How to Change Your Scentbird Cartridge: Step-by-Step Guide

To change your Scentbird cartridge, first, you have to remove the old one from the case. Start by twisting the top part of the perfume sprayer until the cartridge pops out a bit. Pull it out gently. Then, take your new Scentbird cartridge and just drop it into the empty case. Make sure it is adjusted properly, positioned with the sprayer part facing upward. Twist the top part of the case to lock the cartridge in place. Now, you’re ready to use your new perfume. Check to see that everything is ok by spraying a small amount.

How Do You Refill a Scentbird Atomizer?

Perfume lovers often find it difficult to resist the charm of the various fragrances that are available in the market. However, buying a full-sized bottle of every scent that entices you isn’t always feasible, especially if you’re someone who likes to change your scent frequently. This is where atomizers come in. Scentbirds atomizers are an excellent way to try out different perfumes without investing in full-sized bottles. But, what do you do when your atomizer runs out of fragrance? Well, Scentbird makes it easy to refill your atomizer so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite scents.

To refill your Scentbird atomizer, first, you need to pull each side of the case apart along the seam. This allows you to access the fragrance vial inside the atomizer. Once you’ve separated the two sides of the case, carefully remove the old fragrance vial, making sure not to damage the nozzle or the mechanism that connects it to the spray button. This is important to ensure that the vial aligns correctly with the L-shaped cutout.

The next step is to place the new fragrance vial in the center of the atomizer, aligning the nozzle with the L-shaped cutout. You want to make sure that the vial is securely in place to avoid any leaks or spills. Once you’ve the vial in the correct position, you can replace both sides of the case, making sure to line up each of the magnets to close it. This step is crucial to ensure that the atomizer functions correctly and that the fragrance stays inside the case.

Refilling your atomizer is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. Following these instructions will ensure that your atomizer functions correctly, and you can continue to enjoy your favorite scents.

How to Clean a Scentbird Atomizer Before Refilling

  • Take off the top of the atomizer carefully, making sure not to damage the sprayer.
  • Empty out any remaining perfume or fragrance oil that may be left in the bottle.
  • Fill the atomizer with warm water until it’s half full.
  • Shake the atomizer well for 20-30 seconds.
  • Pour out the water carefully and repeat this process until the water is clear.
  • Allow the atomizer to air dry completely for at least 3-4 hours before refilling with your favorite scent.


The magnetic hold and easy-to-use mechanism make it a breeze to remove and replace the vial, allowing you to switch up your scents and explore new fragrances whenever you want. With a simple twist of the cap, you can unlock the spray mechanism and enjoy your new fragrance. Scentbird's intuitive design and user-friendly approach make it a popular choice among fragrance aficionados, and their commitment to quality and innovation ensures that you'll always have access to the latest and greatest scents. So why wait? Start exploring new scents and transforming your fragrance game with Scentbird today!

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