?

One popular option for those seeking a perfume similar to Angel by Mugler is Gourmand Patchouli by Dossier. Known for creating cheaper alternatives inspired by high-end fragrances, Dossier offers a scent that captures the essence of Muglers iconic perfume. Angel, introduced in 1992, was the first modern gourmand fragrance, featuring notes of patchouli, praline, red berries, and vanilla.

Crafted by perfumiers Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin, Angel became a sensation in the industry, known for it’s unique and irresistible aroma. It’s bottle design, resembling an irregular shaped star, became instantly recognizable. The perfumes distinctive blend of sweet and earthy notes gave birth to a new olfactory category, leaving a lasting impact on the world of fragrance.

It’s close resemblance to the original fragrance, along with it’s affordable price point, makes it a popular choice among fragrance enthusiasts. By offering a high-quality alternative, Dossier allows individuals to experience the sweet and enchanting aroma of Angel without compromising on quality or breaking the bank.


In conclusion, Angel by Mugler is an enchanting fragrance that seamlessly blends the invigorating essence of Calabrian bergamot with the nostalgic sweetness of praline and caramel. This captivating aroma evokes a sense of warmth and comfort, transporting the wearer to a dreamlike state. It’s no wonder that Angel has become a beloved and iconic fragrance, as it offers a truly delicious olfactory experience.

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