How to Refill a Mugler Angel Nova Perfume Bottle

Refilling a Mugler Angel Nova perfume bottle is a straightforward process. First, you need to remove the spray top of the perfume bottle. To do this, pull it gently upwards until it comes off. Once it’s off, you will see a small hole where the perfume will be poured in. Then take your refill bottle and pour the perfume into the smaller bottle slowly to avoid spilling. Once filled, replace the spray top by pushing it back onto the bottle. Afterwards, press down a few times until you’re able to spray the perfume, indicating that the process has been successful.

How Do You Refill Mugler Aura?

Refilling a Mugler Aura perfume bottle is a straightforward process that allows you to continue enjoying your favorite fragrance without the need to buy a completely new bottle. To refill your Aura Mugler bottle, start by removing the cap and unscrewing the pump. These steps will allow you to access the inner compartment of the bottle.

The refill should be specifically made for this fragrance to ensure compatibility. Carefully pour the refill liquid into the matching fragrance bottle, making sure not to spill any precious drops.

After pouring the refill liquid into the bottle, it’s time to secure it without losing any of the fragrance. This step is crucial to avoid any leakage or evaporation of the perfume.

Once the refill bottle is properly twisted on, you can wait for the refill process to stop automatically. The bottle is designed to intuitively stop the flow of liquid when it reaches the desired level. This allows for a precise and controlled refill, ensuring you don’t waste any of the precious liquid.

Make sure they’re tightly secured to prevent any leakage or contamination. Now your Aura Mugler bottle is refilled and ready to delight your senses once again.

Refilling not only saves you money but also reduces waste, making it a sustainable choice for fragrance enthusiasts.

Other Sustainable Options for Reusing Perfume Bottles

  • Repurposing as small vases for flowers
  • Using them as decorative containers for small trinkets
  • Transforming them into unique candleholders
  • Creating DIY reed diffusers with your favorite scents
  • Utilizing them as storage containers for essential oils
  • Turning them into stylish bath salt dispensers
  • Using them as refillable travel-sized containers for toiletries
  • Transforming them into elegant oil diffusers
  • Repurposing them as gift containers for small items
  • Using them as stylish pen or brush holders

In addition to it’s captivating scent, one of the most appealing aspects of Mugler Alien Goddess perfume is it’s refilling options. Since it’s creation in 1992, Mugler has always prioritized sustainability, and the Alien Goddess fragrance is no exception. Whether you choose to visit a Mugler store and utilize the Mugler Fountain or prefer the convenience of refilling at home with the Mugler Refills, you can ensure that your beloved perfume bottle never runs dry. Plus, with the 100mL Alien Eau de Parfum refill bottle, you’ll always be well-stocked with Mugler’s exquisite new fragrance for women.

Is MUGLER Alien Goddess Refillable?

MUGLER Alien Goddess is indeed refillable, as it continues the brands long-standing tradition of offering refill options for their perfumes. The Mugler brand was born with a refillable concept in 1992, and this ethos continues with Alien Goddess.

The first option is to visit Mugler stores that offer the Mugler Fountain. This innovative apparatus allows you to refill your perfume bottle directly from a large refillable bottle in-store.

If you prefer the convenience of refilling your perfume at home, Mugler has you covered as well. They offer the Alien Eau de Parfum refill bottle, which contains 100mL of the fragrance. This refill bottle is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing Alien Goddess perfume bottle, allowing you to easily replenish your supply without any hassle.


By following simple steps such as removing the cap and unscrewing the pump, filling the refill into the matching fragrance bottle, twisting it on to prevent any spillage, waiting for the refill to stop automatically, and finally re-screwing the pump and cap back on, you can easily maintain the longevity and freshness of your perfume. This easy refill method allows you to save money, reduce waste, and keep your favorite scent with you at all times.

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