How to Infuse Items on D&D Beyond Mobile | a Step-by-Step Guide

Infusing items on D&D Beyond mobile requires precise steps. Firstly, you need to ensure your character level is at least a level 2 Artificer. Click on the “Characters” tab and open the character sheet you want to perform the infusion on. Navigate to the “Equipment” tab in the character sheet and look for the “Magical Item” section. On reaching there, click on the “Manage Equipment” option, then click “Add Items” and look for the item you’d like to infuse. After choosing the desired item, click on the “Finish” button. There you’ll notice an “Infusions” category, implying the process is successful. Once you equip the infused item, your limits for the maximum number of infused items become automatically adjusted based on the item’s status.

Can You Infuse an Already Magic Item?

Infusing magic into inanimate objects has always been a coveted practice in the world of fantasy and mythology. The concept of imbuing an already enchanted item with additional magic raises interesting questions. Most notably, can an already magical weapon or armor be infused with more magical properties? The answer to this question isnt straightforward, and it requires an in-depth understanding of magical infusions and their limitations.

It’s important to note that infusing magical properties into an item is a complex process. The infusion process involves altering the fundamental nature of an object, reweaving it’s very essence, and changing it’s intrinsic properties. These changes require enormous amounts of energy, time, and resources, making the process expensive and impractical for already magical items.

In addition to the above limitations, infusions don’t stack on the same item. This means that only one infusion can exist on a particular item. If you attempt to add more than one infusion, the object will reject the infusion, and it will have no effect. This inherent limitation prevents the fusion of multiple magical properties into a single object.

Another critical factor to consider is that infusions don’t stack with spells that affect magical weapons or armor. Spells like Magic Weapon and Elemental Weapon, which affect non-magical weapons, won’t work on already magical weapons. Attempting to combine infusions and spells will also have no effect since both affect the magical properties of objects.

Therefore, to enjoy the added benefits of infusions, players need to choose non-magical weapons and armor as their targets.

It’s important to note that sharing your infusions isn’t only allowed, but also encouraged. As stated in the “Infuse Item” section, an Artificer can infuse an item for someone else, provided that the item doesn’t require attunement or that the Artificer chooses to forgo attunement so that someone else can attune to the item.

Can an Artificer Infuse an Item for Someone Else?

As an Artificer, infusing items is one of your signature abilities. Infusing objects with magical properties is a time-consuming process that requires a huge amount of your focus and effort. The good news is that you can indeed infuse items for other people, as long as the item isn’t bound to your personal attunement.

Attunement is a crucial aspect of item infusion. At the same time, you attune yourself to the item, forming a bond between you and it that allows you to use it’s powers. But what if you want someone else to use the item? The solution is simple: you can forgo attunement, and allow the person you’re giving the item to to attune to it.

Attuning to an item allows a person to gain the magical properties infused within the item, and use them to their fullest potential. When you infuse an item for someone else, you must make sure that they know how to attune to the item and how to use it’s powers. This may take some time and effort on your part, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Maybe they need a sword that deals extra damage to undead, or a shield that provides extra protection against fire attacks.

So don’t be afraid to share your magical creations with others – it’s all part of being a versatile and powerful Artificer.

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By accessing the Equipment tab and selecting the Infusions section, players can choose from a variety of options to modify their gear. Additionally, the ability to apply infusions to mundane items opens up even more possibilities for customization and experimentation. Overall, using the infusion system effectively can be a gamechanger for any player looking to take their character to the next level.

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