How Many ML Is a Victoria Secret Bottle?

Victoria's Secret, a renowned brand known for it’s luxurious lingerie and beauty products, has captivated the hearts of countless women worldwide. Speaking of fragrances, one can't help but wonder: how many milliliters is a Victoria Secret bottle? Specifically, let's focus on the Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist Amber Romance, a tantalizing scent that promises to transport you to a world of passion and desire. With the seductive allure of amber, this fragrance mist comes in a generously sized bottle, containing an impressive 250 milliliters or 8.4 fluid ounces of pure indulgence. Perfect for spritzing on your skin or clothes, this exquisite fragrance is sure to leave a lingering trail of captivating allure wherever you go.

How Many Ml Is the Victoria Secret Bombshell?

Victorias Secret Bombshell Fragrance Mist comes in a standard size bottle that contains 8.4 oz or 250 mL of product. This popular fragrance mist is part of Victorias Secret Bombshell collection, known for it’s alluring and feminine scents. The spray bottle design allows for easy and convenient application, making it a favorite among many women.

The sleek and stylish bottle is adorned with the iconic Victorias Secret branding, adding a touch of elegance to your vanity or dressing table.

The 8.4 oz or 250 mL bottle is perfect for those who wish to have a signature fragrance that lasts for extended periods without the need for frequent repurchasing.

This convenient size fits easily in your bag or purse, allowing you to refresh your scent anytime, anywhere.

It’s elegant design, long-lasting scent, and convenient size make it a popular choice among perfume enthusiasts and Victorias Secret fans alike.

If you’re wondering about the volume of Bath and Body Works mist, you’ll be pleased to know that each bottle contains 236 ml of product. This generous amount ensures long-lasting fragrance and allows you to enjoy the enticing scents for an extended period of time. So, whether you’re looking for a refreshing spritz or a delightful fragrance to last all day, Bath and Body Works has you covered with their 236 ml body mists.

How Many Ml Is a Bath and Body Works Mist?

A common question that many people have when it comes to Bath and Body Works mists is how many milliliters are in a bottle. Specifically, lets take a closer look at the Bath and Body Works A Thousand Wishes Body Mist for Women, which is available on in a 236 ml (milliliter) bottle. This particular product is categorized under beauty and personal care.

Bath and Body Works is a well-known brand that’s gained a reputation for it’s high-quality products. Their body mists are sought after for their long-lasting scents and refreshing feel. The 236 ml bottle is ideal for those who want a generous amount of the product without having to worry about running out too quickly.

This convenient size ensures that you’ve plenty of product to enjoy the delightful fragrance for an extended period of time.

What Are the Different Scents Available in the Bath and Body Works a Thousand Wishes Body Mist Range?

  • Sweet vanilla
  • Warm sandalwood
  • Fruity pear
  • Bright peony
  • Delicate jasmine
  • Soft amber
  • Gentle musk
  • Exotic coconut
  • Crisp apple
  • Zesty citrus


This product can be found on and is a part of the Victoria's Secret brand, known for it’s alluring and captivating scents. Whether you're a fan of the Ambar fragrance or simply love indulging in luxurious personal care products, this Victoria's Secret fragrance mist offers a substantial volume for your beauty collection.

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